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Ways to Add Value to Your Home Reno

Ways to Add Value to Your Home RenoAccording to a recent survey from Trulia, 76 percent of Americans have plans to renovate their living space, focusing on remodeling the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Not only are these rooms fun to personalize but, updated with key elements in mind, they can add loads of value to your home. The truth is, most of us will probably be operating under a budget, so it’s important to pick upgrades that provide the most bang for your buck.

Here are 12 suggestions from the Trulia Design Panel, an expert group of interior designers, home stagers, and organizers across the nation, to help update your home, whether the goal is to give it a solid refresh or to add value (or both!). Finding a home requires trade-offs, whether in the house or neighborhood. And though it’s not easy to change your neighborhood, you can certainly change the way your home looks and feels. Everyone loves to personalize their digs.

Trulia recently commissioned a survey, conducted online by Harris Poll of more than 2,000 Americans age 18 and older, about their home remodeling plans. We found 76 percent of Americans have plans to renovate or remodel their homes, with bathrooms (48%), kitchens (48%), and bedrooms (27%) top on their agendas. But budgeting is important: On average, Americans who plan to remodel or renovate their home are only willing to spend $8,879 on their projects. So we asked the Trulia Design Panel for their tips on renovating each of those rooms for less than $10,000.


Stylish Work Spots

Stylish Work SpotsCreate an inspiring work spot by updating the desk with a new theme. We know it’s a bit funny to talk about deco trends for everyone, so take our trend report. The creative work spot. Use natural textures and neutral tones as a base for an arts and crafts feel. Here we used a desk and chair in pale wood that stands out against the black chalk wall. Inject some energy with a couple of bold brights. A colorful rug with a zigzag pattern completes the look.

Choose a neutral color like white for bigger pieces of furniture and add a bold monochrome rug to mark the space (this one has a soil-resistant wool surface). A few powdery pastels will soften the look – with shades of pink and light wood. The space-themed work spot. Inspired by space trends, dark blue tones can be used to contrast the universe with crisp white. To improve the appearance, the small star shapes on the wall are painted and a few planets are added.

Colour palette. Choose your colours with care when decorating your work space. Colours such as blue and green help improve focus and efficiency whereas yellow inspires optimism. Try to avoid too much red or orange as these can be too intense and distracting. For a simple way to add some colour, update your desk accessories with bold coloured lamps or storage boxes to bring some sunshine to your working space. The more your work space represents you, the more comfortable you will be.


Mini Chalkboard Wood

Mini Chalkboard WoodThese mini chalkboards make for perfect and easy craft decorations. Whether you’re stocking up on craft projects, or adding a touch of rustic elegance to a wedding reception, these accessories make for a lot of fun and interaction around the table. Use your own chalk to customize these signs with wedding reception table numbers, appetizer names and so much more. Give your dessert or buffet table character when you add these classic mini chalkboard signs to your reception.

This chalkboard is made to resemble slate and has an unfinished wood frame. Paint on or use in other craft projects. Mini chalkboards make whimsical wedding favors, placecards or as table number signs. These are also great for children to keep them entertained during the wedding. Letter guests’ names on each board (for place cards) or set one at each place setting with extra chalk for children. Draw your table numbers or menus on our larger size boards.

Whether it’s displayed at a special event or just placed in your home or office, a chalkboard easel is highly versatile. It’s perfect for posting menus, announcements, instructions and to do lists. Stain or paint the wood to match your décor, or just leave it natural. Label everything on your buffet table using these mini wood chalkboards! This package of easel signs features scroll shaped borders with black centers. Light colored wooden easel stands are included in the pack so you can easily display them anywhere.


British Island Fort Up for Sale, Needs Work Before Move In Day

British Island Fort Up for Sale Needs Work Before Move in DayLocated off the coast of Milford Haven, south Wales, Stack Rock Fort has an interesting history. English statesman Thomas Cromwell originally proposed a fort on the site back in 1539, shortly before losing his head to Henry VIII. It was eventually built in 1852 and served in a chain of fortifications to protect against invasion from France under Napoleon III. Long disused, the dilapidated building is about to start a new chapter as it’s now on the market.

The circular structure takes up a good chunk of the barren island it gets its name from. Wales Online reports that it was manned by up to 150 men at a time in its heyday and that the interior includes canon rooms and sleeping quarters, so living space shouldn’t be an issue.

The price for the private island fort isn’t too bad either, at £700,000 (US$929,528), or less than half the cost of that 91-inch London home we featured back in February – though admittedly the skinny London pad doesn’t require residents to take a boat or helicopter trip to shore each time they forget to buy the milk.

There are bigger drawbacks to this property than its isolation, though. Rightmove describes the building’s current state as uninhabitable and judging from the photos, it’ll require more than just a lick of paint to get it up to scratch. It’s also a Grade II listed historically-protected building so there are all kinds of potential planning permission pitfalls for would-be residents. This is clearly not a project for the faint-hearted.

Still, for those looking for a post-apocalyptic bolthole, a unique residence, or even try and found their own island state, Stack Rock Fort has potential.


Space Saving Ideas for Kitchens

Space Saving Ideas for KitchensWhether you’re redecorating or totally remodeling, here are the best ideas for small spaces. Start with adding mirrors. Try open shelving. Open shelving and no upper cabinets make the cottage kitchen look larger than it is. Replacing the cabinetry and terra-cotta tiles with cupboards. Kitchen storage space is always at a premium, and this is true in all kitchens. In a kitchen it’s difficult to find the space for all the storage. In a kitchen sometimes it’s difficult to find the space for all the storage you need.

Make your kitchen more efficient with better storage, work surfaces, and other space saving ideas. When you see how many fantastically innovative storage solutions there are out there right now, being suggested to clients by forward-thinking kitchen planners, you’ll be shocked at how much more functional and stylish even the most kitchens can become. Brilliant and beautiful ideas, so let’s take a look! Let’s start with a practical idea!

Choosing smaller versions of necessary appliances is always a good move. In a kitchen, you never want to drown out all the space by having overbearing cupboards everywhere, which is why stylish, semi-industrial racks are such a great idea. They look beautiful and offer so much practicality as well. If you want your kitchen to be spacious, remove the door. So simple, but it really will work to be a more open kitchen and more than that, it will help natural light to flow more easily as well.


Smart Home Innovations at COMPUTEX 2018

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AIoT (Artificial Intelligence oThings) Starts to Tap Household Market

Leading technology providers are gearing up for showcasing latest smart home applications and solutions at the upcoming COMPUTEX 2018. The expanding lineups of smart home products come on the heels of rapid developments of wireless communications and AI technologies.

According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be 3.93 billion connected smart home devices around the world, compared to a total of 530 million in 2017. While such objects represented 23% of all devices used in smart cities in 2017, the share is expected to increase to 44% in 2020, a sign that households are poised to account for a much bigger share of the demand for IoT than businesses and utilities.

Smart Home Innovations at COMPUTEX 2018“Home is where daily-life demand happens. For software or hardware vendors here and abroad, the next battleground will be personalizing the smart-home experience by tapping both IoT and AI. As technology heavyweights scurry to invest and position themselves in this field, we can expect smart home solutions connected via voice or mobile applications to create a more diverse and convenient smart home environment for users in ways that are secure, energy-efficient and accessible,” said Mr. Walter Yeh, TAITRA President & CEO.

With a focus on diversity of services, three types of smart home applications will disrupt modern lifestyle

In the area of home surveillance, StarVedia’s IP network camera products can be easily configured and then allow users to monitor home security from home or any other location in real time. Gateways from TASHI Smartech connect platforms such as televisions and mobile apps and integrate services including video door intercoms and telecare to provide users a comprehensive security solution and make home surveillance smarter and easier.

For energy management and automation at homes, Netvox Technology will demonstrate at COMPUTEX 2018 a LoRa-enabled infrared sensor, which, with motion detection capabilities, monitors movement in the surveillance areas and tracks temperature and light levels at any time. Also, EQL Technology will showcase a smart home butler that allows users to control home appliances remotely through mobile apps, in addition to a smart plug that provides visibility to energy consumption at homes and supports scheduling for powering electronics on and off automatically.

In the field of smart home healthcare, another segment where many achievements have been made in driving greater values, Honeywld Technology will demonstrate a personal alarm designed exclusively for seniors. When an elderly user falls or runs into any emergency, the device automatically sends an SOS alert with GPS location. The user can also use a one-touch dial button to reach relatives, friends or medical organizations.

COMPUTEX 2018 is slated for June 5th to 9th (InnoVEX from June 6th to 8th). SmarTEX is an exhibition area for smart home and entertainment technologies at Exhibition Hall 1 of Taipei World Trade Center. The five-day event will bring together suppliers of smart home applications and solutions ranging from chips to devices. As exhibitors join hands to present diverse IoT and AI applications, a brand new look of future homes and lifestyle awaits at COMPUTEX 2018.

Living Room


KUNGSHAMN: a New SofaA comfortable modular sofa that’s flexible enough to be at home in big and small spaces? That’s KUNGSHAMN! Created by for today’s lifestyles… Modules are sturdy, but lightweight, and attach with a simple hook mechanism, so change yours around every day if you like! Big or small, straight or with a corner, or why not an open end. The KUNGSHAMN sofa series consists of modules that can be used freestanding or together to create a sofa that suits you and your home.

All modules in the KUNGSHAMN sofa series can be used freestanding or put together into exactly the sofa combination you want and need ‒ both big as small. You can quickly and easily create a new sofa combination by switching around or adding modules. The nice fit of the fabric and the clean lines give KUNGSHAMN a modern yet timeless look, which means that the sofa easily fits together with other furniture. You can put colours and patterns to create a playful and personal sofa.

There’s space for storage under the modules. The fabric hides things, while the zipper makes them easy to reach. The sofa has Bonnell springs which provide a nice seating comfort. Thanks to the low weight of the modules, they are easy to carry and move ‒ while their wooden and metal frames make them stable and durable. The fabric is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed. The modular sofa is available with modules that can be built with endless possibilities of configurations.