A Minimalist Family Hallway

A Minimalist Family HallwayKeeping a small hall calm and tidy when you have kids can be a big challenge. Check out how to organize a family-friendly, functional space and stay true to your minimalist soul. In this hallway we use all the walls to maximize function. You’ve got closed storage for things you want to hide and an easy to reach open unit for stuff you want to show off. (Don’t worry, we show you how to make open storage look tidy). A smart shoe storage cabinet doubles as seating for the adults.

For the little ones, help them help themselves with racks they can reach. For heavier things higher up a parent can help. Keep the dirt out with a big dirt-resistant door mat (we sewed four together to make a giant one). When the kids’ side gets too messy, just close the curtain and ta-da — instant order. How do you keep open storage looking tidy? Smart selection! Keep stuff you use every day where you can see it. Drawers and storage boxes with lids provide flexibility and keep your hall looking ordered.

Trays and baskets make it easy to find what you’re looking for. In a hurry? Put beauty essentials in a cutlery stand by the mirror for a quick fix. Attach a swivel hook next to the door for guests to hang their coats. Keep your footwear inside a cabinet with space-saving sliding doors. Then you’ll also have a welcoming place where you can sit down and take off your shoes. The shelves can be mounted flat or angled, so you can adapt their depth. Display your personal photos on a pegboard and add a shelf.


Luxurious Cutting Edge Residence

Luxurious Cutting Edge ResidenceLuxurious cutting edge residence design project is located in Cape Town, South Africa. Luxurious residence can be defined as a latest architecture example of modern house design. Named as SAOTA residence, other than its high technology architecture, this ultra modern house has the fascinating and breathtaking view of Atlantic ocean.

The residence has a pool terrace, additional two bedrooms for children, a gym and a home cinema, an open-plan living room and dining room where a bar is also located, featuring a custom-designed humidor for an extensive cigar collection. In the kitchen, there are white finish and marble countertops.

From the windows and from the terrace, there is marvellous view of Atlantic ocean. The owners of the house wanted an ultra modern residence with the latest 21st century technology, so the house designed with the latest house design techniques. Luxurious cutting edge residence design is a project made by Antoni Associates.


Modern Attic Apartment Design

Modern Attic Apartment DesignThis apartment is a well planned modern attic home design that will attract your attention right away. The view of the attic is definitely amazing and the interior design is completing this excellent attic apartment atmosphere. The successful design of this attic space can surely be defined as fantastic. Life in a modern attic home is always fun.

Designer of this attic apartment transformed this small space into a very tasteful and beautiful place for living. Home has a very useful open plan kitchen, comfortable living room, and a spacious bedroom design. The exposed brick and beam give rustic touches to the attic apartment’s modern interior.

The living room is so impressive and inviting. Basic furniture used in the entire home includes comfortable and modern pieces. Wooden flooring is perfect to decorate the whole home perfectly. As an attic apartment project, small library room in the home is a well thought detail. This beautiful and modern attic apartment gives you the feeling of moving to an attic home immediately!


Vista Tower Chicago Penthouse


When the 95-story Vista Tower is completed in 2020, it will be the third-tallest building in Chicago, and at its very top will be a 7,000-square-foot duplex penthouse, currently offered for $17.1 million. If it sells, the penthouse would just barely eke out an all-time record for Chicago’s most expensive residential real estate. (A penthouse on the 89th floor of the Trump Tower sold for $17 million in 2014, after its price was halved from the original listing price of $32 million.)

Given Chicago’s current housing market, the penthouse’s price tag might seem steep—the only comparably priced listing is a 12,000-square-foot Gold Coast mansion, according to Trulia real estate company. But consider that $17.1 million is just 0.05 percent of the personal net worth of Wang Jianlin, the building’s co-developer and, not coincidentally, Asia’s richest person.

Bloomberg Billionaires estimates Jianlin’s net worth at $31.7 billion; his corporate conglomerate, Dalian Wanda, has been on a multiyear, global buying spree, sweeping up AMC Entertainment Holdings for $2.6 billion, the Hollywood production company Legendary Entertainment for $3.5 billion, even the organizer of the Ironman triathlons for $650 million. For the Vista Tower project, Dalian Wanda partnered with Chicago-based Magellan Development.


Lorimer Street Townhouse

Lorimer Street TownhouseLorimer Street Townhouse by Ensemble Architecture. This “urban minimalist” townhouse on Lorimer Street was gutted and renovated by landmark and loft conversion specialist Elizabeth Roberts and her firm, Ensemble Architecture DPC. The juxtaposition of the crisp walls and exposed structure along with integrity of materials combine to deliver gorgeous results.

The Lorimer Street Townhouse is a three-story, twenty-five foot wide, two-family house located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Every wall, ceiling, stair, floor and window of the house was replaced in the extensive renovation. The result is an open, loft-like home for a family of four. A custom, steel and solid wood tread stair divides the Parlor Level into a Living Room side at the street front and a Dining and Kitchen side at the rear of the building with garden access through 3 new, patio doors. Existing wood joists were exposed on the Parlor Level with insulation added to the underside of the floors above. Reclaimed floors compliment the existing joists and add to the rustic feel of this urban home.

Design Team
Elizabeth Roberts, Dennis Mendoza, Polly Horne, Jessica Gould

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