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Inventive Nooks that Create Rooms within Rooms

Inventive Nooks that Create Rooms within RoomsLiving in a small space can be trying at times but utilizing quirky, characteristic parts of the room can lead to very inventive uses. Adding nooks is a widely known solution to help make the most of a space when it seems unusable. It can help add division of spaces without having another room or additional square footage. The examples below show that tiny rooms can always go tinier, but in a good way!

With our space-saving bedroom ideas, absolutely any room can be turned into a spacious and tranquil place. Corner shelves are your friend. One of the best room ideas! A little shelf action will surprise you. Even a small, narrow shelf can hold a few of the bedside essentials like phone, books, night light, candles and more. Space-saving room ideas…

Place your day-to-day work essentials on a mini rail and clear place in your wardrobe for shoes and bags. This works wonderfully in a spare nook or corner of your bedroom, and even saves you time in the mornings! Room ideas are all about maximising your place. A great trick is to tuck your bed into a corner or alcove. Try every different angle, even if both ends are between two walls – if it fits, it sits.


Lago Space

Lago SpaceThey have designed a room that combines room and reading area. An interior design strategy that allows us to play with spaces in contrast and, in this way, give a broader dimension to the classic bedroom concept. Bedroom “Dream in Colors” – Espacio Lago Mar Vera, Manuel Moreno, Esther Moreno and Víctor Camacho. To develop the proposal, they have taken as a starting point (and point of arrival).

The formal keys of Lake, both in its chromatic field, and in the geometric references of its modular systems. In fact, what we have done has been to start from the classical proportions of the Italian firm and expand them throughout the space through elements such as the decorative ceiling, the wallpaper and the wooden platform. Something like overflowing Lake in a room that is much more than that.

For the wallpaper, designed by them exclusively, they used the same proportions and colors Lake, but splashing the paper with a puff of confetti: a fragmented and dynamic cloud that is inspired by the platform and turns the room into a continuum of forms and colors, reinforced by the artistic installations that complement the stay.


Interior Design Trends to Try in 2019

As the New Year begins, we discover the anticipated interior design trends that are sure to be in 2019.

For many of us, our homes are our pride and joy – so it doesn’t come as a surprise that we love to mix up our décor from time to time.

With so many different interior design trends emerging each year, there’s plenty of decorating inspiration to call upon, but this can also be overwhelming.

Interior Design Trends to Try in 2019That’s why I’m sharing some of the top interior design trends that we can expect to see in 2019, as well as my tips on how to can incorporate these into any space, to help you can stay on-trend all year long.

Add Character with Embellishments
“Less is more” might have been the key to creating the minimalist trend of 2018, but the return of passementerie is a sure sign that 2019 is the year to get creative.

Decorative French Style
Passementerie is a decorative French style that involves using embellishments including trims, fringing, braiding, and beads to add character to a piece of furniture.

From Basic to Texture
As interior designers begin to move away from basic, minimalist styles, they are instead choosing to express themselves through texture.

Velvet in 2019
Velvet was slowly creeping in towards the end of 2018, but it is here to stay in 2019. This luscious fabric can be incorporated into almost any aspect of a space, whether you choose to opt for velvet furniture, use a velvet throw, or scatter velvet cushions on your sofa.

Add Décor
Another way to give a room a pop of décor is to invest in some subtly textured wallpaper – this will create a unique space without being too overpowering.


Organic Architecture – 11 Best Buildings

The Shell House in the forest, Karuizawa. The term organic architecture is used to mean buildings whose shape mimics nature. Over the last years Japanese architecture becomes more and more inspiring and gives the world the increasing amount of unique ultramodern design ideas. Completed: 2008. The Mobile Orchard: Completed: 2013.

This is how Alex Haw, principal at Atmos, describes the genesis of the Mobile Orchard, a project that toured London and examined how the natural forms of trees could be used to create street furniture. Kunsthaus Graz: Completed: 2003, Graz, Austria, is one of the best examples of organic architecture anywhere – at least on this planet. A contrast with the surrounding baroque roofs with its red clay roofing tiles.

It also integrates the façade of an 1847 iron house. Qatar National Convention Centre, Doha, Qatar. Completed: 2011. The Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé, Paris, France. Completed: 2014. Unorthodox building, an organic creature. London Aquatics Centre, London: UK. Completed: 2011. The Gherkin, London UK, Completed: 2003. Al Wakrah Stadium, Qatar. Completed: ongoing.


Fun Decorating Ideas For Your Desk

Fun Decorating Ideas For Your DeskHere are inspiring work office decorating ideas to help you inject some personality & color into your workspace. Working in an office—even if that office is in your home—can be monotonous. Day in and day out, you see the same desk, computer screen, and stationery supplies; you might even grow an unlikely attachment to your stapler.

See more ideas about home office decor, room decor and desk nook. Decorate your work area with these desks, decor ideas, and lots of productivity. 1. Add a lamp. 2. Designate a shelf for décor if you have the space. 3. Paint an unexpected object. 4. Bring in fresh flowers. While they won’t last forever, fresh blooms add beautification.

Fun office supplies will make even the drabbest work days better. Workspaces to keep you motivated! Waking up to go to work is much easier when you’ve got something to look forward to. If you dread interrupting your sleep to go into the office each day, treat yourself to a space redecorating session; it will give you a personalized desk.


Otto Stool

Column DesignStyle Deniz Taşkın
Deniz Taşkın

One of the pieces of furniture, ottomans can be utilized as footstools, coffee tables, storage containers, and additional seating.

Available in an array of styles, colours, patterns, and sizes, ottomans pair well with any set of furniture, in any room of your home, making them a favored multi-purpose piece.

Otto Stool by Cyan Design help to bring a comfortable and stylish seating arrangement. Have you ever wondered using sophisticated and classic furniture to garner the environment of your parlour?

Otto StoolThis unique and special furniture is the cynosure of excellence. From its design, material, and fabric to the workmanship and style, this great furniture remains the paragon of beauty. The tool-free, unique design and compact size of the product makes it easy to assemble for cozy and affordable seating in condos.

Reversible Pillow
In fact this piece of furniture will not pose any problem to any buyer. Are you aspiring or planning to design your home, office or any other small environments? Look no further than the Otto Stool by Cyan Design. The reversible pillow will help you relax and catch fun when using this elegant seating.

Modern design
Plush and style. You’ll look forward to coming home to this modern Otto Stool by Cyan Design.

Frame material: Solid wood. Upholstery material: Velvet.

The Benefits Of The Otto Stool by Cyan Design To Users:
It will work well for compact size and small homes
It can last for a long time when used
The product remains an amazing easy tool-free set up
Buyers can apply this piece of furniture in their condo, apartment or office
It is a comfortable seating product with affordable plush and style
There is total stability and strength through the top-notch hardwood materials of the product


Cliffside Home on Gambier Island

Cliffside Home on Gambier IslandBuilt on the cliffs of Gambier Island, this sleek house is a getaway home. The rustic design by McFarlane Biggar is off the grid and only accessible via the water. The house is contemporary in style. The exterior is made of cement board, wood, and insulated glass, and the glass walls and the deck look out over the surrounding water and fir forests. View of ocean, forest and mountain.

Inside, naturally finished wood lines the floors and ceilings, while the walls glow in white. The roomy house is composed of two boxy volumes and two stories, providing plenty of space for a relaxing weekend outside the city. Gambier Island House, commenced by McFarlane Green Biggar and completed by successor firm Office of McFarlane Biggar (OMB), is located in Brigade Bay.

As long as there have been cities there has been the desire to escape them—to get away from it all. Nowhere does this escape beckon so insistently than Vancouver, where mountains and ocean form the backdrop to daily urban life. And perhaps no destination offers up remote seclusion in such close proximity to the city than Gambier Island, the largest of the Gulf Islands.


Loft Living Modern Living Room

Loft Living Modern Living RoomA live/work space, place. A loft living room design that applying the modern industrial style with unique decorating ideas are perfect. Are you ready for beautifying your loft living room design? Now, let us start to make this room be more stylish and comfortable by applying the modern industrial style with decorating ideas.

Do you want to make your apartment looks simple but trendy? A brilliant idea to renovate your loft. You have to prepare the right material that you want to apply. This point determines the beauty of a space. So, you need to be careful when you want to start design and decorating your own space. An industrial style with the decoration.

This style does not show the special characteristic that can form the beauty side of a room. The modern style influences the furniture design here. It makes the room does not feel old and bored. The best ceiling and floor also supports the theme perfectly.  Having a gorgeous design for all part at home is very important.


Interior and Outdoor Moulding and Trim

Interior and Outdoor Moulding and TrimOnce upon a time, moulding was an installation nightmare that engulfed the foremost bold designers. Materials were significant, tough to manage, and still required to be fit, painted, cut, and positioned – by no means a task for the typical house owner to undertake. Today’s materials eliminate a number of those challenges, creating moulding and trim installation an exquisite homemade task that’s not very time overwhelming. Moulding and trim are both functional and decorative, and after being installed, and add significantly to your decor, while hiding joints from your walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, etc.

Moulding is available in several different materials that can widely vary based on its finish and price. Moulding and trim work is not limited to the interior of your house, as finishing touches are also needed outside, too. Outdoor moulding will enhance your house’s curb appeal, and with a plethora of options, it is quite simple to find what suits your house and personal decor style. Moulding is an economical and stylish way to add charm and value to your home. Prefinished mouldings and unfinished mouldings so you can find the perfect fit for any project. Interior mouldings will reinvigorate any space and add a fun new look.

Add mouldings to the tops of your kitchen cabinets and finish the look with countertop mouldings or interior base and crown blocks. Base mouldings will reinvent any space, door and window casings add a decorative frame to your windows and doors, and interior rosettes and accents can be placed at the corners to create a truly elegant look. Moulding and trim made from plastic can be used both inside and outside your home and have many advantages over wood molding. Don’t forget to finish your rooms with stunning medallions, floor mouldings, veneering, and interior stop and utility stock.


Home Décor Trends of 2019

Column DesignStyle Deniz Taşkın
Deniz Taşkın

While we may want our homes to feel timeless and our décor to last forever, there’s no denying that trends play a large role in our decorating process.

Even if we consciously try to avoid them, they creep into our spaces via a brass mirror here or a marble accent there.

And they should—just like any great outfit is influenced by a mix of trendy accents and personal style, the best interiors reflect personality while showcasing a few pieces that make it feel current. That’s where trends come in.

Home Décor Trends of 2019Decorate with Trends
Decorating with trends is twofold. First, use them sparsely.

Fresh Decor
Second, look ahead to the trends that are on their way up, as opposed to the ones that are dwindling—and your décor will feel fresh for longer.

Experts in the Sector
To help inform us on what trends are on the rise, we turn to industry experts each year to give us the lowdown on the next big interior trends.

Industry Professionals
No matter how much we think we know about interior trends, interior designers, architects, and other industry professionals always manage to spotlight something we never saw coming.

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