8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Herbs and Spices

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Herbs and SpicesHave you ever done a search through your cabinets and found a dusty jar of spices, somewhere near the back, out of scent and looking vaguely like crumbly dirt? Err, us too. Here’s 8 ways to rescue your herbs and spices and help them bring big flavors and herby savoriness to your dishes. 1. Whole spices like nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon keep their freshness (and flavor) longer than ground up spices. 2. Bulbs like onions and garlic, store better in the dark. Just make sure they’re away from heat and moisture.

3. Herbs can be kept longer (while keeping their flavor) by drying them out. Just hang them in bundles upside down somewhere warm and dry. 4. Spices hate moisture, so keep them airtight and dry in sealable jars. 5. Herbs and spices with a high water content (like chilli’s, lemongrass, and lime leaves) store best in the freezer. 6. Spices give lots more flavor if your grind up whole ones right when you want to use them. 7. Wrap aromatic herbs like parsley, rosemary, and thyme with some cooking string and toss them in a pot when making soups, stews, and curries.

8. Heating up herbs before grinding them helps release their oils. Alternatively, fry ground spices in a little oil for more flavor. Food is always better when properly seasoned. You’ll enjoy cooking a lot more once you’ve learned the herb and spice basics. The food will taste better, smell better, and impress your friends/family/coworkers/pets. Hooray! Most herbs can be found dried or fresh and can be used either way with ease. Herbs are considered to be the leaves and greener parts of the plant – the seeds, bark, roots, etc. are normally considered a spice. Some plants are both.


Exotic African Home Decor

Exotic African Home DecorWe invite you to explore African home decor, handcrafted by artisans worldwide. Safari and African home decor will unleash your wild streak! Feisty animal prints, tribal motifs and tawny neutrals combine for a fierce decorating theme. Safari themed wall decor, furniture and more. A beautiful home is all about balance. If you love this part of the world but can’t go there, you can always bring this flavor to your home creating African inspired interiors. Inspiration for African home decorating ideas for houses.

The architecture of Africa, like other aspects of the culture of Africa, is exceptionally diverse. Throughout the history of Africa, Africans have had their own architectural traditions. One common theme in much traditional African architecture is the use of fractal scaling: small parts of the structure tend to look similar to larger parts, such as a circular village made of circular houses. As with most architectural traditions elsewhere, African architecture has been subject to numerous external influences from the earliest periods for which evidence is available.

Western architecture has also influenced coastal areas since the late 15th century, and is now an important source for many larger buildings, particularly in major cities. African architecture uses a wide range of materials. One finds structures in thatch, stick/wood, mud, mudbrick, rammed earth, and stone, with the preference for materials varying by region: North Africa for stone and rammed earth, Horn of Africa for drystone and mortar, West Africa for mud/adobe, Central Africa for thatch/wood and more perishable materials, Southeast and Southern Africa for stone and thatch/wood. Anthropologie, Aldalora Throw Blanket.


Product for a Better Everyday Life

Product for a Better Everyday LifeDeveloping IKEA products can take place almost anywhere around the world – on a factory floor in Asia or on the drawing board in Älmhult, Sweden. And everybody involved works together to create a product range that is simple and straightforward, with products that are hard-wearing, easy to live with and affordable. Democratic design… Good design should be available for the many, not the few. That’s why all IKEA designers design every IKEA product starting with a functional need and a price.

Then they use their creativity and knowledge and use low-cost raw materials and manufacturing processes to create functional products. Then large volumes are purchased to push prices down even further. Most IKEA products are also designed to be transported in flat packs and assembled at the customer’s home. This also lowers the price by minimising transportation and storage costs. By doing all this, the IKEA Concept uses design to make sure that IKEA products can be bought and enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Form follows function… IKEA designers constantly seek new ways to improve people’s lives – without emptying their wallets. But how can good design and function be combined with good quality, all at a low price? It starts with focusing on what’s important. Will an expensive finish on the back of a shelf or under a table-top improve the function? Of course not. So IKEA designers do not do it, because a product is of no use to the many people if it is not affordable. Maximising production possibilities.


Decorating Trends 2017

Decorating Trends 2017Sleek clean lines, a new fresh look continue to be popular in furniture. Unusual materials are showing up in the new year. Enjoy a big surprise now with these 2017 living room design suggestions. Designing a new living room can be the new year solution. Pillows with patterns are always popular and trendy. These nice deer are all decked out to bring a layer of fun to holiday decor. When it comes to home décor, 2016 was the year of everything from woven wall hangings to Scandinavian-inspired interiors and decor.

And as the year winds down, soon enough your thoughts will most likely wander to a home refresh. So it’s worth exploring the top decorating trends that will likely be on repeat in homes across the country, and possibly in your own abode. We checked in with interior designers for their 2017 decorating forecast and some easy pointers on how to make these ideas your own. These trends are chic, inspiring, and (fortunately) don’t require a complete room overhaul. One of the biggest departures in 2017 is lighting.

Large dramatic lighting has moved from the foyer and into the rest of the home. Whether it’s a big vintage chandelier or a series of large blown glass globes, lighting creates mood, atmosphere, and romance for your home. It’s also a great way to bring your personality into a room and like paint can be a quick and easy way to complete change the look of your kitchen or bedroom. Tying into the “modern farmhouse look” lighting fixtures also allow you to combine a vintage, rustic, neutral look with a modern twist.


How Cultural Differences Impact Interior Design

How Cultural Differences Impact Interior DesignCulture impacts almost everything we do. Within business, one should always be aware of cultural differences. Yes, even within interior design. When thinking about cultural differences, interior design might not be the first field that comes to mind. Luxury homes will only meet the client’s wishes if the designer knows the ins and outs of their culture. All nationalities have their own culture that shapes their lifestyle preferences. People that come to interior designers often have specific and complex wishes.

Interior Architects, Designers, Decorators, Real Estate Agents and Contractors must try to understand the cultures of their clients to create a suitable home for them. Many people have the same international home design taste that focuses on unique items of high quality, there are also individual preferences that need to be taken into account. This is why every interior designer tries to find out the clients’ needs and lifestyles. All property styles differ from region to region, country to country, culture to culture.

Experts say that Middle Eastern people are interested in homes with an older style and a luxury feel. This is why they often request textures such as marble and velvet. They also like to walk barefoot in their homes, which is why they ask for carpets and rugs. Next to cultural preferences, clients have personal room decor wishes as well. Designers state that security is also a key element in the design of a house for Europeans. Europeans like both old and new interior design trends, home styles, and decor fashions.

If Europeans move into an apartment, they expect round-the-clock concierge services, much like a hotel. This is especially true for people from Europe, and even more so when their property in Europe. According to interior designers and decorators, when designing homes, it is very important to understand and act upon the culture of a client. If the culture is completely understood, designers can meet and even exceeds the client’s design expectations. All businesses need to pay attention to culture!


Awesome Kitchen Culture

Awesome Kitchen CultureMake you kitchen a space dedicated to your individuality… Custom made to your specifications and with a unique beauty that was built to last. Kitchen culture welcomes the opportunity to realise your success and understands the importance of this investment in your home life. This ultimately personal space requires a style mixed with practical efficiency that embraces your uniqueness. Each design is an expression of a person’s individuality, concept and vision. Your home’s kitchen is the personal sanctuary.

Create an extraordinary and exquisite living area whether it be a study, media room, living room or dining room that meets your modern day living requirements. Wine is the indispensable of kitchens and dining rooms. Uniquely individual the bespoke wine culture provides the luxury storage for your precious wine collection. From the smallest nook and cranny, to the open plan basement area our easy and practical wine storage solution will enhance the richness of your entire living space not only the kitchen culture.

Personal living spaces that make a personal statement that defines your lifestyle. The appliances are the beating heart of the entire kitchen and a large part of your investment therefore they need to be reliable, efficient but most of all, they should work with your kitchen design. Using years of experience, you need to carefully select suppliers that offer products that are high quality with a sophisticated look with an enviable service package. The quality of kitchen products, materials are important for every kitchen.


Antique Mosaic Mirror

Antique Mosaic MirrorAntique mosaic tiled mirror has a unique elegance of its own. With its reminiscent of vintage mosaics, this antique tiled mirror is fascinating! Glass tiles of the mirror are set within a wood-construction frame. Antique mosaic tiled mirror hangs both vertically or horizontally depending on your room’s walls’ and furnishings’ situation.

If chosen and placed correctly, antique furnishings and goods bring quality to any house interior. If you once explore the world of antiques, you will understand that antique is a lifestyle. So even in very modern way decorated homes, you can place small and classy antique additions to your home to make it look much more stylish.

If colors, shapes, textures, and structures of the furnishings suit with the antique pieces you put into your home, then there will be a great harmony within the general atmosphere of your home. A harmonious home ambience has no other equivalance! This means that the home is designed and decorated well and together with a good soul. Less furniture in the room will be better if you want your antique furniture to outshine more.

A lot of furniture is never recommended just because it creates disorder in the interior. Try to leave more empty space, and thus more breath for better looking interiors. If you are living in United States you’re lucky, because this antique mosaic tiled mirror is on sale at west elm. If you’re living in United Kingdom, you can find some other antique mirrors at Doe and Hope, or at Oliver Charles, or if you’re living in Turkey you can find antique mirrors at ANTIK A.S., or at Horhor Antique Center.

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