Christmas and New Year Door Decorations

Christmas and New Year Door DecorationsNew Year’s wreath and door decorations. Deco wreaths for New Year’s eve and holidays. Decorate and show your holiday spirit with these fun and pretty wreaths for the new year. They are very neat to hang on your door every year and let people know you are ready for the new year. Nice wreaths to buy or you can get ideas and make your own would be a lot of fun and show your spirit either way. Make your door fabulous and inviting for you party with a New Year’s Eve wreath!

Before you put away your Christmas decorations, you might want to think about keeping some out to give your New Year’s Eve party some sparkle and shine. Many people enjoy lush, green holiday wreaths. The fragrance and familiarity are classic comforts of the season. This year, update the tradition. Instead of hanging a wreath on a door or wall, use it to make a botanical chandelier! Use different-sized wreaths to make tiers. Hang them over a dining table or over your front stoop.

Decorating always puts us in the holiday spirit, and adding a festive flair with something homemade makes the season feel even more personal. Give your door (or wall) a sparkly embellishment for the season. Using real (or store-bought) pinecones, a little glue and glitter plus a wreath base, you can create a one-of-a-kind wreath, all your own. The number of pinecones will vary depending on the size of the wreath base. Use glue to attach the pinecones to the wreath base.

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