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Create the Perfect Atmosphere with Candles

Candles are such a terrific way to add decor and atmosphere to your home, party or event! Featuring a refreshing blend of orange and honey, this candle is sure to reflect your home’s positive energy. Enrich your home with beautiful candles. There’s no doubt about it, luxury candles are the ultimate interior accessory, whether you want to add ambiance to your living room or have a relaxing candlelit bath. Because a candle is an interior design necessity. Make your home smell incredible.

Candles may as well be additional accessory in the interior design world. Range of candles are the perfect accessory to add a bit of decor to any home. Aside from adding pleasant scents to your home, decorating with candles can be an interesting way to spruce up your interior design. These decorative pieces can add a dynamic look wherever you place them. When adding candles to your space, match the fragrance with the season; floral scents like linden blossom are the ideal spring accompaniment.

Contemporary candles add interest to your space, whether you’re lighting up your living room or adding atmosphere to your dining room. Candles not only on a table or on a shelf of our house, but also at the center of a restaurant table. Displaying a simple yet enchanting design, these candles have a chic look that complements almost every decor. The orange candle will have a naturally pleasant scent, so if you like scented candles, that one is the best choice for you.


Ways to Use Display Box

Ways to Use Display BoxCreative use of display box… A clear acrylic display box is like a mini museum for prized possessions. With these ideas, a display box can also help you relax a little, save money, treat yourself and relive memories. 1. Make an itty bitty beach retreat and drift away anytime. Layer in some sand. Add in small beachy things like a doll’s easy chair, a drink umbrella and a pool (aka baking cup). The lid keeps sand in when you’re not playing. 2. Encourage yourself to meet a savings goal.

See what you’re saving up for and how much you have (or haven’t) collected. 3. Create a candy dispenser by filling the box with your favourite wrapped sweets. (It’s easiest to fill when it’s on its feet.) Slide up the front protector and grab a goody—or catch a few if they come sliding out! 4. Spotlight a memorable occasion with a shadow box. Arrange mementoes, photos, invites, etc. from a special event like a wedding, party or vacation. Choose whether you want to place it vertically or horizontally.

When everything’s in the display box, you can reminisce and keep it all protected. Looking for a display box? Or new ways to use one? Check out these ideas to use BJÖRNARP as a beach in a box, money box, candy dispenser and shadow box. Despite their simple construction, boxes can have many different forms and functions. Add a new creative dimension to your shelves! With this display box you can show off a collection, or memories from your latest trip. Change and rearrange as often as you like.


3 Ways to Organize Using Racks

3 Ways to Organize Using RacksHere are three different ways you can use a basic, budget-friendly rack with knobs, LURT. Sometimes you only need a little push to discover the full range of possibilities the stuff around you has. 1. Surprise your kids and save time in the morning by preparing their outfits the night before and hanging them on their own rack. Personalize each one with a gym bag in a different color so they can easily find their things. Let the little ones choose their favorite knob too!

2. Turn LURT ninety degrees clockwise, and you have a vertical key holder. This way you can just grab and go when you’re rushing out. We went for sleek knobs for a modern look that that fits into a small space next to the front door. 3. Have a hard time finding your jewelry in the morning? Try organizing your bling on a wall rack. Hang it so that you can reach things from your bed and see what you’re looking for at a glance. You can personalize it with any knobs from the IKEA kitchen range too.

Keep even the smallest home organized with these clever, space-saving storage tips from us. There are so many wonderful ways to organize with racks. Need new entrance or bedroom storage ideas? Hang your jewelry on a rack! Here are unique, simple ways to store your clothes and bags without a closet. Using a wall rack when you don’t have a closet to store your bags in is a simple, easy way to the create the necessary space to hang blouses, jackets, coats, pants, dresses, skirts and even bags.


How to Furnish with Storage

How to Furnish with StorageFurnishing an apartment is often not the easiest thing to do for several reasons. Usually apartments are small, often there is a budget to contend with. When the living room is used for socializing, working and relaxing, you can easily feel overwhelmed by too much stuff. But with some smart planning you can create a calming impression. Let us show you how! 1. Go for smart, multi-purpose furniture. Start by hiding things you don’t want to show off in a couple of low cabinets that also double as room dividers.

Use the top surface for a small collection of books and a plant or two. 2. Display your favorite pieces. Put stuff you want to display as well as protect inside two glass-door cabinets. The adjustable shelves make it easy to adapt the height to your collection. 3. Use matching units for instant order. When your dining table is used as a space for working, support it with some drawers on castors. Use them to store paperwork such as bills and letters or materials and supplies.

4. Hide busy shelves behind curtains. Choose a tone-on tone color scheme—try natural hues contrasted with some powder-pink accents. The layers of textiles also create contrasts and help improve acoustics in your space. Wonderfully crafted wall units, bookcases and shelving are designed to provide a multitude of storage solutions for your chosen living space. It can be easy to furnish a home in a stylish yet thoroughly practical way. Ways to furnish a home. Creative storage is much needed in an apartment.


6 Easy Deco Tips for the Holiday

6 Easy Deco Tips for the HolidayOutsmart last minute stress and huge to-do lists with our six deco tips that you can set in motion today! The best part? They’re long-lasting, so no need to clear them away until you want to. 1. Frame a warm welcome. Skip having to hoover up the leaves from your real wreath and opt for a more lasting version. Spray paint a frame you have at home in your favorite color. Wind some festive fairy lights round your “wreath”. 2. Get your hallway holiday ready. Encourage guests to hang their coats.

And leave their mobiles at the door. Form an arrow with fairy lights to lead them to the gadget drop off station (here soft baskets are used). Update your furniture with a Christmas theme cross-stitch using wool or thick thread. 3. Create a festive (and fire-safe) display. Group a few different battery-driven LED-candles in clear vases (bonus – no more hard to remove wax stains!). Make a deco piece for the window by hanging up a branch using string and attaching some ornaments (here mini houses are used).

4. Get set for starry night snuggle. Cozy up under the warm glow of stars. Hang star-shaped pendant lamp shades from the ceiling over your bed. Switch off all other lights, then sink back and relax together. 5. Forget the traditional holiday palette. Go for textiles in neutral hues that will last beyond the holiday season. Add some depth with a couple of coordinating tones. Use an open basket to store everything so soft and cozy comfort is just an arm’s reach away. 6. Beautify with bulbs. Pop a couple of bulbs into vases.


6 Ways to Express Yourself

6 Ways to Express YourselfLearn how to organise an unexpected place in your home into a personal display spot bursting with you. 1. Curate a chic clay display. Keep your pottery or porcelain collection in a glass-door cabinet to keep it safe while you show it off. Go for tone-on-tone hues for a uniform look (even the wall in a warm terracotta shade is painted — please note colours can vary on screen). 2. Hang a clock collage. Whether you’re a hard core clock collector, or just need a friendly reminder (hello time optimists).

Why not set up a clock wall? Just hang a mix of different styles and sizes around a fixed straight line to create a funky frame. 3. Set up a lounge and listen spot. Use a couple of cabinets to form a music space. Just attach them to the wall first. Grab your headphones and relax on a comfy pad. Fancy a dance? Turn off the light, switch on the floor lamp, and pump up the volume. 4. Show off your sports souvenirs. Create a customised display with a shelving unit (secure it to the wall first) and inserts.

Spotlight your mementos with a fun tape design. Stick your favourite autograph to an LED light panel to shed some extra light on it. 5. Exhibit your travel souvenirs. You don’t always need special furniture to create a display. Present city guides on a chair and put findings from your adventures in stackable boxes with lids on the floor. Watch it grow organically as your mileage adds up. 6. Put your wardrobe to work. Choose a sturdy closet that can pull off a beautiful display and store your clothes.


A Brighter Life at Home with LED

A Brighter Life at Home with LEDLighting is a vital part of life at home. It makes our homes safer, cozier and more welcoming. And it allows us to do things we couldn’t otherwise do. But around a quarter of the world’s energy consumption is used for lighting. That’s a lot of energy.

At IKEA, they want to help you live a more sustainable life at home. To reduce your energy consumption without making sacrifices. To make living a sustainable life at home easier, beautiful and more affordable. And tiny LEDs are an easy way to make a big difference.


Always On Trend Minimalist Furniture

Always On Trend Minimalist FurnitureThis Parsons style design is based on the minimalist aesthetic Jean-Michel Frank developed while working at the Parsons Paris School of Art and Design, then known as the Paris Atelier. Made of maple burl wood veneer. The Oslo Burl Wood Veneer Collection features luxurious maple burl wood veneer. The clean, sharp lines are reminiscent of mid-century days with a modern feel. Oslo Burl Wood Veneer Collection – Coffee Table, Wisteria.


Small Space Living Style

Small Space Living Style

The small space design experts share tips for making the most of the space you have, no matter how small. These small space decorating ideas, storage solutions, and smart finds will help you maximize each square foot, regardless of the size of your home. Sometimes traditional ideas about living room decor aren’t the best solution for a small space. One of the most popular small living room ideas is the use of neutral colors. Make every inch of a small space count with these inventive design ideas, creative organization tips, and style strategies.

Living in a small space can be challenging. Here are ways to make the most of it in style. Create mini spaces with mega style! We share our top design secrets for how to get the most out of the small home. Just because a space is small doesn’t mean you can’t pack it with style. Living space with tiles, and warm wood helps define the small space. Add style to the small spaces in your home with these decorating ideas and tips. Decorating small living rooms doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Save space and live large with small space designs. Design a tiny home for ultimate space optimization without sacrificing style. Affordable decorating ideas for a stylish, cozy living room… The space might be smaller, but the style can be higher. Clever design ideas for making small living rooms appear much bigger. Above is a space saving home office tucked underneath a staircase. The under stairs space usually is left empty and doesn’t serve anything, but now you can transform that space into a useful office.


Cozy Rustic Design

Cozy Rustic Design

Defined, rustic style is a design emphasis on rugged, natural beauty. It embraces nature-inspired textures, simple and earthy colors. Modern rustic decor brings warmth to monochromatic spaces, adds timeless profiles to contemporary designs, and allows homeowners to create eclectic spaces. Modern rustic design combines old-world elements with contemporary design to create modern rustic appeal throughout the home. Concrete is a material in all aspects of architecture and home.

I just liked the polished concrete floors and beautiful light in this villa on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Modern rustic decor works best when presented in minimalist arrangements that allow individual elements to be seen and appreciated. Rethinking, repurposing, and recycling are key to designing modern rooms with rustic appeal. Rustic design incorporates wood, stone, and humble elements that create a warm, inviting space you’ll never want to leave. The space is light and simple.

Rustic style is influenced by the rugged, natural beauty of homespun rural living. Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and settle into the warmth of an inviting rustic home. This rustic color palette mimics rocky terrain under a pale sky. Rustic interior design creates an eclectic look that emphasizes nature. Keep in mind that rustic decor doesn’t mean the walls must be beige — experiment with your favorite earthy neutrals. Natural hues and earthy materials are the inspiration for the rustic rooms.

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