The Unique and Non-Traditional Design

The Unique and Non-Traditional DesignThis furniture is not exactly ideal for small spaces like studio apartments so it might not be the most practical in terms of space. However, it could be good for offices or large studios as it does seem like a nice waiting room couch. The side tables not only enhance the look of the living room but also helps you spend time idly on the sofa with your cup of beverage and a plate of snacks. Practical, isn’t it? The unique and non-traditional design is balanced by the fancy looking decorative cushions.

One of the things I like most about this sofa is the versatile cushion and the fact that they can be placed anywhere depending on the situation. Place it in the middle and you have a waiting room couch for 6-8 people. Place them on the edge and it’s a giant movie lounge! It generally looks pretty good for a fairly large sofa, being ever so minimalist with subtle details that most people wouldn’t notice such as the legs being covered in the same fabric. Moveable cushions.

The Flottebo sofa bed is definitely lacking a little in terms of colour choices, being only available in colors – Loffalet Beige, Lysed Green and Lysed Dark grey. No doubt the color options are diverse but I can imagine how much more modern it would look in a white leather or contemporary blue velvet. Watch movies or talk to a friend. Read a book or take a break with the family. Email or sleep. Here’s space for everything in your life. Learn how to unfold and store the FLOTTEBO IKEA convertible.

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