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Antique Mosaic Mirror

Antique Mosaic MirrorAntique mosaic tiled mirror has a unique elegance of its own. With its reminiscent of vintage mosaics, this antique tiled mirror is fascinating! Glass tiles of the mirror are set within a wood-construction frame. Antique mosaic tiled mirror hangs both vertically or horizontally depending on your room’s walls’ and furnishings’ situation.

If chosen and placed correctly, antique furnishings and goods bring quality to any house interior. If you once explore the world of antiques, you will understand that antique is a lifestyle. So even in very modern way decorated homes, you can place small and classy antique additions to your home to make it look much more stylish.

If colors, shapes, textures, and structures of the furnishings suit with the antique pieces you put into your home, then there will be a great harmony within the general atmosphere of your home. A harmonious home ambience has no other equivalance! This means that the home is designed and decorated well and together with a good soul. Less furniture in the room will be better if you want your antique furniture to outshine more.

A lot of furniture is never recommended just because it creates disorder in the interior. Try to leave more empty space, and thus more breath for better looking interiors. If you are living in United States you’re lucky, because this antique mosaic tiled mirror is on sale at west elm. If you’re living in United Kingdom, you can find some other antique mirrors at Doe and Hope, or at Oliver Charles, or if you’re living in Turkey you can find antique mirrors at ANTIK A.S., or at Horhor Antique Center.