Fruit Shape Concrete Nordic Home Decor

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Deniz Taşkın

Environmentally sustainable. It’s heat-resistant, compressive strength, no powder and cracking-proof.

Color is ultraviolet rays-proof and guaranteed from fading. The material: cement/concrete is radiation-proof.

Shape: Fruit shape

Fruit Shape Concrete Nordic Home DecorMaterial: Concrete/cement

Different Color: Customized color available, you could choose color from PANTONE COLOR.



Small Lidded Jar Candle Autumn Harvest

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Keep your home smelling great with this Autumn Harvest Small Lidded Jar Candle from Illume.

Infused with an enticing blend of peach, coconut and clove to give your home a sweet-spicy aroma, this small lidded jar candle features a durable glass jar for protection.

With up to 24 hours of burn time, this autumn harvest candle is sure to delight your nose.

Small Lidded Jar Candle Autumn HarvestScent: Peach, coconut, clove


  • Lidded jar candle fills the air with a sweet and spicy fragrance
  • Comes in glass container for convenient use
  • Made from soy wax for long-lasting use

Get the Autumn Look

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The start of each new season brings a welcomed opportunity to hit the reset button, giving your home a fresh look. Here’s Part I of our favorite trends for fall.

A new take on classics
This season, well-loved florals and plaids take center stage. But while they may be traditional, they’re anything but boring, thanks to big, bold patterns.

“Have fun and show a bit of your eclectic personality with a mix of patterns,” says interior designer Elin Hermansson.

Get the Autumn LookAll about textiles
Apart from patterns, the season also embraces a contrast in materials and textiles.

Jet black metal and wood pair perfectly with luxurious soft textiles that feel just right when those chilly autumn months begin creeping up on you.

“The easiest way to update your home with the seasons? Textiles. They’re affordable and can be used in so many ways.”


Space for Everything in Your Life

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Make the most of your small (or big) space with FLOTTEBO sofa! It will quickly become the center of all of your cherished activities… including sleeping.

All the things you need in one spot
During the day, the FLOTTEBO makes an ideal lounge area for eating, socialising, knitting, or enjoying your favourite hobbies.

The loose cushions can be positioned anywhere on the sofa, whether you want to sit back and relax with a friend, kick up your feet up, or lie back for an afternoon of alone time.

The swiveling side table becomes a covenient spot for remote controls, laptops, or an instant bedside stand.

Space for Everything in Your LifeYour private sleeping quarters, too
During the evening, this versatile and multifunctional sofa bed quickly transforms into a comfy bed.

The roomy under bed storage has plenty of space for overnight pillows and sheets.

There’s even more storage underneath the bed that keeps your things organized and out-of-sight from unexpected guests.

So your knitting supplies, sewing basket, and even your night-time box with eye mask, headphones, and late-night snacks are hidden and within reach.

When space is tight, choosing one larger, flexible piece of furniture can be a great option. The FLOTTEBO becomes a hub for all activity… even charging electronic devices.


Home Decorating Trends 2018

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Home decorating trends 2018. Earthy neutrals and organic interior design ideas.

Home design with brown colors of natural wood, modern home decor using dark woods materials, decorating with organic design, grey colors in interior and light modern living room furniture.

Ideas: 1. Decorating with woven accents. 2. Wall decor with wooden shelves. 3. Earthy neutrals, organics interior design. 4. A light and airy neutral living room with modern and organic-inspired interior design.

Home Decorating Trends 2018

5. Baskets on wall, entryway with lots of textures. 6. Warm rustic design for bedroom. 7. Farmhouse style dining room ideas. 8. Driftwood wall decorating and minimalist interior. And more creative ideas!

For those in seek of inspiration, we have rounded up the decor trends ruling its boards and making an addition in our homes this year.

With 2018 well and truly underway, we’re taking a moment to appreciate the home decor trends this year.

When it comes to home design some things are classic (light grey walls, parquet floors) while some trends come and go. Even just a few years ago people still liked to have separate kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Now, many modern homes have one multi-purpose room that lets people in the kitchen, in the living room. Mixing and matching is the only rule of chic, although wood pieces, lighting, and simple walls tend to make regular appearances. This trend is flexible and comfortable.


Get the End-of-Summer Look

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Deniz Home

Get a sense of the season’s trending interior styles and learn how to bring them into your home. Here we focus on colors and materials.

Create your own bubble of calm and comfort IKEA interior designer helps us capture the essence of current trends: “Let your living room be a sanctuary, a place for relaxation.

Furnishing with fewer items helps create a calm, and calming, space. Also, mixing different materials and finishes adds comfort in both look and feel.”

Get the End-of-Summer LookDetails, wood and fibers “Simplicity is an effective tool”, says interior designer. “With fewer things in a room, the details play a greater role for the style as a whole.

Even these downplayed, simple accents – round shapes, blond wood, ceramics and natural fibers in toned-down colors – combine to create a unified, strong expression.”

“Giving your home a style boost doesn’t take much. You can even start by taking objects away. It makes the room easier to take in – and the details stand out.”, IKEA interior designer.

Thin lines to let the light in Furniture in minimalistic design with thin lines adds a lightness to the space.

Filling the shelves sparsely highlights the peaceful effect, and enables daylight to really reach across the room.


Summer in Your City Oasis

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Deniz Home

When it comes to decorating your home, do you prefer the Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter style? Below, we show you our favourites and how to put them together in your home.

Bring furniture outdoors. An outdoor set-up like this shady spot can function as a breakfast room, reading nook or dinner table when the weather’s nice.

There are lots of easy ways to welcome summer around your home. The large table, this entertaining area is full of charming home decor inspiration.

Summer in Your City OasisThe greatest source ever for unique home decor. Decorate every room in your house for summer. This summer, give your door a simple refresh.

The Idea of Outdoor Living
Dress up your home this summer with fun, easy decor projects inspired by of-the-moment design trends. Lighten the look of your home for warm-weather months with these breezy decor ideas.

Restyle with Natural Decor
There’s a lot you can do with your home to make the weather bearable. Everlasting evenings are here for everyone to celebrate. But what to do if you’re left in the city? Here’s what.

Find a corner of the city and make it yours.
Pick a spot – a car park, your backyard, wherever – and use textiles to soften up the scene. It doesn’t take a lot to make it cozy for a whole group. Lay out rugs, pouffes and cushions, add lighting and something to eat and drink. Now you’re all set to savor the night.

Serve it on the go – so everone can stay put.
Make your party portable. Carry food, drinks and snacks in containers that are easy to bring along. VARIERA keeps your drinks cold, and people can focus on the present instead of running errands.

Light up the night.
Set the finishing touch with some mood lighting. Whether you hang them above or use them in candle shape, LEDs won’t burn, spill or blow out from a gust of wind.

Leave it like you found it.
When dawn draws nearer, fold up your party and take it home as easy as you got it in place. Then wait for the next starry night in the city.


The Best Halloween Decor

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Halloween lights. Light up the spookiest night of the year with these strobes, projectors, and strands. Here are 10 varieties of Halloween lights perfect for keeping the mood creepy.

1. LED Flameless Tea Light Candles


A little creepier than the average tea light, this LED-lit set runs on a 5-hour timer, and they’re molded to look like sinister wax stubs. Stash them before a party all over a room — in the bookshelves, on the table, up the stairs — and leave the lights low for a vibe that’s both chilling and chilled-out.

2. Lightshare Upgraded LED Natural Twig


These spindly branches add some haunted-forest ambience to your interiors. Best situated in a floor vase, its LED micro-bulbs glow in an eerie orange hue.

3. Halloween Is Coming!

Looking for more spooky finds? Head to Amazon to browse outdoor Halloween décor, top-rated Halloween costumes, and more! Plus, shop the most popular Halloween costumes of 2018 trending now!

4. Spirit Halloween 10-Inch Candles


When unlit, these real taper candles look innocent enough … but spark them during a devilish dinner party, and blood-red wax will start to slowly drip down the sides. Even when dried, they’ll still be a scream.

5. LEVIITEC Solar Ghost LED String Lights


These Halloween lights are definitely more cute than creepy, and they add a cheerful atmosphere to a kid-friendly Halloween party. The strand is solar-powered, and it’s safe for indoor or outdoor use. Plus, with a considerable 20-foot length, you’ll have more than enough ghouls to go around!

6. Brite Star 7-Count Flame Light Set


Turn your den into a dungeon-like lair with this string light set. Seven bulbs on a strand flicker and cast a haunting, ambient light — one that’s much safer than using real candlelight!

7. Brite Star Battery-Operated Light Strand


For appropriately eerie accent lighting, opt for this dual set of purple LED strands — they’re battery-operated, so you’re not bound to your outlets for placement. String them up on your mantel or drape around a bookshelf to amp up the mystical or spooky ambiance in your space.

8. Spirit Halloween Arm Sconce


What’s a house of horrors without a severed limb or two hanging around? Mount this creepy battery-operated sconce in your living room, bathroom, or wherever you think it’ll give party guests a good scream.

9. Party City Electric Pumpkin Lights


This strand of 10 jack-o’-paper-lanterns illuminates your indoor or outdoor party area with its warm amber light that can be set to blink. Though they look like delicate decor, the “paper” orbs are actually made from durable synthetic fiber, so they’ll safely keep shining when left out in the night.


Smart Home Innovations at COMPUTEX 2018

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AIoT (Artificial Intelligence oThings) Starts to Tap Household Market

Leading technology providers are gearing up for showcasing latest smart home applications and solutions at the upcoming COMPUTEX 2018. The expanding lineups of smart home products come on the heels of rapid developments of wireless communications and AI technologies.

According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be 3.93 billion connected smart home devices around the world, compared to a total of 530 million in 2017. While such objects represented 23% of all devices used in smart cities in 2017, the share is expected to increase to 44% in 2020, a sign that households are poised to account for a much bigger share of the demand for IoT than businesses and utilities.

Smart Home Innovations at COMPUTEX 2018“Home is where daily-life demand happens. For software or hardware vendors here and abroad, the next battleground will be personalizing the smart-home experience by tapping both IoT and AI. As technology heavyweights scurry to invest and position themselves in this field, we can expect smart home solutions connected via voice or mobile applications to create a more diverse and convenient smart home environment for users in ways that are secure, energy-efficient and accessible,” said Mr. Walter Yeh, TAITRA President & CEO.

With a focus on diversity of services, three types of smart home applications will disrupt modern lifestyle

In the area of home surveillance, StarVedia’s IP network camera products can be easily configured and then allow users to monitor home security from home or any other location in real time. Gateways from TASHI Smartech connect platforms such as televisions and mobile apps and integrate services including video door intercoms and telecare to provide users a comprehensive security solution and make home surveillance smarter and easier.

For energy management and automation at homes, Netvox Technology will demonstrate at COMPUTEX 2018 a LoRa-enabled infrared sensor, which, with motion detection capabilities, monitors movement in the surveillance areas and tracks temperature and light levels at any time. Also, EQL Technology will showcase a smart home butler that allows users to control home appliances remotely through mobile apps, in addition to a smart plug that provides visibility to energy consumption at homes and supports scheduling for powering electronics on and off automatically.

In the field of smart home healthcare, another segment where many achievements have been made in driving greater values, Honeywld Technology will demonstrate a personal alarm designed exclusively for seniors. When an elderly user falls or runs into any emergency, the device automatically sends an SOS alert with GPS location. The user can also use a one-touch dial button to reach relatives, friends or medical organizations.

COMPUTEX 2018 is slated for June 5th to 9th (InnoVEX from June 6th to 8th). SmarTEX is an exhibition area for smart home and entertainment technologies at Exhibition Hall 1 of Taipei World Trade Center. The five-day event will bring together suppliers of smart home applications and solutions ranging from chips to devices. As exhibitors join hands to present diverse IoT and AI applications, a brand new look of future homes and lifestyle awaits at COMPUTEX 2018.


Summer’s New Color Palette

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Deniz Home

It’s time to breathe this summer. Escape the concrete jungle and welcome nature into your home with the new, earthy colors of the season. Here’s how…

This season, let your living room be a space for physical and spiritual renewal. Mats Nilsson, creative leader of range and design at IKEA, says the key is to embrace an imperfect style that makes room for nature and relaxation.

“For summer, we have once again taken inspiration from nature,” says Mats. “This time from hot desert landscapes. The look is very casual with warm tones of sand, stone and terracotta, as well as plenty of raw, light wood, strengthened by the new INDUSTRIELL range.

Summer’s New Color PaletteThe trend features basket weaves with touches of velvet, linen and jute textiles. Inspiration comes from handcrafted techniques and Ikat and Inca patterns. The perfect complement to the warm tones are denim blue and sculptural plants in terracotta pots.”

We’ve gathered everything you need to get your space on-trend with two of this season’s most colorful looks. Just pick your favorite, grab a bag and follow our guide.

There are no rules for pairing patterns and colors, but there are some tricks to get you started. Go for prints that share at least one shade, we went with black and white. Then add in two to three brights. Here we blended dots with vibrant hues for a balanced look that really pops.

An accent color is all you need to quickly update your existing deco. We went for yellow, a big favorite for spring.

Keep the base classic with timeless stripes and a mix of natural tones. Accessorize with a few pieces in shades of yellow to lift the whole look.

Try the bright yellow sofa. The covers are removable and come in several shades, so it’s quick and easy to change the look. The floor is a great place to add color and pattern, without it taking over the whole room.

Lift the mood with lighting in bold primary colors. The white work lamp and the white pendant light add brightness to corners. Be spontaneous with the coffee tables.

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