Outdoor Living Space for this Summer

Outdoor Living Space for this Summer It’s getting warmer and warmer, and new interior design trends for summer are coming! Here are some fresh ideas for your home and garden to make it look stylish.Take a look at the top interior trends for spring and summer 2016, including house interiors, exteriors and outdoors. Landscape architects and designers offer expert advice for reviving your porch, terrace, or patio design this summer season.

No garden or greenery? Don’t worry… From yards and terraces to patios and porches, these easy decorating ideas can work for any spot you have big plans for beautifying. Spend the warm summer season by relaxing and by having fun. Everyone can spend a wonderful holiday on this time of year. Try these outdoor design ideas to change your newly decorated backyard or swimmimng pool area.

Here, we share the newest outdoor design trends you’ll like through summer. Experts already predict the biggest and the most important interior design trends for 2017. Stylish outdoor decor and design starts with the best and the most suitable furniture for garden or for any other outdoor space. The best thing about summer is that it prioritises comfort.


Versatile Kitchen Design Ideas

Versatile Kitchen Design IdeasVersatile kitchen designs with contemporary ideas create a dynamic kitchen environment. Practical and easy to apply kitchen design tips are useful and beneficial. White kitchen designs are timeless, neutral kitchen desings are also very popular. It isn’t so difficult to create an elegant and versatile kitchen.

The versatility is best seen in a large room, if the kitchen is large enough, the result is better. If the kitchen is small, again versatility can be formed, but the result may not be as good looking as the large kitchen interior space. This kind of a kitchen design includes multi purpose kitchen cabinets. Also the kitchen table should be multi purpose, so the style of a versatile kitchen design will be completed.

Just like this white kitchen table. This versatile kitchen table features two leaves that expand its length to 54″ when raised. The table converts back to a demilune or rectangular console by dropping down one or both leaves. Expertly crafted from select hardwoods and veneers, with solid hardwood legs, turned feet and supporting brackets. Shane kitchen table at Pottery Barn has a versatile structure that is ideal to use in a versatile kitchen interior.

Living Room

Modern Casual Living Room Design

Modern Casual Living Room DesignThe design of your living room can set the tone for your entire house. Formal or casual, how do you prefer the living room look to be? Formal living room design can be somewhat boring after some time but a casual living room environment is more relaxing. So you can use for a long time without getting bored, with pleasure. A perfectly designed living room has casual and modern furnishings.

Using soft colour tones or pastels can be better for such a living room instead of bold bright colours. Traditional colours are also usually create an elegant style home interior space. Placing oversized pillows on the sofa gives a modern effect to a casual living area. A sofa with modern clean lines can be the best decision to relax in a casual attitude.

A soft, comfortable fabric and cushions are also other important details while choosing the sofa. This gray sofa has eco-friendly construction and certified sustainable kiln-dried hardwood frame. Seat cushions are multilayer soy, or plant-based polyfoam wrapped in fiber-down blend and encased in downproof ticking. Back cushions are synthetic fiber and down wrapped. Axis queen sleeper at Crate&Barrel is upholstered in 100% cotton with stain-repellent treatment and topstitched detail.

Dining Room

Rustic Dining Room Design

Rustic Dining Room DesignAn empty space can easily be transformed into an inviting and elegant rustic dining room for entertaining your guests. Setting the rustic dining room atmosphere starts with choosing the right dining table and chairs. Organizing the table top is the next stage. Not all of the dining room furniture and accessories should be rustic, sometimes just a few rustic pieces are enough to create a rustic dining room design.

Inspired by the spirited, industrial character of an early 20th-century work table, this dining set provides a bold backdrop for entertaining the guests in a creative way. Expertly crafted from thick planks of meticulously weathered and distressed hardwood with forged iron. Detailed with oversized bolts on the legs and table top.

Chairs are upholstered in the finest-quality top-grain leather. Without getting too much tired, by only buying such a rustic dining set, it is possible to form a rustic dining room design in a practical way, and also in a quite short time. Benchwright table & grayson chair set – rustic mahogany stain at Pottery Barn is an easy and stylish solution for a rustic dining room design.


Country Home Living

ch001Country house decoration has its own rules. A countryside house interior can be with saturated colours as well as watery colors, but with which ever the colors you choose, at the end, there will always be a natural look. Master bedroom of a farmhouse is much warmer than a master bedroom in a downtown apartment.

Country home living is equal to harmony, peace, happinesss, a relaxed life far from stressful energy of city. Made from hand-painted wood and metal, colorful, freestanding furnitures can also be used in country homes. A country home cannot be decorated without vintage.

Your bedroom is not just for sleeping, it should be a cozy soothing retreat for you to relax in. You can add country style bedroom flair by choosing an antique wooden four-poster bed, a brass or iron bedstead any one of which will work great.

Easily add texture with a charming country decor comforter or quilt, chenille bedding, a dust ruffle, toss pillows and pillow shams. Don’t forget to purchase sheets to match your bedding.

Add lots of decorative pillows, graduating them down in size, cover them to compliment the country decor theme. Organize and store linen in a central location for easy access. Colorful wall paint adds a special touch.


Authentic Bathroom Design


Authentic bathroom designs are always more sumptuous and more splendid than modern modern bathroom designs. A bathroom can be both modern and also authentic which means it has both modern lines and authentic lines. It is possible to create an authentic bathroom by blending modern bathroom cabinets, modern shower cabin and modern flooring types with authentic mirrors and authentic decorative elements.

Old style bathroom designs were absolutely magnificent. Today, we can bring about the beautiful baths of ancient times by creating authentic and impressive bathrooms. This can only happen by blending old and new bathroom models. We can form a fascinating bathroom with quality products and right bathroom materials.

Authentic elements should be used correctly for a bathroom atmosphere which has far east breeze. All the details in bathroom are important. Balance of the vibrant colors and pale colors is another important issue. Authentic bathroom designs are more suitable to people who prefer to have stylish and different bathroom interiors. Siam collection from Delpha is one of the unique bathroom collections of the brand.


Office Decor


Office decoration can bring the look of success into your office. A new look in your office interior may also improve work place performance by as much as 15%. New design inspires creativity and create a more pleasing work environment. Decorating an office space can be a delicate balancing act. You want your office space to be inviting and pleasant for both employees and visitors, but it must remain professional in look and feel. For office walls, try to pick a color that reflects the spirit of your business.

Office furniture plays a large role in how an office space looks and feels. Try to maintain the same style of furniture throughout the office. Mismatched tables and chairs tend to make any space look rather cheap and thrown together. As with wall color, try to go for a style in furnishings that reflects the energy of your industry. It’s been said that with a clear desk comes a clear mind. Keep that in mind when arranging your desktop. A framed photograph of a loved one, a telephone, and a computer should suffice. If there are office supplies you don’t use on a constant basis, tuck them away in a drawer. A chaotic physical environment will soon give way to a chaotic energy in the workplace, and this is rarely good for productivity or progress.

Never sit with your back to the door. When visitors arrive, you don’t want the back of your head to be the first thing that they encounter. Instead, arrange your desk so that it faces the door; doing so sends a message of power and strength. Light your space well. If there are fluorescent lights in your office, turn them off and bring in lamps, then find a nice balance between the light the lamps provide and the natural sunlight. Create a sense of openness. Avoid a cluttered physical space by placing with only the necessary furnishings which are your desk and some chairs in the center of the room. Place all other furniture, such as bookshelves, filing cabinets, and sofas, against the walls. Warm up your workspace by adding some tasteful framed photos, prints, or paintings to your walls.


Outdoor Decor


Excellent decorative flowerpots in natural colors, add unexpected elegance to the casual outdoor space. Whether its your garden or your backyard, decorative flowerpots with flowers in them will inspire your artistic way of looking at life. Outdoor decoration does not need very expensive efforts. You can easily design your yard or garden with natural outdoor decor.

Plants are our personal favorite kinds of outdoor decor because of their allure and fragrance. Even if you do not have a full garden, you can add a beautiful touch of outdoor decor just by planting a few flowers in a few pots on or around the outside of a tree. There are many ways to brighten up your outdoor decor.

The kinds of gardens that seem the most decorative, elegant or pleasantly quaint are made so by the types of flowers and the style of landscaping used to create them. There are several types of flowers that are especially attractive when in season. Outdoor decor of a home is practical, lovely, as well as a very stylish. Try making shade with plants that love the sun.

There are certain plants that thrive in the sun much more than others. Take ivy, for instance. Ivy can be planted in the sunnier spots of your garden. And if you grow your ivy in a certain way, your home’s outdoor decor can also serve to provide shade and cover for your more sensitive plants. Among the very best outdoor home decor are the many colors and scents and landscaping design of the flowers themselves.


Open Shelves


Think of a kitchen design with open shelves and no upper cabinets. Include a walk-in pantry. All white color. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Open shelves have two functional meaning. They help you reach the items on them easily and quickly when needed, as its second function it acts like a decoration spot for you in your kitchen where you can put decorative objects.

Like furnitures or bathrooms, kitchens come in many styles. Since a new kitchen costs the most and last the longest, choosing a kitchen style requires serious thought. It helps to know if you prefer a more classic or more modern look. Making that decision will help you start to narrow down choices on everything from wall color to cabinet doors. Picking a very specific design theme gives you even more of a design road map.

Mixing and matching styles typically is called eclectic, while a look that blends traditional and contemporary elements is considered transitional. Kitchen is an inspirational part of your home where you cook types of recipes. A kitchen has to be both useful and comfortable as an important spot of the home where long and fun chats with family and loved ones pass by.

Open kitchen shelves gives the helpful details you need in a kitchen. White is the best color to apply on open shelves. With no upper cabinets, these shelves can get dust on them quickly. Both for decorative and hygienic reasons, lighter color tones are suggested for open kitchen shelves.


Dynamic Decor Tips


As the first room that guests see, living room can give a warm welcome with its style and decor. Stylish homes filled with clever decorating ideas reflect a more dynamic decorating taste than ordinary home decors. In such home decorations, from dark to light, every color tone can be used together. Your living room is certainly one of the most lived-in rooms in your home.

To make it the best living room it can be, you should blend home decor inspirations and ideas. A living room decoration in which you will use modern and light goods which are not very complex will no doubt form a dynamic living room decor. Armless sectional collection can be a good choice for a dynamic living room interior.

Armless sectional collection has flexible pieces that configure and reconfigure to fit the space. Thick padding and loose cushions make it a comfortable collection for leaning back. This comfortable armless sectional collection has kiln-dried hardwood frame and textured basket weave upholstery. Available in individual pieces such as sofa, single, corner and ottoman or sets. Armless sectional collection at west elm is spot clean and it requires simple assembly.

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