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Want Space for the Kids?

Want Space for the Kids?Want space for the kids to play house? Look at your home through their eyes, and you can create new places for play in furniture you have. In a child’s room or living room, these dollhouse ideas are easy to set up, tidy up and hide away. 1. Drawer dwellings. Mansion? Apartments? Drawer units can be all kinds of dollhouses (secured to the wall, of course). They help make space for several kids to play together, too. A washi tape outline on the wall adds to the homey feel.

For clean up, just toss everything in the drawers. Done. 2. Cozy cabinets. When is a cabinet not a cabinet? When there’s a doll family living inside! You can even decorate the shelf edges to add architectural details. After playtime, collect any stray dolls or furniture and shut the doors. Don’t have extra space to a full-time playroom? Check out these fun solutions. A fun space for the kids to go and play and just have fun! A fun space for the kids to go and play and just have fun!

Kids can play safely in playhouses. How to create multifunctional play areas that have plenty of space for kids. And the space can house all ages. Build a child’s playhouse with basic building materials and create a space for children. Kids love these adorable places to play – and what a wonderful use of space! A great indoor play space for kids up to 10 years, where everyone can join in too. A fun space packed with dollhouses for the kids to play and just have fun!

Living Room

Harmonize Home with One Accent Color

Harmonize Home with One Accent ColorTaking on a complete decor overhaul every season is unrealistic, but small accessory and color updates can work just as well to make the home feel refreshed. Pick a favorite color, for the stylist it was blue, and play with a variety of accessories and textiles in each room to create a theme that ties the whole space together. Opt for light shades and neutral tones for your walls, floors and big pieces of furniture. “It’s easier – and more affordable – to change fabrics and little decorations, or paint small stools and side tables.

It can feel so depressing here in winter because it’s dark most of the day. The pale, spring-like tones help to brighten my mood and give me energy,” says the stylist. “I only post a picture on Instagram if it complements the one next to it! It’s the same in my house – I like each room to flow into the next.” –Blogger, Norway. Steps to color harmony in the home… Choose two or three neutral colors and one or two accent colors. Adding color to the entire home is like adding color to a single room.

By limiting the color palette to three to five colors, your home will feel not cluttered and confusing. Tip: Consider accent colors of a complimentary hue to add interest and contrast to your home. Alternate neutral and accent colors. Once the colors scheme has been selected, consider alternating neutrals with accent colors in the home. Placing bright accent colors side by side may come across too bold and competitive. Neutrals side by side lacks interest and will make the walls appear flat and uninteresting.

Living Room

An On/Off Small Space Living Room On a Budget

An On/Off Small Space Living Room On a BudgetWhen it comes to creating your dream home, it’s not about having more stuff. It’s about having the right stuff. When interior designer designed this 161.5 sq ft studio space, he was able to save both room and money by choosing pieces that meet more than one need. The smallest of homes may not have space for a sofa to lounge on, but with a daybed you’ll never know the difference. Simply pull it out when you’re ready to sleep and you’ve got a double bed. A step stool multitasks as a bedside table.

Affordable rails save lots of space by holding a wall lamp, alarm clock, plants, magazines, and accessories. If you’re living in a room that’s in use 24/7, the most important element is furniture that’s flexible and suits several needs. When it comes to making the most of a small space, nothing does it quite like this NORDEN gate leg table. Extend one, both or neither of the drop-leaves to transition easily between work, dinner or just hanging out. Surfaces that easily become cluttered or overwhelmed are calmed down with the addition of a curtain or doors.

Pull the curtain back and you’ll discover a totally flexible and well-planned storage area. Two shelving unit keeps folded items and boxes, while hanging pieces and shoes reside on a clothes rack that can be rolled in and out of the closet. Up high? That’s perfect for seasonal items you use less often, bed linens, and cleaning supplies. And to maintain a sense of calm, we chose a curtain color to match the walls seamlessly. As you can see, our 15m2 room doesn’t provide a ton of space to work with. But by choosing smart, multifunctional pieces and keeping the decoration simple, a home that’s both comfortable and stylish created.

Living Room

A Stunning Modern Home

A Stunning Modern HomeDesign is not about adding intricacies, it is about taking away layers! Use these gorgeous living room ideas​ as a starting point. Here are some interesting ideas for living room in a modern style, that you can find them a place in your home. The living room is at the heart of the house in most cases. The views from this spacious and lavish living room are extraordinary thanks to the exposure to the terrace and the floor to ceiling windows. The living room gives the next impression for the whole house design after looking at its exterior.

The living room is where we spend most family time. Be inspired by our modern living rooms, allways warm, luxurious and functional at the same time. In Western architecture, a living room, also called a lounge room, lounge or sitting room, is a room in a residential house or apartment for relaxing and socializing. Such a room is sometimes called a front room when it is near the main entrance at the front of the house. In large formal homes, a sitting room is often a small private living area adjacent to a bedroom.

A perfect complement to any room. Comfort at first try. Harmony is our most comfortable sofa ever, thanks to its deep seat, plush, down-like cushions and special lumbar pillows. Made for sprawling out or curling up, its low, clean-lined frame is made with responsibly sourced wood while its filling is made from recycled plastic bottles. The slipcovers can be removed, which makes cleaning simple, and they’re available in different fabrics, so changing your living room look is easy. Harmony Slipcovered Apartment 76″ Sofa.

Living Room

Gray Living Room with French Doors

Gray Living Room with French DoorsThe living room is the reception area of the house. It is where our guests are seated when we are getting ready to meet them. It is also the meeting place of the family on weekends and the place where we exchange gifts on holidays. The living room is a very important part of the house. It is advisable to always accord your living room design to the season because the way you design your living room can also affect the temperature and overall feeling that you get from your living room.

Here, we’ve featured several ways that you can design your living room. We have also compiled some great choices for furniture and living room design. This time we will feature living rooms that have french doors. If you want your living room to look warm and cozy, the use of wood does the trick. The choice of your window also has a big impact in the amount of light that enters your living room. The use of french windows and doors is a great way to increase the amount of sunlight in your living room.

This gray living room with white glossy flooring looks very neat and clean featuring purely white elements in the room and only a few black elements such as the carpet and the individual sofa. Over-all, we can see some balance with the use of colors and if you look to right and left, the french doors actually add a natural amount of sunlight to makes this living room look inspiring! This is a beautiful way to design your living room especially when it is connected to like an extension area outdoors.

Living Room

Urban Contemporary Design

Urban Contemporary Design

Add some boutique luxury to the interior with a modern tufted sectional sofa. Some sectional sofas combine a traditional style with a modern design. Sectional sofa invites you to lounge the day away. The sectional sofa pairs hand-tufted back cushions with streamlined, endlessly adaptable design. Modular sectional sofas with beautiful modern designs for any room are in a variety of styles.

Living Room

Quality Contemporary Design

Quality Contemporary DesignInspiration for the living room… Pieces capable of brightening any space. Create a contemporary living room space that is unique. Modern and contemporary living room ideas are here to match every style. Whether you are designing your living room from scratch or looking for ideas, we have everything you need. Your living room is one of the most lived-in rooms in your home. Design or decorate a living room that the everyone can enjoy. Contemporary living rooms feature long-lasting sofas, couches, sectionals.

A living room needs to be a place where people can kick their feet up. Where they can convene, entertain, and enjoy time in that room. But for those people who pride themselves on design, it also needs to be able to tie a home together. In this living room, contemporary concepts take precedence with a sleek sectional and towering windows creating a heart for the home. This contemporary room uses its clean lines to create an overwhelming atmosphere that is clean and serene. A perfect setting for especially winter.

White sectional gives this room a bit of a snowy feel. A spacious living room dominated by a soft white sectional is perfect for a family that wants to relax in style. The colors in this particular living room is a perfect match for winter time. A small space feels bigger with simple furniture and plenty of storage. With an open floor plan, the slightest color shift can mean everything. Here, a white sectional sofa distinguishes the living area from its stark, brown and beige surroundings. A dreamy white simplicity.

Living Room

Quirky Holiday Design Fashion

Quirky Holiday Design FashionLatest home design ideas are here to polish up homes and workspaces. There are a few trends that will continue to make home decor in places neat. These are the biggest home decor trends for holiday season. Bring warmth and glamour into your home this year. You need to know home decor trends this year. Trends in home decorating change from year to year and sometimes month to month. For the trendiest among us, regularly swapping out fixtures, accents and accessories can especially be a full-time job.

Thankfully, it looks like some of 2016’s trends will continue into next year, with enough new touches coming to satisfy those looking for a change. Below, we’ll touch on what’s staying, what’s leaving and what’s hot and not in homes for 2017. We all know that one dramatic way to change the look and feel of your home is updating with color. Paint is often quoted as being a relatively inexpensive way to update a room without breaking your back or your bank. What colors work for 2017? Here are the latest color trends.

A distinction for sure, but pastel is becoming a no-no in color, while muted tones are making their way into bedrooms and baths using color to create a tranquil, soothing environment where we rest, relax, prepare for our day. Think soft blues, greens, pinks, but not the bright pastel version of colors that were popular in the 80’s. Like many past trends, this is a variation on a past theme, updated for a modern look.

Living Room

Natural Funky Classy Holiday Season

Natural Funky Classy Holiday SeasonChristmas lights are a staple when it comes to holiday decor. Classic meets mod… Mix trendy with traditional. Classic silver and gold ornaments and beaded garland complement a trendy monogram topper on this chic, simple tree. During the holiday season, the Christmas tree is the shining centerpiece of your home. Trim your tree with these inspirational decorating ideas. Match your decor. Whether your home is traditional, contemporary or shabby chic, choose a tree color and theme that fit your design.

This very beautiful natural green flocked pine tree is a perfect accompaniment to the cool, decor in this eclectic living room. Go glam on a budget. Glam up your holiday decor with a flashy and fun celebrity-inspired tree. Trimmed with mini gold sunburst mirrors and pretty pops of silver and gold ornaments, this bright white tree is fit for a superstar. To get this expensive look on a budget, make miniature versions of these sunburst mirrors and reuse them as year-round home decor once the holidays are over.

Feeling cozy during the holiday season is all about the lighting. Feeling festive? Christmas decorations and holiday décor from elegant christmas wreaths and garlands to pre-lit trees, festive outdoor displays. Put some magic into christmas with home decorating and styling ideas for the holiday season. Mold the flowers into a lush garland, or scatter throughout the branches with an assortment of well-placed shining tree ornaments. Top the tree with a richly textured ribbon for a high-end designer look.

Living Room

Living Room to Suit Your Lifestyle

Living Room to Suit Your LifestyleLiving room design ideas, inspiration, and decor from around the globe for your modern home. It is just enough to look at our pages to design a beautiful and modern house. Furniture colors are also important as much as the colors you choose. A living room can serve many different functions, from a formal sitting area to a casual living space. Living room is one of the most lived-in rooms in home. Design or decorate a modern living room that the whole family can enjoy with very inspirational photos from Deniz Home.

Find the best living room ideas, designs and inspiration to match your style. Browse through images of living room decor and colours to create a perfect home. Make your space comfortable and stylish with these chic living room decorating ideas. Find expertly crafted living room furniture that is so inviting you’ll want to stay all day. We have assembled our favorite living room ideas to help make your room feel more stylish. Use these gorgeous living room ideas as a starting point for your next decorating project.

Very few living rooms are alike. That’s because each space must fit different preferences and needs. That isn’t to say a lot of living rooms don’t share common design types. Sometimes what really matters in a living room is the living part, and nothing is that better than relaxed, casual furnishings and colors. White sofa and armchairs can be a great match with blue, green, gold, silver color textile, home decor items offer, and accessories. A wonderful comfortable space is so easy to design and decorate with our guidance.

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