Mark Zuckerberg’s New Home

Mark Zuckerberg's New HomeMark Zuckerberg’s backyard
The 5,000+ square foot house is set on 17,000+ square feet grounds, allowing for it to be set back from the street for extra privacy.

The Kitchen
The kitchen features a built-in computer work station.

Mark Zuckerberg living room
The living room is furnished with earth colours.

Mark Zuckerberg bathroom
Welcome to Mark Zuckerberg’s bathroom.

Mark Zuckerberg garden
Arbor gated entry.

Mark Zuckerberg outdoor fireplace
A nice outdoor fireplace for Facebook parties.

Mark Zuckerberg guest bathroom
For guests.

Features a saltwater pool
The house includes a saltwater swimming pool and spa.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg is a homeowner now. A modest homeowner.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spoke in Mandarin in a one-and-a-half minute video where he and wife Priscilla Chan revealed the Chinese name of their daughter, Max.

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg – Priscilla Chan, wife of the social-media pioneer Mark Zuckerberg, describes the couple’s ideas on how they will distribute billions of dollars to philanthropic efforts.

The next girl genius is here: Mark Zuckerberg already reads Quantum Physics book to little Max.

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Antique Mosaic Mirror

Antique Mosaic MirrorAntique mosaic tiled mirror has a unique elegance of its own. With its reminiscent of vintage mosaics, this antique tiled mirror is fascinating! Glass tiles of the mirror are set within a wood-construction frame. Antique mosaic tiled mirror hangs both vertically or horizontally depending on your room’s walls’ and furnishings’ situation.

If chosen and placed correctly, antique furnishings and goods bring quality to any house interior. If you once explore the world of antiques, you will understand that antique is a lifestyle. So even in very modern way decorated homes, you can place small and classy antique additions to your home to make it look much more stylish.

If colors, shapes, textures, and structures of the furnishings suit with the antique pieces you put into your home, then there will be a great harmony within the general atmosphere of your home. A harmonious home ambience has no other equivalance! This means that the home is designed and decorated well and together with a good soul. Less furniture in the room will be better if you want your antique furniture to outshine more.

A lot of furniture is never recommended just because it creates disorder in the interior. Try to leave more empty space, and thus more breath for better looking interiors. If you are living in United States you’re lucky, because this antique mosaic tiled mirror is on sale at west elm. If you’re living in United Kingdom, you can find some other antique mirrors at Doe and Hope, or at Oliver Charles, or if you’re living in Turkey you can find antique mirrors at ANTIK A.S., or at Horhor Antique Center.


Summer Decorating Ideas

Deniz Taşkın

Welcome the warm weather and lighten the look of your home with these easy to do decorating ideas in summer. Summertime comes only once a year and always feels too short. But it is not that difficult to extend this warm and enjoyable season with practical and chic decorating ideas.

This summer, try decorating your home by removing winter items that give the rooms a stuffy feeling. During the warm season, prefer light, colorful accessories and home textile which are suitable to summer months. Add beautiful homemade slipcovers in many colors to freshen the home atmosphere with economical solutions.

“Hello” to Outdoor Furniture
We start to spend more time in the garden, at the balcony, on the terrace, by the swimming pool, at the seaside with the coming of warm weather. This summer we will again see plenty of bamboo or wooden outdoor furniture and accessories, wicker trays and baskets, large sea umbrellas for swimming pool and seaside, garden cushions and pillows in various colors.

col003Economic and Chic Summer Decor
Without going out of your budget, it is possible to create an economic and chic home decor for summer. You can turn your home into a wonderful summer place with just a few tasteful goods suitable for summer. A comfortable, modern, and not too expensive chaise lounge you will buy for your balcony or for your garden can change the air of your balcony or garden on a sudden. So you can spend more time on the warm summer days and nights outside the home, outdoors.

Colorful Summer Fabrics
Light and thin fabrics and all other home textile products produced for summer months are helpful for every home’s summer decor needs. From light colors to dark colors and to colorful fabrics, by choosing the most suitable and your most preferred armchair fabrics, by changing the aging armchair fabrics, this summer you can have a brand-new home decoration.

Table Top Products for Summer
Various glassware and table top products, color your dining rooms and your kitchens. It is easy to prepare a perfect looking summer dining table arrangement with just a few glassware and table top products you will buy for cold summer drinks and for light summer foods!

Decorative Accessories
Glass candle holders in transparent and pastel tones are useful and so decorative accessories for every home’s summer decoration. Summer decoration cannot even be thought without candles… You can add movement to your home decor in summer months by displaying candle holders and candlesticks in different sizes on sideboard, shelf, or on the table.


Country Home Living

ch001Country house decoration has its own rules. A countryside house interior can be with saturated colours as well as watery colors, but with which ever the colors you choose, at the end, there will always be a natural look. Master bedroom of a farmhouse is much warmer than a master bedroom in a downtown apartment.

Country home living is equal to harmony, peace, happinesss, a relaxed life far from stressful energy of city. Made from hand-painted wood and metal, colorful, freestanding furnitures can also be used in country homes. A country home cannot be decorated without vintage.

Your bedroom is not just for sleeping, it should be a cozy soothing retreat for you to relax in. You can add country style bedroom flair by choosing an antique wooden four-poster bed, a brass or iron bedstead any one of which will work great.

Easily add texture with a charming country decor comforter or quilt, chenille bedding, a dust ruffle, toss pillows and pillow shams. Don’t forget to purchase sheets to match your bedding.

Add lots of decorative pillows, graduating them down in size, cover them to compliment the country decor theme. Organize and store linen in a central location for easy access. Colorful wall paint adds a special touch.


Authentic Bathroom Design


Authentic bathroom designs are always more sumptuous and more splendid than modern modern bathroom designs. A bathroom can be both modern and also authentic which means it has both modern lines and authentic lines. It is possible to create an authentic bathroom by blending modern bathroom cabinets, modern shower cabin and modern flooring types with authentic mirrors and authentic decorative elements.

Old style bathroom designs were absolutely magnificent. Today, we can bring about the beautiful baths of ancient times by creating authentic and impressive bathrooms. This can only happen by blending old and new bathroom models. We can form a fascinating bathroom with quality products and right bathroom materials.

Authentic elements should be used correctly for a bathroom atmosphere which has far east breeze. All the details in bathroom are important. Balance of the vibrant colors and pale colors is another important issue. Authentic bathroom designs are more suitable to people who prefer to have stylish and different bathroom interiors. Siam collection from Delpha is one of the unique bathroom collections of the brand.


Office Decor


Office decoration can bring the look of success into your office. A new look in your office interior may also improve work place performance by as much as 15%. New design inspires creativity and create a more pleasing work environment. Decorating an office space can be a delicate balancing act. You want your office space to be inviting and pleasant for both employees and visitors, but it must remain professional in look and feel. For office walls, try to pick a color that reflects the spirit of your business.

Office furniture plays a large role in how an office space looks and feels. Try to maintain the same style of furniture throughout the office. Mismatched tables and chairs tend to make any space look rather cheap and thrown together. As with wall color, try to go for a style in furnishings that reflects the energy of your industry. It’s been said that with a clear desk comes a clear mind. Keep that in mind when arranging your desktop. A framed photograph of a loved one, a telephone, and a computer should suffice. If there are office supplies you don’t use on a constant basis, tuck them away in a drawer. A chaotic physical environment will soon give way to a chaotic energy in the workplace, and this is rarely good for productivity or progress.

Never sit with your back to the door. When visitors arrive, you don’t want the back of your head to be the first thing that they encounter. Instead, arrange your desk so that it faces the door; doing so sends a message of power and strength. Light your space well. If there are fluorescent lights in your office, turn them off and bring in lamps, then find a nice balance between the light the lamps provide and the natural sunlight. Create a sense of openness. Avoid a cluttered physical space by placing with only the necessary furnishings which are your desk and some chairs in the center of the room. Place all other furniture, such as bookshelves, filing cabinets, and sofas, against the walls. Warm up your workspace by adding some tasteful framed photos, prints, or paintings to your walls.


Prince Paisley Park House


Prince’s famous home and recording studio is now a shrine to the legendary singer … packed with tons of memorabilia from his career. These photographs showing the inside of the 50,000-acre complex where Prince was found dead have revealed how the singer was obsessed with music and loved purple. Above, one of the many rooms in the mansion. $10m Paisley Park estate in Minnesota where Prince was found unresponsive was built for musician in the 1980s. Mansion includes huge 10-man wardrobe, rehearsal rooms, relaxation spaces and studios where he produced music. It is where Prince spent hours producing hit songs and videos that delighted millions of fans across the world.

So it is unsurprising that the award-winning singer’s $10million mansion reflects his dedication to the industry. A virtual tour of the Paisley Park estate in Minnesota, released a couple of years ago to fans, showed the extravagant complex, where the 57-year-old was found unresponsive in an elevator on Thursday, in all its glory. Viewers were able to catch a glimpse of the musician’s 10-man wardrobe, where dozens of his colourful outfits were likely to have been hung, as well as dance rehearsal room.

A huge recording studio, which was designed by architect Bret Theony, was the home to many of the star’s musical instruments, with guitars propped against purple and pink chairs and a keyboard in the middle of the room. Elsewhere in the house, a room seemingly dedicated to relaxation – with large sofas next to an acoustic performance area – was lit by purple lights. These photos were taken inside Paisley Park and reveal some of what fans could be seeing in the near future. Sheila E. has said plans are in the works to turn PP into a museum. Check out the gallery — Prince’s awards, photos, costumes (yeah, the “Raspberry Beret” one), and even his famous motorcycle … it’s all there. Think Graceland. But cooler. And more purple.

prince001 prince002 prince003 prince004 prince005 prince006 prince007 prince008 prince009 prince010 prince011 prince012


Outdoor Decor


Excellent decorative flowerpots in natural colors, add unexpected elegance to the casual outdoor space. Whether its your garden or your backyard, decorative flowerpots with flowers in them will inspire your artistic way of looking at life. Outdoor decoration does not need very expensive efforts. You can easily design your yard or garden with natural outdoor decor.

Plants are our personal favorite kinds of outdoor decor because of their allure and fragrance. Even if you do not have a full garden, you can add a beautiful touch of outdoor decor just by planting a few flowers in a few pots on or around the outside of a tree. There are many ways to brighten up your outdoor decor.

The kinds of gardens that seem the most decorative, elegant or pleasantly quaint are made so by the types of flowers and the style of landscaping used to create them. There are several types of flowers that are especially attractive when in season. Outdoor decor of a home is practical, lovely, as well as a very stylish. Try making shade with plants that love the sun.

There are certain plants that thrive in the sun much more than others. Take ivy, for instance. Ivy can be planted in the sunnier spots of your garden. And if you grow your ivy in a certain way, your home’s outdoor decor can also serve to provide shade and cover for your more sensitive plants. Among the very best outdoor home decor are the many colors and scents and landscaping design of the flowers themselves.


Open Shelves


Think of a kitchen design with open shelves and no upper cabinets. Include a walk-in pantry. All white color. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Open shelves have two functional meaning. They help you reach the items on them easily and quickly when needed, as its second function it acts like a decoration spot for you in your kitchen where you can put decorative objects.

Like furnitures or bathrooms, kitchens come in many styles. Since a new kitchen costs the most and last the longest, choosing a kitchen style requires serious thought. It helps to know if you prefer a more classic or more modern look. Making that decision will help you start to narrow down choices on everything from wall color to cabinet doors. Picking a very specific design theme gives you even more of a design road map.

Mixing and matching styles typically is called eclectic, while a look that blends traditional and contemporary elements is considered transitional. Kitchen is an inspirational part of your home where you cook types of recipes. A kitchen has to be both useful and comfortable as an important spot of the home where long and fun chats with family and loved ones pass by.

Open kitchen shelves gives the helpful details you need in a kitchen. White is the best color to apply on open shelves. With no upper cabinets, these shelves can get dust on them quickly. Both for decorative and hygienic reasons, lighter color tones are suggested for open kitchen shelves.


Decorating Small Spaces

Living in a small space can be so enjoyable when the interior decorating of the home is successful. But living in a small space that is badly furnished can fully turn into torture. Knowing correct decorating tips for small spaces is quite helpful both for the ones who live in small spaces and also who plan to live in small homes in the near future.

Color schemes, design styles, and decorative accessories for small homes are all should be known while decorating a small home. Similar paths are followed while a small office is being decorated too. Which type of floorings and which type of wall colors are the most appropiriate choices for small spaces. Without knowing any of these, it will be moder than difficult to decorate any small space.

It doesn’t matter whether redecorating a small home or decorating a such new home, only by reading what I wrote you can keep in mind or take small notes on what you should do. Determining which directions we have to go on to redecorating scheme will go long way near getting us to solution that we wish on our small homes or offices. Now be ready to freshen your small spaces by easy decorating tips and ideas!

Determining the Color Scheme
Using multicolors together in homes without large space will both display the interior smaller and narrower than it is and it will also make the home a boring place to live in. A small space that has light colors and pastel shades used together in turns to be a fresh and very viable home. Whereas a small space that has dark colors dominate in turns to be a drear home.

Avoid Patterns
A small space will look disordered with patterns on the fabrics in the entire home. Try to avoid pattern use in small space decoratings. Only a small cute patterns on pillow covers can add color to small spaces and this is enough to bring movement to the interior.

Use Mini Modern Furniture
In todays furniture design industry, it is possible to find various types and sizes of modern furniture from large ones to even mini ones. These mini furnishings are of course produced for small spaces. So buy from these mini modern furnishings to your small space to leave more empty space to live in without bang into table and chairs while walking in the home.

Thin Tulle Curtains or Thin Shades
Its good to be careful while choosing curtain to avoid irregularity in the home. It will be a solution to use thin tulle curtains in light colors or in pastel shades or thin structured shades in again these colors. Plain curtains or shades will be the best preferance but if you like pattern in this case you should use use curtains or shades with very tiny patterns in the home.

Small Offices
Also in small offices it’ll be the right decison not to give place to very dark shades. Thus we avoid displaying the office smaller than it really is. Using mini furnishings that I mentioned shortly before for office design and decorating or using normal size furnishings but at less number will serve us to use the empty space inside the office correctly.

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