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The challenge is once again to take outdoors all the qualities, which have been so far distinctive features of B&B Italia indoor proposals: technological innovation, ergonomic and formal research, quality and comfort.
Three exclusive projects by Antonio Citterio for the outdoor collection 2017. The seating systems Ray Outdoor Natural and Ray Outdoor Fabric which, with the same light extruded aluminium frame, are distinguished by different interlacing details and materials. The Erica series comprises a sofa, an armchair and a chair, which also comes in a stackable version, whose lightness and design, complying with ergonomic and environmental adaptability criteria, make them suitable for use both in public and residential settings. Ginestra, a family of tables and chairs in natural teak that is set apart for its with sinuous harmonious lines, clearly inspired by Nordic design.


Architectural Firepit Adds a Modern Edge

Architectural Firepit Adds a Modern EdgeArchitectural firepit adds a modern edge to the traditional iron firepit, suspending a round bowl from an open, square frame, all with a smart black, heat-resistant finish. Mesh lid keeps sparks contained, and bowl’s interior is hammered to minimize the look of log dents over time. Removable grate and stand make for easy cleaning. Carswell Large Firepit, Crate and Barrel. Meet Designer, Royce Nelson. “Life, art and design are meant for fun.” These are the words Royce Nelson lives and designs by.

The northern California native spent more than two decades competing as a sponsored pool skateboarder before following his passion into furniture design. Honing his lifelong interest in building things big and small, Nelson earned a degree in Industrial Design from California College of the Arts, and launched his career designing furniture, housewares and accessories with a clean, simple aesthetic. Living and working out of his home nestled in the Oakland hills, Nelson’s creative space is a peaceful, private environment that provides focus and solitude for his projects, as well as a neighboring source of inspiration in San Francisco’s local flea markets and building facades.


Beauty of Natural Elements

Beauty of Natural Elements

From the bedroom to the backyard, interior designers reveal how to spruce up just about every space in your home just in time for summer. See their practical summer decorating pointers for a more stylish, comfortable home. Summer decorating ideas to get from design pros… Welcome the warm weather and lighten the look of your home with these simple summer design and decorating ideas. Rethink your home decor and get inspired by the bright, sunny colors of summer. Examples, tips and inspiration!

I’m so excited to talk “summer” today! Ideas for making your outdoor spaces function like indoor rooms. Bring the colors of summertime into the home with our best tips. This is a relaxing escape design for summer with the latest design trends. With these summer design ideas, the boring looking living space can easily be transformed to a relaxing and bright cozy setting. Transport yourself seaside with a bit of paint or a few airy accessories. The summer season brings to mind easy, breezy, colorful days.

I’m sharing outdoor space and giving tips on how to easily and simply enjoy summer entertaining outdoors as part of the summer. Outdoor trends that will be in for the summer. Summer home and outdoor ideas don’t require too much space. Vondom Stone garden lounge sofas collection is designed with comfort in mind, and includes an ergonomically designed 3 seat sofa and a stylish lounge seat. Vondom Stone garden lounge sofas designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Elisa Gargan – Italy.


Brighten Your Balcony or Backyard

Brighten Your Balcony or Backyard

Brighten your balcony or backyard with metal bistro dining sets. Create your dream home, inside and out. Modern and contemporary outdoor bistro tables and sets to match your style and budget can be classy. Make your outdoor space as comfortable and stylish as your indoor space! Metal bistro set on brick patio surrounded by plants. Eat, entertain and enjoy life outdoors with a patio set. Get the look you want. Mix and match pieces to create your own look. Outside furniture is not limited when you create a haven for yourself.

Make cozy seating arrangements for hanging out with friends and family or enjoying some quiet time alone. Eat, entertain and enjoy life outdoors with a patio set that brings everyone together at the table. Metal is one of the most popular choices for outdoors, prized for it’s intricate designs and solid construction. Elegant, timeless patio furniture will endure the test of time and the elements. Unwind in the great outdoors with a relaxing patio. Sit back and enjoy the weather at your home with durable and stylish outdoor furniture.

Function meets style with the incredible assortment of patio furniture. Tables, balcony furniture and garden furniture are options for creating your outdoor patio as well. Comfortable furniture like hammocks enable you to transform your patio to an outdoor living space that is more like an oasis from the world. From entertaining to relaxing on a set of beautiful patio furniture or rocking chairs, you are sure to make your backyard the most comfortable on the block. Patio furniture decor needs to be more than just attractive to withstand the outside elements.


Modern Outdoor Design

Modern Outdoor DesignCreate an outdoor with style in the most stylish and modern form. Any outdoor place can be turned into a modern or contemporary space to use during spring and summer months. Choosing the most suitable outdoor furniture is the necessity and accessories are the latest steps when designing an exact outdoor. This can be a garden or a balcony, or a seaside or oceanside place or swimming pool area.


Sleek Look with White Lanterns

Sleek Look with White LanternsThis lantern is sized to make an impact. Simple details like arched windows and a finial keep the look sleek and fresh. Softer lighting on the ground and off the house can create a more pleasant mood. If you’re ready to invest in lighting, collect a few hurricanes, lanterns to keep the flames from switching off in the breeze. Small transitional backyard patio idea for outdoor with natural stone pavers. Soft glows and warm washes of light are much more inviting than overly bright spotlights. Indoors and outdoors can be mixed.

These are types of modern outdoor lighting for the best selection in modern design. Ditch the harsh area lights and replace them with understated, warm-toned lights. This is an example of a traditional porch design in outdoor with a fire feature and decking. This table is a composite outdoor table. Both decorative and also a so chic product. Indoor and outdoor lantern make it work in a variety of outdoor settings. Classic porch idea in ocean area with a fire feature and decking. What about other outdoor lights?

Collections of home and outdoor lighting fixtures include sconces, chandeliers, pendants, and landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting fixtures and LED outdoor lights to complement your home. Outdoor light fixtures are designed to bring professional interior design. From outdoor wall lanterns and outdoor hanging lanterns to top lanterns, many designs are available. The transitional looks of today’s contemporary outdoor lantern make it work in a variety of modern various outdoor design settings.


Build Your Own Wicker Sectional Components

Build Your Own Wicker Sectional ComponentsAll-weather wicker sectional components for summer. Easy to re-create the rich, textured look of fine wicker by weaving together slender strands of a rugged synthetic fiber. The result is a beautiful sectional that can be left outdoors year round. These versatile component pieces let you reconfigure your lounge space whenever you like. Exterior design can be practical. The outside of home often reflects the overall style of the interior and says a lot about the family that lives there. It might be right time for an update.

Find and save ideas about home exterior design. Change the exterior of your home with these unique and useful ideas. There’s no doubt that jumping into a home exterior makeover can be rather daunting, so consider these tips. If you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal, nothing packs a bigger impact than revamping your home’s exterior. Turn your house into your home. Inspiration can come from anywhere—a garden, a living room, a beach, a baseball game, an app. Anywhere.

Use these decorating ideas to transition your porch, patio or backyard for summer. Whether you have a porch, pool or patio, our guide to creating a luxurious outside space will help you get full information of warm weather. And don’t miss our top swimming pool designs and outdoor sitting areas!


Tropical Mix Outdoor

Tropical Mix OutdoorOne sofa, endless summers. Some sofas include heavy weighted back cushions. This allows to create seating multiple ways, so you can face the pool by day and the patio by night. Built with sustainably harvested wood, it’s a sofa you can feel good about. Made of all-weather cord woven around a lightweight aluminum frame, the wood and fabric seated tropical type sofa brings just the right mix of comfort and elegance to porches and decks. Its rust-resistant construction lets it live outside, rain or shine.

Outdoor design and decor is as easy as a home interior. Create a home and garden stylishly with our decorating hints.


Lively and Joyful Garden Design

Lively and Joyful Garden DesignGarden is the lively and joyful part of our homes and our lives. It is a place where all family gathers for pleasant breakfasts, brunches, lunches or dinners. From the youngest member of the family to the oldest, garden is the common peaceful spot of our homes. Although a garden has its own natural decor, we can still make additional improvements there for a perfect garden look. Wooden garden table and wooden chairs suit a garden best because they look as natural as the garden itself.

Glass is another natural looking decor element that goes great with the wooden table and chairs in a green garden ambiance. Instead of buying flowers, collecting them from your own garden and putting them on your table in glass vases will add another warmth to your decor. You should always remember that decor needs to be not only beautiful but also natural and suitable to the general decor of the space. If decor is nice but not suitable to the general ambiance of the space, then it is not the decor you should apply there.

Outdoor design and decoration needs less decorative objects than we use in interior spaces. Outdoor needs to keep its naturalness as much as possible. A home with green plants, flowers and a swimming pool needs no confusion. Using white or beige is enough for your colors decisions on a garden tablecloth. Simple but elegant flatware and glassware will add style to the garden decoration.

Just spread this style in the whole of your garden design, so that the garden will look simple, natural and beautiful. There is one more thing that will complete these efforts, that is a garden carefully kept and taken care of. If a garden is not taken care of as needed, then there is no need for decorating at such a neglected space.

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