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Architectural Firepit Adds a Modern Edge


Architectural Firepit Adds a Modern EdgeArchitectural firepit adds a modern edge to the traditional iron firepit, suspending a round bowl from an open, square frame, all with a smart black, heat-resistant finish. Mesh lid keeps sparks contained, and bowl’s interior is hammered to minimize the look of log dents over time. Removable grate and stand make for easy cleaning. Carswell Large Firepit, Crate and Barrel. Meet Designer, Royce Nelson. “Life, art and design are meant for fun.” These are the words Royce Nelson lives and designs by.

The northern California native spent more than two decades competing as a sponsored pool skateboarder before following his passion into furniture design. Honing his lifelong interest in building things big and small, Nelson earned a degree in Industrial Design from California College of the Arts, and launched his career designing furniture, housewares and accessories with a clean, simple aesthetic. Living and working out of his home nestled in the Oakland hills, Nelson’s creative space is a peaceful, private environment that provides focus and solitude for his projects, as well as a neighboring source of inspiration in San Francisco’s local flea markets and building facades.