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Living Room

Everything You Need to Know About Coastal Decor

Everything You Need to Know About Coastal DecorThere is just something about feeling the grittiness of the sand between your toes and smelling the salt water in the air that seems to bring peace to the mind and soul. Nevertheless, we all know during the winter that may not be possible. Therefore, why not transform your home into the oasis of your dreams with just the right amount of décor.

While many will think this can only be achieved through expensive décor, we are here to share that is not the case. You can have your coastal dream easily created with these tips and tricks we will share below. Whoever said neutrals weren’t fun has never met a beach home in their life. An all-white room near the beach is always a blissful idea, but in order to prevent it from feeling flat.

You want to add other neutrals that bring beauty and a sense of texture to the space. Work with hues of sand, browns, beige and off white. You want to ensure your display feels sort of like an extension to your living room, for that put together yet laidback aesthetic. Work within the scheme to put together a decor that makes sense and has a charming aspect to it.

Living Room

Drawers in Multi-Colour Polish

Drawers in Multi-Colour PolishDenizHome is where style lives. It is the ultimate place to find furniture which suits your home, your personality and most of all you. Eclectic furniture combines design elements or particular styles from different time periods and different origins within a single piece. About Drawers in Multi-Colour Polish: Bold and bright colors are hallmark feature of metal a range of furniture which is made with raw wood, sheet metal and metal rods painted or powder coated in vibrant colours.

Organize your workspace and home with storage drawers. Fed up searching for paperwork or the stapler? Drawers give all your stuff a home. They come in lots of styles and sizes to suit wherever you want. Check out the drawers – they are extra high quality and even tested for office use.  Keep your desk clutter-free and your supplies organized. This helps you organize and store smaller items inside your drawers.

A clean look that’s easy to like and mix with other styles, either supporting a desk or standing alone. You can place it in the room – all sides are just as beautiful. Drawer stops prevent the drawers from being pulled out too far. Can be placed anywhere in the room because the back is finished. Drawers makes it easy to sort and store important papers. Good to know Plastic bumpers for holding the table top in place are included.

Living Room

Patterned Glass Candle Holder

Patterned Glass Candle HolderDecorative glass candle holders. These candle holders are versatile. Each candle holder holds one candle and for indoors or out. Crafted of colored glass. In green, orange, blue. Holds 1 candle each. This elegant glass candle holder is perfect for adding a decorative touch to any room’s decor. Decorate your home with these classic candle holders and perfect for a gift. Adorn your home – Brighten your home with this exquisite candle holders, elevate your room with an elegant and romantic touch.

Change how your favorite space looks. Your preferred candles – Whether you like essential soy wax candles, aromatherapy candles, genuine paraffin wax or tea light candles the four glass cups will produce the ultimate charming brightness. Perfect gift idea – Surprise your special one with this beautiful candle holder set on Christmas, Halloween or new year, perfect gift idea for your wife, girlfriend, parent, sibling or teacher. This product in every room of the house.

Add class anywhere – It is a beautiful center piece for your living room, can be placed on the TV cabinet or coffee table, in the bedroom, kitchen, office and anywhere for a classy touch. We’re confident that you will love similar elegant sets, if this product does not live up your expectations, ship it back for a full and prompt refund, absolutely no questions asked. Decorate your home with these candle holders. A charm to every décor. Great for decorations or window displays.

Living Room

Save Your Favorite Parts of Summer

Save Your Favorite Parts of SummerVases are an easy way to make a room look lovely. These basics of home decorating not only bring structure and interest into your home, but they naturally dress up any space with color and texture. Here are inspiring ways to use them to decorate your home. A bright colored vase with few sticks or branches right on the front door ensures a warm welcome to your guests when they visit you at home. Vases are a wonderful way to add an organic touch.

See how you can keep your summer feelings warm all year round. We dedicated a living-room corner to celebrating the season. Keep it light and natural Light wood and a dash of greenery completes your corner, unaffected by the passing of seasons. IKEA interior designer adds: “Here we couldn’t resist modifying KRUSNING a bit. We hung a few paper raindrops as a playful wink to unsteady weather. Unfortunate for us, cherished by plants.”

Decorate with vases. Glass is a fragile material, robust design. Be especially careful when lifting, moving and putting down the vase on hard surfaces, or if you fill it with decorative fillers, such as stones. Perfect to use for striking flower arrangements and centrepieces, or to pair with some mixed greenery. Cylinder vase set, a summer vase idea for your home. A super easy summer vase to make a summer table. Looking for the perfect summer flower vase? You can stop your search with IKEA Cylinder vase set.

Living Room

Choose Coordinating Colors

Choose Coordinating ColorsIn this modern oasis, imagined by interior designers Nina Parkeborn and Pella Hedeby for the 2019 IKEA catalogue, the aim was to create a light and airy home where you can relax and recharge. Furnish for different needs “Furnish your living room to suit everyone’s needs and not necessarily around the TV,” Nina says. “You want a space where it’s easy to be together, but remember to include small oases of calm for time alone too. Include chairs for the people who live in your home.

But make sure you have some extra seats you can pull out for guests.” “A minimalistic, balanced look will come naturally if you don’t have too many things. Use a modular sofa that you can easily adapt to suit your space so you get just the right combination for your needs. Try one with lots of loose cushions so you can make the perfect spot to sit back and unwind.” Limit materials If you want to create balance and harmony, Nina suggests using just a few colors and materials.

In this flat, Nina and Pella combined white with ash-colored wood. In the living room, they went for a low minimalistic shelving unit with ash doors, which is also used for the kitchen cabinets and floor. Choose coordinating colors In the kitchen, Nina and Pella also painted two wall cabinets in the same color as the wall so they blend in with the rest of the decor. “It’s important to coordinate your choice of storage and furniture. For example, you can turn storage into an eye-catching display with a bit of thought.”

Living Room

Lounge Up Your Living Room

Lounge Up Your Living RoomThere’s just something irresistible about hotel lounges. What if you take the hotel out of the picture – and just bring that feeling home with you? Group your furniture to open up the room Placing furniture together has a way of creating places of comfort. Instead of leaving pieces along the walls, cluster them to open up the room. Let a tone-on-tone color scheme add harmony and style – and dare to leave a beautiful wall completely bare.

Use curtains to control the light Layered curtains offer a stylish, flexible way to control light and temperature. Use rods, here with a curtain combination of sheer SPARVÖRT and thicker SANELA. Somber pastels add to the mood, and a thick rug completes your cozy spot in the light. Stylish simplicity There’s no need to fill shelves until they’re completely packed. Instead you can use empty spaces to highlight what’s on display.

A living and dining space with wood floor. Consider nesting tables that can expand when in use and fold up. If you’re thinking of redesigning your lounge or living room, take your cue from these living room layout tips to create a room that’s practical and looks good, too. Style your living room decor, with a range of ideas. Arrange furniture to suit the way you use your living room. If you’re more likely to lounge in front of the fireplace than sit on a sofa, keep a supply of oversize floor pillows.

Living Room


KUNGSHAMN: a New SofaA comfortable modular sofa that’s flexible enough to be at home in big and small spaces? That’s KUNGSHAMN! Created by for today’s lifestyles… Modules are sturdy, but lightweight, and attach with a simple hook mechanism, so change yours around every day if you like! Big or small, straight or with a corner, or why not an open end. The KUNGSHAMN sofa series consists of modules that can be used freestanding or together to create a sofa that suits you and your home.

All modules in the KUNGSHAMN sofa series can be used freestanding or put together into exactly the sofa combination you want and need ‒ both big as small. You can quickly and easily create a new sofa combination by switching around or adding modules. The nice fit of the fabric and the clean lines give KUNGSHAMN a modern yet timeless look, which means that the sofa easily fits together with other furniture. You can put colours and patterns to create a playful and personal sofa.

There’s space for storage under the modules. The fabric hides things, while the zipper makes them easy to reach. The sofa has Bonnell springs which provide a nice seating comfort. Thanks to the low weight of the modules, they are easy to carry and move ‒ while their wooden and metal frames make them stable and durable. The fabric is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed. The modular sofa is available with modules that can be built with endless possibilities of configurations.

Living Room

Mid-Century Modernism

Mid-Century ModernismNero curves mid-century modernism in a new direction, mixing metal and marble in a forward-thinking oval design. Solid black marble with beautiful veining tops a sweeping trumpet base of black-coated aluminum. The Nero Black Marble Oval Coffee Table is a Crate and Barrel exclusive. With its clean lines and eminently cool vibe, mid-century modern decor has been popular for about the last decade. The comfortable and stylish designs fit with today’s more casual lifestyle and open floor plans.

In fact, mid-century modern pieces have made their way into the offerings of many mass market furniture retailers. This means it is easier than ever to find items for your own home. But, what mid-century modern mean when we talk about this type of décor? What Is Mid-Century Modern? Mid-century modern is an overused buzzword that has come to mean a lot of different things, and not all of them accurate. It’s really a reference to developments from the middle of the 20th century.

Mainly after World War II – in architecture, furniture, materials and technologies that become popular after the end of the war. Currently, it is most used in reference to furnishings and décor. While there’s much debate on the actual years that encompass the mid-century modern era, most sources generally accept that the heyday was roughly 1945-1969. Thanks to the migration from Europe after World War II, designers brought this type of interior décor of the United States.

Living Room

Hurrah for IVAR!

Hurrah for IVAR!A shelf entered the IKEA store years ago. Today 50 years later the IVAR storage system is more popular than ever. Store anything from books to trinkets and photographs with durable and stylish shelving units. Over the years, we’ve seen IVAR chests of drawers, shelves and cabinets move from room to room. With each new layer of paint and new knob or handle it becomes a modern feature in any interior. The simplicity and changeable surfaces of IVAR invite creativity and individual interpretations.

This is exactly how we are celebrating IVAR on its 50th anniversary, by giving the furniture expressions worthy of a modern icon. Minimalist cabinets are hung on the wall and painted in the same hue for a monochrome look. Using a layer of varnish, we’ve added a modern touch to the IVAR chairs, creating a tasteful combination of wooden surfaces. IVAR’s natural wooden structure adds depth and a tactile feeling to the room. Simplicity and changeable surfaces of IVAR invite creativity and individual interpretations.

Updating the classic shelf with an industrial touch are the steel metal cabinets. An enduring, robust contrast to the wooden structure of the other IVAR pieces. We’re impressed by the modern expression of this 50-year old. We would describe IVAR as functional, natural, changeable. Which IVAR are you? Which knob or handle do you choose for your drawer? What color, varnish or stain on your cabinets? In 2068 IVAR will celebrate its 100th anniversary!

Living Room

Spring Trends: Get the Nature-Inspired Look

Spring Trends: Get the Nature-Inspired LookNature captures our attention through the senses and helps us to relax and escape stressors. Learn how to mix and match two different natural looks to bring some benefits of the great outdoors inside. Create a calm and coordinated look. Use earth tones to form a warm base. Think sandy beaches, fields of grains and desert canyons. Add an accent hue in shades of blue for a calming effect reminiscent of the sea and sky. How to furnish the look. Try relaxing neutrals on bigger items.

You will probably keep these pieces for a long time, so a pale base that can be updated easily gives lots of flexibility. Then add a few accent pieces (cushions, side tables, vases) in shades of blue. Play with textures. This style is all about mixing textures to add interest to the room – think genuine leather, solid wood and rattan. Don’t be afraid of imperfections such as rough surfaces or leather with patina – those details just give extra character to your interior.

Decorate with natural elements. Materials that are kind to you and the environment, such as a soft throw made from more sustainable cotton and pure linen. Add authenticity with a handcrafted rug and an imperfect clay vase for a one-of-a-kind style. Decorating with natural elements will breathe new life inside your home. Even if your home is more contemporary a play on nature can spark a bit of creativity in an unsuspecting nook or cranny around the house.

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