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10 Colors You Shouldn’t Have in Your Home


10 Colors You Shouldn't Have in Your Home

You’ll regret adding these colors at home. Before you grab the paintbrush, check out this list of the 10 worst colors to paint your home.

Off-White or Eggshell. Shades of white might seem like a safe bet when you’re at the home improvement store, but they aren’t guaranteed to be a big hit with buyers.

Painting in pastels

Baby blue and millennial candy pink are lovely and soothing, but they don’t translate well on the face of the home. Curb appeal is very important, whether your home is on the market or not. You always want your home to feel welcoming. And don’t forget the front door. It’s part of the all-important first impression. Here are some other exterior painting tips that could boost your home’s value.

Using colors

Hey, it’s your house, and if you want to paint your living room blood red and your kitchen pumpkin orange, go for it. But real estate agents would rather dip their paintbrushes into neutral colors. There is a reason real estate agents and house flippers use neutral colors—they appeal to larger audiences. I also advise against wallpaper. There’s a slim chance a buyer will like it, and most buyers will take one look and think of the cost and labor to remove it. Here are the first 10 things a home stager would do to give your house the “wow” factor. And here’s how you can do house staging on your own.


Again, those sneaky yellow undertones. Pale greens can sometimes feel like sickrooms, or cast a pallor upon your favorite faces. Instead of worrying about the relative minty-ness or sage-like qualities of light greens, consider cashing in on one of the latest trends, which looks flattering in both modern and historic homes: hunter green. Shy away from the browner undertones (such as Green Grove or Forest Hills) and opt for something like the Green or the bluish Green. Before getting started, see what 5 pros say about where and how to test your paint samples.

Copper Red

The best colors to use to paint different parts of a house and found that kitchens painted brick red, terracotta or copper red sold for an average number less than other homes. Check out these kitchen cabinet colors that are trending.


A study found that people ate more snack foods and drank more soft drinks that were in blue packaging, so that could extend into the kitchen if you decided to use that color. These kitchen color ideas will whet your appetite.


Analysis also found that homes that have a medium brown, taupe or stucco color sold on average number less than homes painted other colors. This is the paint color that could make your home sell for more.

Dark Brown

Dark brown is a solid color.


Between orange and brown, terracotta is a color that helps to warm the house.

Slate Gray

What colors coordinate with terracotta? Gray contrast with terracotta.


Green is tranquil and relaxing. Green is associated with health, ambition, envy and greed.


Purple is associated with royalty, intuition, luxury, performance art, spirituality and mysteriousness.


Pink is associated with nurturing, playfulness, youth and immaturity.