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Blue and White Interior Design


A classic color combination. Blue and white rooms are crisp, clean, and all-American. The look is American classic, and it translates from fashion to interiors so successfully.

Evoking the sea and skies with a few perfect clouds, a blue-and-white palette brings comfort and style that’s cool, calm, and collected. Get inspired by this roundup of our favorite rooms decorated with this timeless color combination.

Blue and White Interior DesignThere is no more serene combination than blue and white. There are plenty of advantages to going with these colors.

Classic Colors
For starters, the white and blue color mix works with pretty much any design theme or style that you have going.

For Every Season
Elegant, simple and yet gorgeous, blue and white is a timeless color duo that is trendy in every season and at all times.

Design Inspiration
For those with color decision issues, this is indeed the perfect solution. From the serene to the sensational, here is some blue and white inspiration for your entire home.

Elegant and Timeless
The sophisticated elegance of blue and white is both easy and effortless. With summer here, some traditional Chinese and Turkish vases or other accessories in blue, and you have that perfect blue and white living space.