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An On/Off Small Space Living Room On a Budget

An On/Off Small Space Living Room On a BudgetWhen it comes to creating your dream home, it’s not about having more stuff. It’s about having the right stuff. When interior designer designed this 161.5 sq ft studio space, he was able to save both room and money by choosing pieces that meet more than one need. The smallest of homes may not have space for a sofa to lounge on, but with a daybed you’ll never know the difference. Simply pull it out when you’re ready to sleep and you’ve got a double bed. A step stool multitasks as a bedside table.

Affordable rails save lots of space by holding a wall lamp, alarm clock, plants, magazines, and accessories. If you’re living in a room that’s in use 24/7, the most important element is furniture that’s flexible and suits several needs. When it comes to making the most of a small space, nothing does it quite like this NORDEN gate leg table. Extend one, both or neither of the drop-leaves to transition easily between work, dinner or just hanging out. Surfaces that easily become cluttered or overwhelmed are calmed down with the addition of a curtain or doors.

Pull the curtain back and you’ll discover a totally flexible and well-planned storage area. Two shelving unit keeps folded items and boxes, while hanging pieces and shoes reside on a clothes rack that can be rolled in and out of the closet. Up high? That’s perfect for seasonal items you use less often, bed linens, and cleaning supplies. And to maintain a sense of calm, we chose a curtain color to match the walls seamlessly. As you can see, our 15m2 room doesn’t provide a ton of space to work with. But by choosing smart, multifunctional pieces and keeping the decoration simple, a home that’s both comfortable and stylish created.

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