Interior and Outdoor Moulding and Trim

Interior and Outdoor Moulding and TrimOnce upon a time, moulding was an installation nightmare that engulfed the foremost bold designers. Materials were significant, tough to manage, and still required to be fit, painted, cut, and positioned – by no means a task for the typical house owner to undertake. Today’s materials eliminate a number of those challenges, creating moulding and trim installation an exquisite homemade task that’s not very time overwhelming. Moulding and trim are both functional and decorative, and after being installed, and add significantly to your decor, while hiding joints from your walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, etc.

Moulding is available in several different materials that can widely vary based on its finish and price. Moulding and trim work is not limited to the interior of your house, as finishing touches are also needed outside, too. Outdoor moulding will enhance your house’s curb appeal, and with a plethora of options, it is quite simple to find what suits your house and personal decor style. Moulding is an economical and stylish way to add charm and value to your home. Prefinished mouldings and unfinished mouldings so you can find the perfect fit for any project. Interior mouldings will reinvigorate any space and add a fun new look.

Add mouldings to the tops of your kitchen cabinets and finish the look with countertop mouldings or interior base and crown blocks. Base mouldings will reinvent any space, door and window casings add a decorative frame to your windows and doors, and interior rosettes and accents can be placed at the corners to create a truly elegant look. Moulding and trim made from plastic can be used both inside and outside your home and have many advantages over wood molding. Don’t forget to finish your rooms with stunning medallions, floor mouldings, veneering, and interior stop and utility stock.


Latest House Interiors

Latest House InteriorsGet the latest in design and decorating. You can remodel your house and give it a modern outlook. Your home renovations may include changing the interior design. On this basis, to choose the largest and most spacious room. Usually, in this room, not only receive visitors but also use it for family holidays. Therefore, living room should be functional and interior design is selected so that it combines beauty style and comfort, luxury and practicality.

Picking the new colors for different rooms can be frustrating especially when you have little knowledge. Renovation inspiration for every room of your house. Completely new look for the under-utilised room, with the help of interior designers. The latest style trends, and clever ideas to make your house a home. Choosing home decorations is challenging. Luckily, you can explore different ideas of home decoration. You take a picture of your space and then experiment with different colors, furniture, and lightings.

Browse latest design styles and get inspired today with an abundance of home inspiration. Colours for a home… Get decor ideas for every room of your home. Colours will make your home feel instantly calmer. Expect to see this sophisticated colours everywhere. A silvery grey colour with minortones that’s effortlessly sophisticated. Watch our home interior videos with home interior designs trending for your home style ideas. Home interior designs trending for your home style ideas.


Small Lidded Jar Candle Autumn Harvest

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Deniz Taşkın

Keep your home smelling great with this Autumn Harvest Small Lidded Jar Candle from Illume.

Infused with an enticing blend of peach, coconut and clove to give your home a sweet-spicy aroma, this small lidded jar candle features a durable glass jar for protection.

With up to 24 hours of burn time, this autumn harvest candle is sure to delight your nose.

Small Lidded Jar Candle Autumn HarvestScent: Peach, coconut, clove


  • Lidded jar candle fills the air with a sweet and spicy fragrance
  • Comes in glass container for convenient use
  • Made from soy wax for long-lasting use

Get the Autumn Look

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The start of each new season brings a welcomed opportunity to hit the reset button, giving your home a fresh look. Here’s Part I of our favorite trends for fall.

A new take on classics
This season, well-loved florals and plaids take center stage. But while they may be traditional, they’re anything but boring, thanks to big, bold patterns.

“Have fun and show a bit of your eclectic personality with a mix of patterns,” says interior designer Elin Hermansson.

Get the Autumn LookAll about textiles
Apart from patterns, the season also embraces a contrast in materials and textiles.

Jet black metal and wood pair perfectly with luxurious soft textiles that feel just right when those chilly autumn months begin creeping up on you.

“The easiest way to update your home with the seasons? Textiles. They’re affordable and can be used in so many ways.”

Child Room

Kid`s Room Ideas

Kid`s Room IdeasChildren’s room ideas… If you’re redesigning your child’s room, don’t miss our fantastic ideas for children’s rooms – with all budgets, styles and fuss levels catered for. We have beautiful and practical schemes for all ages, from nurseries for new arrivals to tots and teenagers, plus fun playroom ideas for wet weather weekends. When decorating a kids room, colored walls don’t have to be your first step. In fact, we believe that keeping walls white or gray and adding in smaller bits of color.

This gives you even more possibilities to make a kids room creative and playful. That, and it will keep you from repainting when they outgrow lime green or Barbie pink walls in three years. Trust us. When it comes to finding colorful accents, first consider what your child already has. Children’s books and stuffed animals are often fun colors, so put them in a place that doubles as decor. Wall decals, bedding, and rugs all can add color and pattern to a kids room, but can be easily changed with age.

There are tons of fun ways to add bright pops of colors indoor to add cheer and vibrancy, regardless of the season. Decorative accents and accessories go a long way. From colorful rugs, garlands, bright art prints, whimsical decals and more, here are some easy ways to bring colors into any child’s room to welcome in playtime, anytime. These colorful decals come shaped as different sizes and styles of photo frames for a fun twist on how to hang up photos. Since they’re removable, the possibilities for arranging are endless.


Space for Everything in Your Life

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Make the most of your small (or big) space with FLOTTEBO sofa! It will quickly become the center of all of your cherished activities… including sleeping.

All the things you need in one spot
During the day, the FLOTTEBO makes an ideal lounge area for eating, socialising, knitting, or enjoying your favourite hobbies.

The loose cushions can be positioned anywhere on the sofa, whether you want to sit back and relax with a friend, kick up your feet up, or lie back for an afternoon of alone time.

The swiveling side table becomes a covenient spot for remote controls, laptops, or an instant bedside stand.

Space for Everything in Your LifeYour private sleeping quarters, too
During the evening, this versatile and multifunctional sofa bed quickly transforms into a comfy bed.

The roomy under bed storage has plenty of space for overnight pillows and sheets.

There’s even more storage underneath the bed that keeps your things organized and out-of-sight from unexpected guests.

So your knitting supplies, sewing basket, and even your night-time box with eye mask, headphones, and late-night snacks are hidden and within reach.

When space is tight, choosing one larger, flexible piece of furniture can be a great option. The FLOTTEBO becomes a hub for all activity… even charging electronic devices.


Home Decorating Trends 2018

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Home decorating trends 2018. Earthy neutrals and organic interior design ideas.

Home design with brown colors of natural wood, modern home decor using dark woods materials, decorating with organic design, grey colors in interior and light modern living room furniture.

Ideas: 1. Decorating with woven accents. 2. Wall decor with wooden shelves. 3. Earthy neutrals, organics interior design. 4. A light and airy neutral living room with modern and organic-inspired interior design.

Home Decorating Trends 2018

5. Baskets on wall, entryway with lots of textures. 6. Warm rustic design for bedroom. 7. Farmhouse style dining room ideas. 8. Driftwood wall decorating and minimalist interior. And more creative ideas!

For those in seek of inspiration, we have rounded up the decor trends ruling its boards and making an addition in our homes this year.

With 2018 well and truly underway, we’re taking a moment to appreciate the home decor trends this year.

When it comes to home design some things are classic (light grey walls, parquet floors) while some trends come and go. Even just a few years ago people still liked to have separate kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Now, many modern homes have one multi-purpose room that lets people in the kitchen, in the living room. Mixing and matching is the only rule of chic, although wood pieces, lighting, and simple walls tend to make regular appearances. This trend is flexible and comfortable.


Wood Ceiling for a Restaurant

Wood Ceiling for a RestaurantWood ceiling for a restaurant in Texas, complete with a large glazed wall and an open kitchen. ATX Cocina is located at the base of a residential complex in Downtown Austin, and is lined with light wood floors and floor-to-ceiling windows. The arched ceiling is covered in light-toned pine to add character to the restaurant. A rifled wood pattern made of geometric paneling also features on a portion of the ceiling. Another focal point of the space is a large built-in glass wall follows the ceiling.

This glazed divide runs along the cross section of the space, breaking up the large dining room and creating a more private eating area just beyond. Tables and floors are a darker-hued pecan, while copper wire mesh and hot-rolled carbon steel provide accents elsewhere. The layout comprises an open-plan kitchen with high tables and stools, with a set of communal tables and cushioned seating nearby. A built-in bench runs across the glazed wall, accompanied by a series of smaller tables.

Other areas of the restaurant include a wine counter and crudo area, along with an outdoor dining section that is shaded by large oak trees. Taupe coloured upholstery covers the benches, with a vibrant striped fabric. Local firm Michael Hsu Office of Architecture designed the interiors for the modern Mexican restaurant with wood detailing and geometric shapes throughout, to enhance the pre-built space. Closer to the kitchen, darker tones of black, grey, and green can be found.


A Kitchen Renovation

A Kitchen RenovationKitchen renovation the way you want. We can help at all steps of your renovation, from planning, to design, to full kitchen installation. The countertop you choose makes a huge difference. The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to remodel, but it’s also one of the most expensive. You don’t need to bring the room down to make a big change. If you do nothing else, new countertops can make a huge difference. Stock cabinets, like those you can buy off the shelf at home centers.

Semi-stock cabinets (For example — ones you custom-order from a company’s inventory) offer a lot more options and higher quality. Custom cabinets — made specifically for your space and can often include super-fancy upgrades. Upgrading The Counters: Plan to spend about 10 percent of your remodeling budget on countertops depending on the material and kitchen size. Material costs range dramatically per square foot, and the style of the edge you choose and the counter will add even more dollars.

The kitchen is probably the most used room in your house, so you want it to be a space you enjoy spending time in. Designers use this hint to save: They’ll choose a more inexpensive counter material for the large stretches, but save the expensive stuff for the island. The kitchen is a busy area, so your flooring needs to stand up to tons of foot traffic — and spills. The most indestructible: Vinyl, or ceramic tile, then wood and engineered flooring.


Get the End-of-Summer Look

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Deniz Home

Get a sense of the season’s trending interior styles and learn how to bring them into your home. Here we focus on colors and materials.

Create your own bubble of calm and comfort IKEA interior designer helps us capture the essence of current trends: “Let your living room be a sanctuary, a place for relaxation.

Furnishing with fewer items helps create a calm, and calming, space. Also, mixing different materials and finishes adds comfort in both look and feel.”

Get the End-of-Summer LookDetails, wood and fibers “Simplicity is an effective tool”, says interior designer. “With fewer things in a room, the details play a greater role for the style as a whole.

Even these downplayed, simple accents – round shapes, blond wood, ceramics and natural fibers in toned-down colors – combine to create a unified, strong expression.”

“Giving your home a style boost doesn’t take much. You can even start by taking objects away. It makes the room easier to take in – and the details stand out.”, IKEA interior designer.

Thin lines to let the light in Furniture in minimalistic design with thin lines adds a lightness to the space.

Filling the shelves sparsely highlights the peaceful effect, and enables daylight to really reach across the room.

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