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Drone Flying House

Drone Flying HouseFrom jetpacks to flying cars: How we’ll travel in the future. This drone flying house boat is a concept for the future of holiday travel. The idea, which involves your house being carried to a destination by a large personal drone, first made an appearance in a report commisioned by Samsung`s SmartThing app. Flying cars are popular among futurists looking at transport. This concept for personal travel in 20 years. The designers expect we`ll see places like this in the next 30 years.

How the flying houses will be, after 100 years in the future. Drone keeps the house on the air. You will be able to move!! in case. Besides, to the outer space with drones. It will be an era when it will be easy to go! It is based on the report made. Even now it’s a drone just came out. In the future, one drone will become commonplace for the family. Even the furniture will be adaptable and adjustable. Holidays through the use of technology can be with such a house like this flying drone house.

Smart living. According to the report, we can expect some pretty remarkable changes to our homes and our personal spaces, to say nothing of those ordinary, overlooked things that make up so much of our daily routine. As human populations soar, our cities and homes will have to adapt; interior living spaces will change as a cloud changes, easily reconfigured and rearranged to suit our fickle tastes, or accommodate different purposes. One hundred years in the future, we’ll be living in smart homes.

Dining Room

A 24 Hour Dining Room

A 24 Hour Dining RoomAn essential space dining area where you can eat, work and play all in one. Gather your friends and family to stay the whole day! Make room. An extendable table creates space for company and an early bird brunch. Instead of foldable chairs, consider a stackable set of sturdier extra seats. Feel free to mix styles with armrests and padded backs that support different needs. Even used a bench to help seat eight guests. Get a sidekick. Keep essential items close to the table with a shelving unit.

Place everyday cutlery on shelf inserts, or store supplies inside drawers — and pull them out when inspiration strikes. We chose a customizable series like SVALNÄS to create a storage system that fit our needs. Set the mood. Dimmable lighting makes for cozy times around the table, especially when sharing a warm family dinner. A pendant lamp spreads an even amount of light across the table, while a paper lantern gives off a more subdued, soothing glow. Candles work just as well, too.

Bundle up. Here cushions, throws and chair pads are stored in the bench to make game nights more comfortable. And brightening the lights means brightening the room. Try these decor tricks and ideas to make the most of the dining room. Our dining space ideas will help you make the most of the room you’ve got. And be sure to keep centerpieces simple to prevent the set table from feeling crowded. These are the clever solutions for dining room. In modern times dining room is usually adjacent to the kitchen.


Tips for an Outdoor Party

Tips for an Outdoor PartyGet outdoors and party this spring and summer with outdoor party ideas. Mixing pieces of furniture, textures and colors will help the atmosphere to feel carefree and cozy. Make it easy for yourself by using what you already have at home. Put down rugs to make the overall impression more homey. Use throws and cushions to turn no-maintenance outdoor seats into comfortable extra places. Follow these easy outdoor dinner tips when organizing and planning your next outdoor party.

After the long, cold winter, we’re all eager to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful warm weather. Celebrate the new season with a fabulous outdoor party. Comfortable cushions on the chairs will encourage guests at the table. Lay brown craft paper across a table for a casual look. Skip the tablecloth. Weight dishes―and greet guests―with small bowls of fresh fruit. Get outside and smell the roses! With an extra hour of sunlight and the warmth of weather inching its way in, it’s finally time to take your entertaining outside.

Follow these tips as you start planning your next outdoor brunch, lunch, or dinner party. These are just a few of our favorite ways to host an amazing outdoor brunch or dinner party. It’s time to start enjoying the beautiful weather again. Pick up your favorite flowers and get planning. Set up a projector outdoors, turn on a great movie, put out some chairs and pillows, make some popcorn, and you’re all ready for a movie-night party. Depending on the weather, you could even turn it into an outdoor sleepover.


Summer’s New Color Palette

Column DesignStyle Deniz Home
Deniz Home

It’s time to breathe this summer. Escape the concrete jungle and welcome nature into your home with the new, earthy colors of the season. Here’s how…

This season, let your living room be a space for physical and spiritual renewal. Mats Nilsson, creative leader of range and design at IKEA, says the key is to embrace an imperfect style that makes room for nature and relaxation.

“For summer, we have once again taken inspiration from nature,” says Mats. “This time from hot desert landscapes. The look is very casual with warm tones of sand, stone and terracotta, as well as plenty of raw, light wood, strengthened by the new INDUSTRIELL range.

Summer’s New Color PaletteThe trend features basket weaves with touches of velvet, linen and jute textiles. Inspiration comes from handcrafted techniques and Ikat and Inca patterns. The perfect complement to the warm tones are denim blue and sculptural plants in terracotta pots.”

We’ve gathered everything you need to get your space on-trend with two of this season’s most colorful looks. Just pick your favorite, grab a bag and follow our guide.

There are no rules for pairing patterns and colors, but there are some tricks to get you started. Go for prints that share at least one shade, we went with black and white. Then add in two to three brights. Here we blended dots with vibrant hues for a balanced look that really pops.

An accent color is all you need to quickly update your existing deco. We went for yellow, a big favorite for spring.

Keep the base classic with timeless stripes and a mix of natural tones. Accessorize with a few pieces in shades of yellow to lift the whole look.

Try the bright yellow sofa. The covers are removable and come in several shades, so it’s quick and easy to change the look. The floor is a great place to add color and pattern, without it taking over the whole room.

Lift the mood with lighting in bold primary colors. The white work lamp and the white pendant light add brightness to corners. Be spontaneous with the coffee tables.


How to Use Mirrors for Good Feng Shui

How to Use Mirrors for Good Feng ShuiA smart feng shui use of mirrors will make the space bigger and brighter, attract the desired energy of abundance and calm, correct various design mistakes, as well as attract more vital energy into your home.​ Of course, it is very important to know what is it exactly that you are doing with mirrors, because a random placement of mirrors, no matter how beautiful or visually appealing, can often create bad feng shui energy. A mirror in the main entrance is usually good feng shui for several reasons.

You can also add a touch of luxury to your home (if the mirror frame is glamorous or unique). Your hallway can benefit from mirrors just as the main entry can, and that applies to both big and small hallways. The one placement to avoid at all costs is placing a mirror facing the staircase. Why? Staircases are considered challenging in feng shui, no matter which bagua area of the house they are located in. Staircases are considered challenging in feng shui, no matter which area of the house.

Placing a mirror reflecting the staircase only doubles the unsettling and ungrounding energy of the staircase. While a big mirror in any space looks appealing because it adds beauty, light and a sense of spaciousness (especially if the mirror is beautifully framed), placing mirrors so that they reflect each other is considered challenging feng shui. This specific placement of mirrors creates a constant bouncing of energy similar to a very active and chaotic movement, which is definitely not good feng shui in homes.


Vintner Cabernet Wine Glasses

Vintner Cabernet Wine GlassesThe kitchen is the center of the home. Are you searching for interesting home decor to spice up your interiors? If you wish to purchase luxury glassware for your home, look no further. Add elegance to your home with wine glasses. Here you will find a wide array of products for the kitchen, including everything from porcelain to glass. Choose wine glass for your kitchen from the wide range of glassware. Glass makes these wine glasses original.

Inspired by the winemakers of the Napa and Sonoma valleys, our signature Vintner stemware is suited to elegant entertaining but also durable enough for everyday enjoyment. Chic design and generously proportioned bowls are expertly crafted of lead-free crystalline glass, which offers a brilliant balance of clarity and easy care. The customized shape of the glass concentrates the compounds in bolder red wines. For an ice cold glass of chardonnay out on the decking!

Combine with other glassware from the collection to create a matching table setting. This glassware collection has a unique style, finished with its signature white print, and it is suitable for every day use. Wine Glasses are simply fine to pour your summer wine party. A wonderful addition to your dining table this season… a glass worth drinking! Adorn your dining table with these stylish wine glasses. Wine glasses are a part of every kitchen and dining room.

Living Room

Mid-Century Modernism

Mid-Century ModernismNero curves mid-century modernism in a new direction, mixing metal and marble in a forward-thinking oval design. Solid black marble with beautiful veining tops a sweeping trumpet base of black-coated aluminum. The Nero Black Marble Oval Coffee Table is a Crate and Barrel exclusive. With its clean lines and eminently cool vibe, mid-century modern decor has been popular for about the last decade. The comfortable and stylish designs fit with today’s more casual lifestyle and open floor plans.

In fact, mid-century modern pieces have made their way into the offerings of many mass market furniture retailers. This means it is easier than ever to find items for your own home. But, what mid-century modern mean when we talk about this type of décor? What Is Mid-Century Modern? Mid-century modern is an overused buzzword that has come to mean a lot of different things, and not all of them accurate. It’s really a reference to developments from the middle of the 20th century.

Mainly after World War II – in architecture, furniture, materials and technologies that become popular after the end of the war. Currently, it is most used in reference to furnishings and décor. While there’s much debate on the actual years that encompass the mid-century modern era, most sources generally accept that the heyday was roughly 1945-1969. Thanks to the migration from Europe after World War II, designers brought this type of interior décor of the United States.

Living Room

Hurrah for IVAR!

Hurrah for IVAR!A shelf entered the IKEA store years ago. Today 50 years later the IVAR storage system is more popular than ever. Store anything from books to trinkets and photographs with durable and stylish shelving units. Over the years, we’ve seen IVAR chests of drawers, shelves and cabinets move from room to room. With each new layer of paint and new knob or handle it becomes a modern feature in any interior. The simplicity and changeable surfaces of IVAR invite creativity and individual interpretations.

This is exactly how we are celebrating IVAR on its 50th anniversary, by giving the furniture expressions worthy of a modern icon. Minimalist cabinets are hung on the wall and painted in the same hue for a monochrome look. Using a layer of varnish, we’ve added a modern touch to the IVAR chairs, creating a tasteful combination of wooden surfaces. IVAR’s natural wooden structure adds depth and a tactile feeling to the room. Simplicity and changeable surfaces of IVAR invite creativity and individual interpretations.

Updating the classic shelf with an industrial touch are the steel metal cabinets. An enduring, robust contrast to the wooden structure of the other IVAR pieces. We’re impressed by the modern expression of this 50-year old. We would describe IVAR as functional, natural, changeable. Which IVAR are you? Which knob or handle do you choose for your drawer? What color, varnish or stain on your cabinets? In 2068 IVAR will celebrate its 100th anniversary!


Sobro Smart Coffee Table

Column DesignStyle Deniz Home
Deniz Home

Sobro SOCTB300BKBK coffee table with refrigerator drawer bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and USB charging ports for tablets, laptops, or a cell phone-perfect for parties or entertaining, black.

PERFECT PARTY ACCESSORY: Dual Bluetooth speakers deliver enhanced sound and bass, while the LED lighted underside will set the mood for a quiet night in, or your next big bash. Control it all right from the tabletop – No app download required.

CHARGING STATION: Doubles as a charging station with USB charging ports and outlets. Conveniently charge your tablet, cell phone, laptop, or any accessory. Plus, when you’re done, the cords roll up neatly out of sight in the storage drawers.

Sobro Smart Coffee TableFRIDGE + COOLER + STORAGE: Built-in refrigerator drawer (22x11x7) keeps drinks cool for days and can store beverages for any occasion. 2 additional drawers (10x13x5) provide storage for remotes, video game controllers, cords, or other small living room necessities.

SMART CONTROLS: The durable tempered glass top, means no more coasters, and puts the built-in touch controls right at your fingertips. Set fridge temp, time, LED colors and brightness, volume, Bluetooth, playback, and more.

WARRANTY: Sobro table comes backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the table, and a 2-year manufacturer warranty on the sealed system. (For residential indoor use only). Available in black, white, or wood finish.

Sobro – Coffee Table – Black
Upgrade your lounging experience with this Sobro smart coffee table. It lets you store up to 32 soda cans in its integrated refrigerator drawer, and it has built-in power outlets and USB ports for operating and charging electronics. Stream music from a mobile device wirelessly with the built-in Bluetooth speakers of this Sobro smart coffee table.

Two functional drawers
Offer storage space for a variety of room items. Built-in Refrigerator Drawer holds up to 32 cans of beer: It can also hold plenty of fruits and vegetables and purified water. Nice Touch: A Touch Control Panel is built seamlessly into the glass top so the ability to power the Sobro coffee table is right at your fingertips – no app required.

Bluetooth-enabled speakers
Deliver enhanced sound and bass. Two USB charging ports and four power outlets: Allow you to keep devices nearby and fully powered. Assembly required.


Projects That’ll Fill an Empty Wall With Style

Column DesignStyle Deniz Home
Deniz Home

If you’re looking for ways to fill your blank wall, look no further. Knowing how to decorate a wall isn’t complicated once you know the basics. Avoid awkward open spaces on your wall by maximizing coverage of its width and height.

If your wall is especially wide, create a large photo arrangement that stretches from side to side. If you have a tall wall, consider stretching your photos further up. The walls are just waiting to be filled, but figuring out how, there’s so much to consider, after all. Creative ways to fill empty wall space.

You’ll definitely want to decorate your walls once you see these! Are you ready to fill your blank wall in style? Use the tips from our guide to create wall decor that matches your personality and offers new look to the room. For an arrangement that matches your vision and brings life to your home.

Projects That'll Fill an Empty Wall With StyleDesign with Tiles
Add design and style with tiles. Infuse color with flower vases. Place plates onto the wall. Layer colored slabs of wood. Put a collage of windows. Turn wooden letters into decor.

Be Choosy on Wall Decorations
By being choosy, your wall decorations will look more professional. Don’t have enough photos to fill your space? To bring personality and life to your rooms` wall decor, arrange your pieces at varying levels and heights. Alter the amount of space between photos in a balanced fashion, so your wall has aesthetic appeal but isn’t bad looking.

Bring in the Greenery
Add a splash of color and contrast by arranging a potted plant near the wall, either on the floor or on a shelf, desk or side table. Green plants are especially effective if you’re wanting to create a peaceful and tranquil ambience—or one with an edgy, fresh feel.

Create A Colored Wall
That’s right, you no longer have to wonder what to do with a blank wall. A single color of paint can brighten your entire room—and it’s one of the easiest projects to do. Choose a paint color by considering what matches the style and tone of your furniture and other decor. Paint an accent wall to add depth and dimension to your space.

Incorporate Inspirational Quotes
Want an easy way to add special meaning and personality to your living room, kitchen or bedroom? Frame your favorite quotes and intersperse them with photo prints.

Match Style And Color
Imagine living room wall decor that didn’t match the style and vibe of the rest of the room. To avoid this, choose photos and frames that align with the overall style and colors of your existing room. Things to consider are your wall color, furniture, rugs and lighting. This doesn’t mean everything should match piece for piece, but that the colors and styles correlate.