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Beautiful and Functional Glasses


Beautiful and Functional GlassesLove these glasses?! Gilded monogram glass. Pantographed glass with 24 karat gold detail. Exactly like the picture and fantastic to use. Give these glasses as a gift and if you loved them so much buy these as a gift for a housewarming party. The glasses are beautiful, sturdy (almost even heavy which some like) and they make for a great display on any bar area. I would highly recommend these! Gorgeous glasses. These glasses are so pretty, you will love them! I absolutely love this glass. It’s super luxe with a nod to well-kept bars of times past.

While well made, they will break if dropped on a hard surface. Store carefully. Gold details… Five full stars for this one. Elegant and versatile glasses! There are a few different patterns that cycle between the letters. These have a good weight to them, and the gold looks classy, not cheap. Thankfully these are good quality. These don’t just serve as a festive cup during the holidays, but are a lovely addition to offices as a vase or a pen holder… They turned out to be much more versatile than expected.

Beautiful glasses… Glasses are great quality and the gold lettering is beautiful. A perfect gift! The weight and clarity of the glass peak to the quality, the etching and hand painted gold details result in a gorgeous design. Make a set at your house. Highly recommended! These looked lovely online but they are even better in person. They are much heavier than expected and the gold detail is very elegant while still being so much fun. Gilded Monogram DOF Glass at Anthropologie are great to use as a gift!

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