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Roses and a Dining Table

Effortlessly transform your dining room at an affordable price. Entertain your guests in style on this lovely dining table. Roses on the dining table. Celebratory mood.

Red roses on dining table. A dining table set with place settings, wine glasses and red roses in a vase for a celebration meal. Dining table decorated with roses.

Table. The house is silent, so silent; not at all as it was forty years ago when I remember our furniture of my childhood time, my mother’s dining room setting.

Roses and a Dining TableSophisticated Table Setting
Flowers for sophisticated table setting and roses, candlestick with romantic candles, and holiday table decorations… Classy colors for refined special table decor and flower centerpiece idea.

Table for Everyday and Special Occasions
Dining Table. The dining room is intended to be a place to gather with family members for everyday meals and special occasions with guest and friends.

Ideal Dining Room
No matter the size or style of the space. Plan your ideal dining room with our decorative and inspiring furniture collections.

Stylish Eating Space
Create a stylish eating space with superb spectacular dining and kitchen furniture. Dining table complete with table mats, roses in a vase, plates, and fork. I really liked the patterns and colors.

The Best Tabletop
The forks are a little funny looking and the model lacks textures but I think it’s one of the best and most useful models. But sadly it lacks chairs. Add chairs and cups.

Dining Room

Elegant Porcelain Cups

Elegant Porcelain CupsTable settings will be complete when you set them with these coffee cups, tea cups, cappuccino cups, and saucers. Serve your signature hot beverages in the selection of coffee cups, Turkish coffee cups, tea cups, and cappuccino cups! Whether someone orders a classic cup of coffee and hot tea, or they want a latte, hot chocolate, or other signature drink, these porcelains are sure to meet your serving needs. Compatible saucers, as well, to place under your cups to prevent drips from dropping onto the tabletop.

Coffee cups and tea cups are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, colors, and materials. Choose from durable melamine cups and saucers for use in your high traffic diner, or check out the elegant porcelain mugs for use in your restaurant or café. When you invest in the coffee cups, tea cups, cappuccino cups, and saucers, you’ll be able to offer coffee and other hot drinks any time of the day. Serve hot tea with breakfast or coffee with after-dinner dessert. Add a hint of style to your favorite morning.

You can even use saucers to present scones, muffins, and other pastries. White coffee cup and saucer, an overture of grace and simplicity. Dressing up or down with ease, its elegant appearance belies its everyday durability. Trim, crisp lines in bright white porcelain; extensive array of pieces to choose from. Easy care. Details. Cup and saucer: Porcelain. Start your mornings off right with any of the coffee mugs or tea cups–made from crack-resistant porcelain that truly lasts.


Small Bathroom for Two

Small Bathroom for TwoSolve your small space dilemmas with these simple solutions for bathrooms. Be Functional. Functionality is key for a small bathroom. Small rooms can easily lead to unwanted clutter, so make sure you’re adding only design elements that are functional. Don’t add knick-knacks or objects that don’t serve a purpose. Place glass jars on floating shelves. Moving to a home can be an exciting step. Make sharing place even more enjoyable with these smart organization tips for the smallest room in your home.

Organise the place. Keep the sink area tidy by organising toiletries on a pegboard shelf each (some sharing like a toothbrush mug can still be fun). Divide the wash-stand drawer in half so you both get your own side. Transparent boxes with lids make it easy to see your stuff from above. Plan Your Palette. Create a neutral color palette to form the base theme of your bathroom. Utilize textures and patterns in neutral tones to add creativity and depth. Remember that the color white is associated with cleanliness.

Use the walls. Maximise space by attaching hooks with self-adhesive backing, rather than drilling holes in the tiles. Hang heavier things such as your bathrobe on the large hangers (they can hold 1 kg each), and towels and gym bags on the little ones (they hold 0.5 kg each). Invest in flexible furniture. Shelving units that are easy to assemble and disassemble mean you can adapt if your needs change (hello new baby or roomie). Display a plant, your favourite scent and some fresh towels on the open shelves.


Authentic Turkish Restaurant Lighting

Authentic Turkish restaurant with red lighting designs.

Interesting and modernized authentic place.

The lighting of the restaurant is fez shaped red pendant lighting and white chandeliers.

Authentic Turkish Restaurant LightingDifferent than ordinary Turkish restaurant interior designs because the lighting choices are different in the good way.

Fez Shaped Lighting
Ancient Ottoman time fezs are turned into lighting design in this restaurant. Sconces and pendant lighting are fez shaped.

Both Modern and Authentic
A restaurant interior that uses modern and authentic pieces.

History Of the Fez
The origins of the fez, called the “tarboosh” by the Moroccans, are in dispute. The wide acceptance of the fez stems from the Ottoman Empire extending its influence (never to Morocco however) in the early 19th Century.

Fez in Ottoman Empire Era
With the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire after WWI, another move towards modernization – this time looking west – actually made the fez illegal in 1925. (Hats having this kind of power and meaning is a recurring theme in history).

Condemned by the New Regimes
Men who wore fezzes were imprisoned. When monarchies were overthrown in Iraq, Egypt, and Libya, the fez was condemned by the new regimes. Many men, for the first time, went bareheaded.

The Decline of the Fez
The name “fez” comes from the Moroccan city of the same name. Fez, Morocco produced the dye, made from crimson berries, to color the hat. The decline of the fez’s popularity has had its effect in Morocco too.


A Rectangular Solution for Kitchen

A Rectangular Solution for KitchenRectangular cake tin… Make baking easier with the rectangular cake tin. Made of carbon steel, the rectangular cake tin has non-stick coating on both the sides and base, making removing your food quick and easy. The rectangular cake tin is dishwasher safe for added convenience. Brownie tin is suitable for a whole range of quick traybakes and impressive desserts from brownies to biscotti. Made of thick, corrosion-resistant carbon steel for incredible strength with 2 layers of a superior non-stick coating.

You get the best results from sweetbread and artisan recipes when you have the correct weight, size and shape of bread pan. Experts recommend that you weigh rather than measure your ingredients before mixing up the batter or dough in one of your ceramic mixing bowls. Next, choose and prepare the right pan to get the best result. The rectangular ovenware is resistant to high temperatures and impacts. Because it has a metal surface, it emits an equal amount of heat.

The large, flat and rigid tin is a real kitchen essential. It can be slid easily in and out of the oven and is perfect for making meringues, gingerbread cookies, shortbread, scones, biscuits and cookies as well as bread shaped by hand. It is ideal to use as a pre-heated support for shapes moulds, oven dishes and acts as a base for flan rings and cake hoops. The wide rim on the outside of the tin, featuring heat-resistant silicone inserts for added grip, makes lifting a full tin easier and safer, when taking to and from oven.