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Best Tips to Style Your Nightstand


Best Tips to Style Your Nightstand

Use nightstands to express your unique creativity and taste. Nightstands have a way of attracting clutter with everyday use. Is there really a way to organize the items we keep close at hand every night? We spoke with top interior designers to find out their favorite ways of maximizing this small surface while making it a stylish focal point in the bedroom. Instead of using your nightstand as a catch-all, you can style it to be functional and attractive with these simple ideas:

Get creative with personal touches Style your nightstand in unique ways: Books: Choose some pretty books — it can be color, font or subject that attracts you — and make a neat little stack. Table lamp: Have fun with your table lamp. It can be an artistic piece or something that complements the whole room nicely. Make sure that the scale is appropriate for the space you have. Personal touches: Add something a little whimsical or sentimental. Those little pieces make a nightstand go from boring to perfectly styled!

Well-styled nightstands complement a neutral room. How we use our nightstands should also determine how we style them. Another thing to consider is: What do you want to see first thing in the morning? A framed picture of you? An alarm clock? Or maybe just glorious open space? Try to make the nightstand a reflection of you. As a general rule, my nightstand always has a decanter of water, an alarm clock, a book or two, a vase with fresh flowers from my garden and a tall table lamp.