Lago Space

Lago SpaceThey have designed a room that combines room and reading area. An interior design strategy that allows us to play with spaces in contrast and, in this way, give a broader dimension to the classic bedroom concept. Bedroom “Dream in Colors” – Espacio Lago Mar Vera, Manuel Moreno, Esther Moreno and Víctor Camacho. To develop the proposal, they have taken as a starting point (and point of arrival).

The formal keys of Lake, both in its chromatic field, and in the geometric references of its modular systems. In fact, what we have done has been to start from the classical proportions of the Italian firm and expand them throughout the space through elements such as the decorative ceiling, the wallpaper and the wooden platform. Something like overflowing Lake in a room that is much more than that.

For the wallpaper, designed by them exclusively, they used the same proportions and colors Lake, but splashing the paper with a puff of confetti: a fragmented and dynamic cloud that is inspired by the platform and turns the room into a continuum of forms and colors, reinforced by the artistic installations that complement the stay.


Fun Decorating Ideas For Your Desk

Fun Decorating Ideas For Your DeskHere are inspiring work office decorating ideas to help you inject some personality & color into your workspace. Working in an office—even if that office is in your home—can be monotonous. Day in and day out, you see the same desk, computer screen, and stationery supplies; you might even grow an unlikely attachment to your stapler.

See more ideas about home office decor, room decor and desk nook. Decorate your work area with these desks, decor ideas, and lots of productivity. 1. Add a lamp. 2. Designate a shelf for décor if you have the space. 3. Paint an unexpected object. 4. Bring in fresh flowers. While they won’t last forever, fresh blooms add beautification.

Fun office supplies will make even the drabbest work days better. Workspaces to keep you motivated! Waking up to go to work is much easier when you’ve got something to look forward to. If you dread interrupting your sleep to go into the office each day, treat yourself to a space redecorating session; it will give you a personalized desk.


FNISS Trash Can White

FNISS Trash Can WhiteWe’ve researched and tested to find the best trash cans you can buy. Choose the right trash can. Plastic is a durable material. Size 3 gallon. Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community. Polypropylene. Wastepaper baskets, bins and bags make sorting and storing a breeze and help create instant order from all that stuff that always seems to magically appear. A lot of bags are foldable, saving you space when not in use.

And most of our bins and bags have handles to make them easy to transport. Kitchen, bathroom, office… lots of different areas of our home need garbage bins and baskets. We have a wide range to make choosing easy, with options like pedal bins for when your hands are full. Many of our garbage bins have handles to make them easier to lift, when you want to move them or just clean around them. Practical if you need more space for bulky waste like cartons or bottles.

The trash can should be used with a trash bag. This trash can is both attractive and practical. We use the trash cans while cooking meals. Choosing the right trash and properly maintaining it is not a big problem, but in the home or workplace, choosing the best trash or garbage can is actually important. Trash cans should be  a long term investment. Choose ones made of sturdy, recyclable materials and user-friendly designs. Such containers will provide efficient waste management in our homes.


Moorland Office Chair

Moorland Office ChairThe Moorland Office Chair helps you create a functional home office so you can get down to business. This traditional piece includes an adjustable seat and back to help you work with ease. It also features padded armrests and lumbar support to alleviate pressure on the spine. Casters enable you bounce from task to task as you get on a roll. With tilt control and mesh fabric, this luxurious office chair emphasizes comfort. Color: WhiteMaterials: Nylon, metal and fabri and mesh fabric, this luxurious office chair emphasizes comfort.

Color: WhiteMaterials: Nylon, metal and fabric Overall dimensions: W 26″ x D 25″ x H 45″Seat dimensions: W 19.5″ x D 19.75″Back dimensions: W 19.25″ x H 22″Minimum seat height: 17.75″Maximum seat height: 21.5″Arm to floor minimum: 25.75″Arm to floor maximum: 29.75″Arm to seat minimum: 8.25″Arm to seat maximum: 8.25″Weight capacity: 250 lbs.. Riley Office Chair, White Mesh Seat and Back. This office chair is a practical choice for either home or office spaces.

Office Chair is an ideal addition to any workspace. It is ergonomic. For especially during long hours of work. Chair is manufactured using premium quality material. An advanced ergonomic solution. Moorland Office Chair is an office chair option. This office chair makes for a comfortable seat for all of your working needs. Featuring a padded seat and mesh back along with arms that can be lifted or flipped upwards or backwards, this chair has many flexible options to suit your requirements and means it can easily fit underneath your desk.


Decorating Blue-and-White Bathrooms

Decorating Blue-and-White BathroomsDecorating blue-and-white bathrooms is easy with blue and white bathroom curtains, bath towels, and bath mats. Even decorative accessories can be used, for example vases, decor objects. Cool and soothing blue is a natural fit for the bathroom. These stunning bathrooms will inspire you to add a blue hue to your room. Love to decorate with blue? We do, too. Create an elegant bathroom with bathroom accessories. Even though decorating a bathroom isn’t that glamorous, there are many different ways to add color and character to this otherwise dull, sterile space. Bathroom necessities, including shower curtains, bath mats, towels and mirrors, can brighten up a space, while shower caddies, soap dispensers, tissue boxes and glass canisters can help with storage.

As you get ready to revamp your bathroom space, be sure to remember all the essentials. Shower curtains Both functional and decorative, shower curtains will add an interesting visual element to your bathroom while also protecting your walls from excess moisture. They come in a variety of materials, including plastic, vinyl or fabric, and range in style from quirky and punchy to classic and traditional. Vinyl curtains are usually cheaper than fabric shower curtains, but likely will not last as long. If you choose to go with a fabric shower curtain, don’t forget to also purchase a shower liner to protect your curtain’s material over time. Bath mats Bath mats will provide extra protection for the floors, and provide a soft, warm spot for your feet while you’re brushing your teeth or just stepping out of the shower.

You will generally want to place your mat in close proximity to both the shower, bath and vanity. If you have a small bathroom, it’s possible only one mat will reach, otherwise you may consider purchasing multiple bath mats. Choose a scheme or theme for your bathroom, and consider matching the tones of your mats to match. Purchase a bath mat with a liner beneath it for the shower area to prevent slipping. Towels Choose your towels carefully, paying attention to color and design, so that they are cohesive with your bathroom’s theme. Instead of hiding them in a linen closet, display them in the open on shelving or hung from racks. In terms of material, cotton is generally the best choice: durable and absorbent. Bathroom décor Pull the look together with soap dishes, dispensers, baskets and furnishings that complement each other and fit within the theme.


Altifarm: The All-Season Modular Home Farm

Altifarm: The All-Season Modular Home FarmGrow fresh herbs and veggies anywhere, any time of year. Your right to grow. Anywhere, anytime. A farm in every home. Altifarm is designed to suit busy lifestyles and tight urban spaces. It makes gardening easy, approachable and fun! large grow area of 1m². Compact footprint, only as big as an office chair. The right to grow is yours, however, whatever, whenever! No proprietary seed pods or subscription. Grow with soil or go soil-less with added nutrients. Don’t stop growing. Eat fresh all year.

Grow like in a yard, from just about anywhere, anytime of the year – from your kitchen to your porch. Each tear of the Altifarm comes with a patented watering system for automatic watering. It stores water for up to 10 days or so that you could be away and come home to thriving plants. After the successful fulfillment of pre-orders to over 45 countries last year, they’ve returned to Indiegogo with a redesigned product, with all-around improvements.

Altifarm is the first home farm which lets you grow meaningful amount of fresh produce – farm-fresh vegetables, leafy greens, herbs, micro-greens, fruits and others, at home with least effort. By managing the essential aspects of watering, lighting, space and plant care on its own, Altifarm empowers one to enjoy the benefits of fresh local produce without getting tied down to intricacies of plant care and adverse climate conditions. Altifarm comprises of 3 / 4 tiers with integrated self-watering system.

Child Room

Pink Striped Bin

Pink Striped Bin

A pink striped square bin for kids rooms. This foldable pink striped fabric bin is cute enough to stay out in the open, yet collapses flat when not in use. It’s ideal for extra linens, craft supplies, teens’ gear or kids’ toys, plus seasonal storage. Pink. Polyester, cardboard. Foldable. Clean with a soft, dry cloth. Perfect! Pink striped bin. Perfect size…like that it’s a little larger than the standard one you usually see at most stores. Fits your kids’ closet needs perfectly!

For kids rooms, this type of bins prevent confusion in the room. What does our versatile bin have in store? So much. It’ll keep your craft supplies, kids’ toys and more off the floor. And when not in use, it folds away! It’ll keep your craft supplies, kids’ toys and more off the floor. And when not in use, it folds away! This storage bin provides space to house household items, photographs, and other keepsakes. They’re a sensible and beautiful way to manage clutter or keep your favorite blanket close.

Between the toys, books, clothes and school supplies, it’s amazing that there’s any room in bedrooms or playrooms for kids. Luckily, it’s possible to handle all that stuff without breaking a sweat. One of our favorite kids’ storage ideas for those typically hard to organize areas. A constant source of floor clutter, toys are always difficult to contain in kids’ rooms. Create a space for everything, whether it’s baskets, bins, shelves, hampers etc… From the bathroom to the kids’ room, this bin is ideal for small stuff!

Living Room

Patterned Glass Candle Holder

Patterned Glass Candle HolderDecorative glass candle holders. These candle holders are versatile. Each candle holder holds one candle and for indoors or out. Crafted of colored glass. In green, orange, blue. Holds 1 candle each. This elegant glass candle holder is perfect for adding a decorative touch to any room’s decor. Decorate your home with these classic candle holders and perfect for a gift. Adorn your home – Brighten your home with this exquisite candle holders, elevate your room with an elegant and romantic touch.

Change how your favorite space looks. Your preferred candles – Whether you like essential soy wax candles, aromatherapy candles, genuine paraffin wax or tea light candles the four glass cups will produce the ultimate charming brightness. Perfect gift idea – Surprise your special one with this beautiful candle holder set on Christmas, Halloween or new year, perfect gift idea for your wife, girlfriend, parent, sibling or teacher. This product in every room of the house.

Add class anywhere – It is a beautiful center piece for your living room, can be placed on the TV cabinet or coffee table, in the bedroom, kitchen, office and anywhere for a classy touch. We’re confident that you will love similar elegant sets, if this product does not live up your expectations, ship it back for a full and prompt refund, absolutely no questions asked. Decorate your home with these candle holders. A charm to every décor. Great for decorations or window displays.


Outdoor Fireplaces in Autumn

Outdoor Fireplaces in AutumnWhile you may not be able to use that outdoor shower for a while outdoor fireplaces are a great way to enjoy the beauty of this season. They make it easy to enjoy the perfect balance between the sweltering heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter. Whether entertaining family and friends or just enjoying the peace and solitude of your own backyard, these fire pits and outdoor fireplaces can keep you warm and toasty. Steel Bio-ethanol Outdoor Fireplace is a temptress made of tempered glass panes and solid steel.

A structure of beauty and graceful elegance, Steel Bio-ethanol Outdoor Fireplace is purely perfect in its incarnation and form. A versatile fire burner, this indoor-outdoor wall sconce can be mounted or it can stand alone as a freestanding sophisticated centerpiece, its base a solid support for the significant weight of glass of the remaining structure. Can be wall mounted or used as a tabletop gel fire burner. Steel construction. Epoxy powdered paint. Tempered glass is 8 mm.

Definitely an addition to your modern house in a functional and sturdy piece of art. It can be a conversation starter if you have guests coming over often. The heat radiated is also retained in your room ensuring you stay warm and cozy. Feel the nice warm comfort the fire from this ultra eco-friendly fireplace will give off. It is very low maintenance and carbon-friendly so both you and the environment will be enjoying its benefits. Bring a real fire that is safe and friendly to any home.


Mini Ventilator

Mini VentilatorMini ventilator for home offices and offices. It can also work in homes and pockets, too. Pink, blue, purple, orange mini plastic ventilators. For four seasons, you can buy one of these pocket ventilators. In hot or cold weather, don`t sweat. With strong wind, on table. Delicate design: unique, strong wind, low noise. With switch design. We all have air conditioning in our homes, these kind of mini plastic ventilators are a must. You can run the propeller by holding down the small button on the side section.

When you run the propeller, it’ll cool you off. Mini ventilator with desktop adjustment. The super option for a practical cooldown on summer days is exactly what you’re looking for in a refreshing product! It can work uninterrupted for days with a fully charged power supply because it does not consume too much power. Thanks to the speed stepper motor you can adjust the cooling speed according to your request. Wherever your computer is, it gives you coolness.

With a desktop-tuned mini ventilator, the heat from the summer will not affect you. It’ll always be there for you to cool off! In summer days with suffocating temperatures, it offers an excellent alternative for those who are uncomfortable with or without air conditioning. On/Off button next to the device. Mixed color. These mini plastic ventilators are practical in summer months. Just run the propeller by holding down the small button on the side section of pocket ventilators.

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