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DuPont’s Corian® Residence

DuPont’s Corian® ResidenceDuPont’s Corian® Residence– Corian is commonly used as a composite for kitchen counters, but DuPont has figured out an entirely new way to make use of its popular material. This makes for a home that’s immune to aging and wear and tear. Don’t expect any discoloration, pitting, or cracking when you buy this extra tough, however uber stylish, home of the future. Residential Design For all kinds of home styles, DuPont™ Corian® solid surface can bring your residential designs to life.

For every room, you’ll find that DuPont™ Corian® solid surface provides the ideal surface material. Beauty, strength, and versatility are built into its very nature. Kitchens Come Alive with DuPont™ Corian® Solid Surface DuPont™ Corian® solid surface is perfect for a range of kitchen styles, from hi-tech to traditional, from minimalist to homey. Offering extraordinary design flexibility in a wide range of vibrant colors. It offers a sleek, hygienic, nonporous surface.

Design the Ideal Bathroom Corian® solid surface can become the main attraction in any bathroom. Versatile good looks mean that you can create striking design schemes in the color of your choice for wall cladding and shower trays, vanitıes, and bowls. Durable, nonporous, and easy to clean, Corian® offers low-maintenance luxury. Customize a Specific Design DuPont™ Corian® solid surface can be customized to the exact look, color, and style your residential design calls for.

Living Room

Lounge Up Your Living Room

Lounge Up Your Living RoomThere’s just something irresistible about hotel lounges. What if you take the hotel out of the picture – and just bring that feeling home with you? Group your furniture to open up the room Placing furniture together has a way of creating places of comfort. Instead of leaving pieces along the walls, cluster them to open up the room. Let a tone-on-tone color scheme add harmony and style – and dare to leave a beautiful wall completely bare.

Use curtains to control the light Layered curtains offer a stylish, flexible way to control light and temperature. Use rods, here with a curtain combination of sheer SPARVÖRT and thicker SANELA. Somber pastels add to the mood, and a thick rug completes your cozy spot in the light. Stylish simplicity There’s no need to fill shelves until they’re completely packed. Instead you can use empty spaces to highlight what’s on display.

A living and dining space with wood floor. Consider nesting tables that can expand when in use and fold up. If you’re thinking of redesigning your lounge or living room, take your cue from these living room layout tips to create a room that’s practical and looks good, too. Style your living room decor, with a range of ideas. Arrange furniture to suit the way you use your living room. If you’re more likely to lounge in front of the fireplace than sit on a sofa, keep a supply of oversize floor pillows.


Norwegian Office

Norwegian OfficeThe latest architecture and designs from Norway. Nordic Office of Architecture. Month, April 2018. Lounge, Entrance Area. Work Space. Meeting Room and working area. These are the new offices of a Norwegian company. Get inspired with office ideas and photos for your home refresh or remodel. Every workplace has its own unique office design ideas, needs and requirements that standardized sizes often cannot accommodate. Interior concepts can help with office design ideas.

The essence of modern interior design includes basic shapes, functional lines, materials like metal, chrome, and glass – and furnishings without decorative parts. Modern offices vary in size and layout, and often the availability of furniture dictates the office design when it really should be the other way around. Offices should be designed to facilitate their primary function. Whether you need office furniture for private offices, high-density employee areas, reception spaces, or training classrooms.

Contemporary and unique office interiors and design. Modern interior design for office space? It can be dynamic, it can be fun, it can be modern, don’t doubt it. Colors, robust materials, and intriguing shapes adorn the rich variety of working premises. An industrial hint of exposed ceilings, polished concrete floors and modernistic furniture with intriguing shapes is softened by natural materials like wood and stone, glass and metal and additionally enriched by soft textures and high characteristic colors.


Red Wall in Calpe Spain

Red Wall in Calpe SpainLegendary Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill may be most widely known for his dystopian-looking postmodern housing estate Le Palacio d’Abraxas as well as his own reclaimed cement factory home, but his body of work is much more colorful and diverse than these examples would suggest. Celebrated for modernizing historic and regional architectural attributes in his own distinctive style, Bofill counts a number of iconic structures among his oeuvre…

…Including the vivid La Muralla Roja (The Red Wall, 1972), a vision in pastel hues set against the Mediterranean Sea. Bofill founded his architectural and urban design practice Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura in 1963, and nearly sixty years later, after completing over 1,000 projects in over 50 countries, he’s still working. Born and raised in Catalonia, he’s credited with helping to revive the signature craftsmanship of Catalan architecture.

A period of time spent working in North Africa in the early 1970s, where he completed such works as the Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique in Morocco (above), seems to have infused Bofill’s sensibilities with a kind of color palette not often seen in Western architecture and enhanced his fondness for abstracting traditional patterns and manipulating classic forms. These elements, melded with a certain idealism and controlled theatricality, make Bofill’s work over the decades truly unmistakable.


Buildings in Bottles

A tiny twist on miniature architecture turns simply-crafted models into hovering micro-habitats, suspended in test tubes like the science experiment of some architect. Micro Matter is an ongoing project series by Rosa de Jong, an artist and designer from Amsterdam who uses both manufactured materials (paper and cardboard) as well as natural ones (sticks and moss) to shape small worlds enclosed in glass. Skyscrapers and elements of nature to fit inside bottles.

The scenarios range from partial (the tops of skyscrapers poking above the clouds) to complete (homes resting on floating mountaintops), and vary in structural plausibility as well, bringing to mind less-controlled urban environments in places like Mexico, where ingenuity often trumps order. Each creation also comes with a behind-the-scenes look at its construction, including both the materials employed and the tools used to cut the pieces apart and assemble them into new forms.

Micro Matter: Vertical dwellings in glass test tubes. The results strike a balance between everyday believability – crooked walls and as-needed staircases – and utter unreality, combining the rigor of a ship-in-a-bottle with the thought of a science fiction artist. Perhaps comparable to a ship in bottle, the little houses and buildings are all handmade using natural objects and some model making elements like faux moss. Some pieces even play with gravity.

Child Room

3 Stylish Work Spots for Starting School

3 Stylish Work Spots for Starting SchoolCreate an inspiring work spot for kids by updating their desk with a new theme. We know it’s a bit funny to talk about deco trends for the little ones, so take our trend report with a pinch of salt. The creative work spot. Use natural textures and neutral tones as a base for an arts and crafts feel. Here the interior stylist used a desk and stool in pale wood that stands out against the black chalk wall. Inject some energy with a couple of bold brights. A colorful rug with a zigzag pattern completes the look.

The space-themed work spot. They got inspired by the space trend and used deep dark blue hues contrasted with crisp white to depict the universe. To heighten the celestial look they painted small star shapes onto the wall and added a few planets (ordinary rice paper lampshades). The soft graphic work spot. Choose a neutral color like white for bigger pieces of furniture and add a bold monochrome rug to mark the space (this one has a soil-resistant wool surface that’s easy to vacuum).

A few powdery pastels will soften the look – we went with shades of pink and light wood. From their very own playroom to hiding spots where they can read and relax… Today we’re showing off some stylish, gorgeous and creative kids’ spaces… It can double as a homework work space too, but it’ll be a great ideas but show you how to take a bare area and transform it into a magical and well-used space! Let’s take a peek! Take a corner from the family room and make it a bit more kid-friendly.


Summer in Your City Oasis

Column DesignStyle Deniz Home
Deniz Home

When it comes to decorating your home, do you prefer the Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter style? Below, we show you our favourites and how to put them together in your home.

Bring furniture outdoors. An outdoor set-up like this shady spot can function as a breakfast room, reading nook or dinner table when the weather’s nice.

There are lots of easy ways to welcome summer around your home. The large table, this entertaining area is full of charming home decor inspiration.

Summer in Your City OasisThe greatest source ever for unique home decor. Decorate every room in your house for summer. This summer, give your door a simple refresh.

The Idea of Outdoor Living
Dress up your home this summer with fun, easy decor projects inspired by of-the-moment design trends. Lighten the look of your home for warm-weather months with these breezy decor ideas.

Restyle with Natural Decor
There’s a lot you can do with your home to make the weather bearable. Everlasting evenings are here for everyone to celebrate. But what to do if you’re left in the city? Here’s what.

Find a corner of the city and make it yours.
Pick a spot – a car park, your backyard, wherever – and use textiles to soften up the scene. It doesn’t take a lot to make it cozy for a whole group. Lay out rugs, pouffes and cushions, add lighting and something to eat and drink. Now you’re all set to savor the night.

Serve it on the go – so everone can stay put.
Make your party portable. Carry food, drinks and snacks in containers that are easy to bring along. VARIERA keeps your drinks cold, and people can focus on the present instead of running errands.

Light up the night.
Set the finishing touch with some mood lighting. Whether you hang them above or use them in candle shape, LEDs won’t burn, spill or blow out from a gust of wind.

Leave it like you found it.
When dawn draws nearer, fold up your party and take it home as easy as you got it in place. Then wait for the next starry night in the city.


AirBNB New Headquarters

AirBNB New HeadquartersAirbnb, a popular online marketplace that allows people to list, discover, and book accommodation around the world, recently expanded its headquarters in San Francisco. “For phase II of the Brannan project, IDF designed more culture-based listing rooms to showcase Airbnb’s global expansion. Guests are greeted by entering Brooklyn—a key location where the company’s service really took off and continues to thrive. Stimulating spaces include Rye where a company founder’s travel trailer provides additional workspace.

Cafés designed after Cairo and a hot spot in Mumbai are interesting places for staff to snack and relax. More favorites include a Mexican log cabin from New South Wales, a loft from Shanghai, cozy living rooms from Rio de Janeiro and Portici, Italy and a colorful, industrial residence from Johannesburg”, said IDF Studio. Airbnb was founded in 2008 by roommates Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia. The pair found that they were having trouble paying the rent on their expensive San Francisco apartment.

They converted the living room into a guest room. They rented this space out to short term renters and offered a homemade breakfast as well. Airbnb offers vacation rentals from private individuals who rent out rooms, entire houses, or guest houses. Both hosts and guests post pictures and offer feedback afterwards. This creative concept has been praised by many, however, it has seen a few problems. The company now lists rentals in more than 191 countries, 34,000 cities, boasts more than 6 million guests.


Outdoor Decor: Urban Outdoor

Outdoor Decor: Urban OutdoorAs summer is here our thoughts shift to our outdoor areas and how we can improve them for the summer months. There is no better place than home decor to see all the greatest trends in outdoor furniture and our favorite outdoor summer classics is here to walk us through these industry trends. The showrooms did not disappoint showcasing new performance fabrics for 2018. Visit showrooms to learn more about the amazing fabrics and see all they can add your home!

Outdoor pillows – florals and pops of color are in this season. Don’t miss this trend. This is the easiest way to refresh outdoor seating. Inflatable chairs are so in and super useful. You’ve got an instant lounge area. Summer’s over, deflate. Stores flat for super easy organization. Wicker and rattan tabletop accessories. So, so on trend this season. Look for wicker and rattan covered everything– water pitchers, placemats in smaller sizes – Lets you fit more of your pals around the patio table, serving trays with leather handles.

Of course food tents to keep unwanted buzzing pests off your food. Group around the deck, patio, porch. Chic Paper accessories – Blue crab, watermelon, poppies in bright pops of color for the outdoor table. Cocktails in a box. All the accoutrements you’ll need to mix, shake, serve. Your favourite summer awaits… right outside your door! Get decked out with outdoor furniture that brings that warm and comfortable indoors outside. Whether you’re planning to lounge on the deck or host a casual day.


The Best Halloween Decor

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Deniz Home

Halloween lights. Light up the spookiest night of the year with these strobes, projectors, and strands. Here are 10 varieties of Halloween lights perfect for keeping the mood creepy.

1. LED Flameless Tea Light Candles


A little creepier than the average tea light, this LED-lit set runs on a 5-hour timer, and they’re molded to look like sinister wax stubs. Stash them before a party all over a room — in the bookshelves, on the table, up the stairs — and leave the lights low for a vibe that’s both chilling and chilled-out.

2. Lightshare Upgraded LED Natural Twig


These spindly branches add some haunted-forest ambience to your interiors. Best situated in a floor vase, its LED micro-bulbs glow in an eerie orange hue.

3. Halloween Is Coming!

Looking for more spooky finds? Head to Amazon to browse outdoor Halloween décor, top-rated Halloween costumes, and more! Plus, shop the most popular Halloween costumes of 2018 trending now!

4. Spirit Halloween 10-Inch Candles


When unlit, these real taper candles look innocent enough … but spark them during a devilish dinner party, and blood-red wax will start to slowly drip down the sides. Even when dried, they’ll still be a scream.

5. LEVIITEC Solar Ghost LED String Lights


These Halloween lights are definitely more cute than creepy, and they add a cheerful atmosphere to a kid-friendly Halloween party. The strand is solar-powered, and it’s safe for indoor or outdoor use. Plus, with a considerable 20-foot length, you’ll have more than enough ghouls to go around!

6. Brite Star 7-Count Flame Light Set


Turn your den into a dungeon-like lair with this string light set. Seven bulbs on a strand flicker and cast a haunting, ambient light — one that’s much safer than using real candlelight!

7. Brite Star Battery-Operated Light Strand


For appropriately eerie accent lighting, opt for this dual set of purple LED strands — they’re battery-operated, so you’re not bound to your outlets for placement. String them up on your mantel or drape around a bookshelf to amp up the mystical or spooky ambiance in your space.

8. Spirit Halloween Arm Sconce


What’s a house of horrors without a severed limb or two hanging around? Mount this creepy battery-operated sconce in your living room, bathroom, or wherever you think it’ll give party guests a good scream.

9. Party City Electric Pumpkin Lights


This strand of 10 jack-o’-paper-lanterns illuminates your indoor or outdoor party area with its warm amber light that can be set to blink. Though they look like delicate decor, the “paper” orbs are actually made from durable synthetic fiber, so they’ll safely keep shining when left out in the night.