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Sparkle into the New Year’s Eve Party

Column DesignStyle Deniz Taşkın
Deniz Taşkın

Incorporate sparkle into your New Year’s Eve party in fun, unexpected ways with these ideas. Sometimes the best decorative elements are the simplest. To make this eye-catching centerpiece, scatter large flakes of gold confetti in the middle of a dining table and top with large pillar candles and small candles.

Give the normally rustic jar a glamorous facelift using glitter. To make, turn your jar upside down and coat entirely with a layer of spray adhesive in a well-ventilated area. Liberally cover with glitter and once dry, shake off the excess.

Don’t add glitter to just your decor — add it to your menu, too. To add a shimmery and tasty garnish to your cocktails, pour white sparkling sugar sprinkles into a low mound in a shallow dish. Cut a small slit into a lime wedge, then slide it along the rim of your cocktail glass. Dip the top of the glass into the sprinkles, twisting the glass back and forth until the sugar is fully adhered to the rim.

Sparkle into the New Year's Eve PartyFortune Cookies
The stroke of midnight marks the beginning of a new year, and for many, new goals and aspirations. Fortune cookies are a delicious and playful way to predict what’s to come. When adorned with sparkling sugar, they’re instantly taken from drab to fab. To add sugar, combine water and powdered sugar in a small bowl until it reaches a paste-like consistency. Dip a fortune cookie halfway into the mixture, pull it out, then wait a few seconds for the liquid to become slightly tacky. Dip the cookie into white sparkling sugar, and set on parchment paper to dry.

Say Hi!
Everyone loves taking party pics, so why not let the ones from your NYE bash shine above the rest with a show-stopping backdrop? All you need is a bare wall and store-bought glitter paper to set up a bonafide studio where guests can snap photos with their cameras or cell phones. To make, use a large plate to trace a circle on the back of a sheet of 12×12-inch glitter paper. Cut out the traced circle, then use double-sided tape to adhere to the wall. Repeat with additional colors, and arrange spots on the wall in the layout of your choosing.

Confetti Poppers
Whether you’ll be kissing your sweetheart or shooting off fireworks, the stroke of midnight calls for making a big statement. These confetti cannons can be made inexpensively and are the perfect way to start the new year off with a bang. To make, use scissors to cut the bottom out of a paper cup and set aside. Knot the end of a non-inflated balloon, then cut the tip of the other end of the balloon. Stretch the cut end of the balloon around the bottom of the paper cup, then fill with confetti. To fire the cannon, pull the knot back and release.

Embellished Glassware
Embellish your glassware with glitter tape that you can buy at your local craft store. To make, use scissors to cut decorative glitter tape into your desired shapes. Then peel backing and adhere to glassware. When the party’s over, simply peel off the tape and wash your glassware as usual.

Gold Confetti Centerpiece
Sometimes the best decorative elements are the simplest. To make this eye-catching centerpiece, scatter large flakes of gold confetti in the middle of a dining table and top with large pillar candles and small candles.

All That Glitters
Glam it up this holiday season with glitter and gold. Create your own holiday mantel banner and pair with gold-dipped table accents and a pop of pink for a contemporary twist to New Year decor.


Christmas Trees this Season

Christmas Trees this Season New Year tree with flashing garland. The holiday season is officially upon us. This holiday season, designers and florists alike are outfitting their trees in a variety of ways. Feathers and snowflakes, warm candle lights, and silver-gilded roots. Christmas room interior design, tree decorated by lights, presents, gifts, toys, candles. Make use of your favorite antiques by styling them for the holiday season. Christmas decorating ideas are our gift to you this season!

Check out these festive holiday decorations. Glam it up this holiday season with glitter and gold. Create your own holiday mantel banner and pair with gold-dipped table accents and a pop of pink for a contemporary twist to Christmas decor. Use assorted glass jars to give your front porch banister a festive glow. For an opaque, frosty look, add a mercury-glass effect by first misting the jars’ interiors with water then immediately spraying on looking-glass paint.

When white tones are layered together, the look can become glamorous, modern, traditional, romantic or casual, depending on the textures and materials used. Light fixtures are a great place to add extra holiday cheer. Attach pine branches around a chandelier’s base, drape burlap ribbon and add glass ornaments for a more rustic approach. A mobile Christmas tree and poinsettia wall art are classic decorations in this cheerful holiday entryway. Bring texture and color to your front porch this holiday season.


The Holiday-Ready Kitchen

The Holiday-Ready KitchenNo other part of the home sees as much action during the holidays as the kitchen. And while we wouldn’t have it any other way, we think every kitchen can benefit from a few easy tweaks and upgrades. Less stress, more fun and tons of food! THE LAST THING YOU NEED during the holiday baking rush is to be darting all about the kitchen. You’ve got enough to do, right? Consider an island stocked with your most-used items and add a seasonal touch above (good news: it doubles as storage).

THIS TIME OF THE YEAR, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BAKING. But that can also mean lots of hot trays and dishes straight out of the oven. Avoid accidental burns by letting them cool up high on shelving that can handle the heat (bonus points go to that rail for extra storage). You’ll be left with lots of clear counter space! LET YOUR WALLS DO SOME WORK. Just hang a couple of wire trellises and let them stash kitchen tools, holiday decorations and your favorite recipes.

GROUP ACTIVITIES (LIKE TRUFFLE MAKING) REQUIRE LOTS OF SPACE. And huddling around the stove just won’t cut it sometimes. It’s time for some extra stoves! This induction stove gives you a whole new cooking area and makes it easy to gather around a kitchen island or utility cart instead. Getting the kitchen holiday ready. It is time to get the kitchen ready for the holidays. Add a large glass jar filled with holiday balls for extra color and use poinsettias to take the holidays throughout the home.


Set a Colorful Table with Mini Stoneware Pots

Colorful stoneware mini casserole pots with lids. Set a colorful table with mini stoneware pots with lids and handles. Based on a casserole design. Mini pots come with lids that keep food warm until its time to serve. Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Baking breakfast casseroles, roasting vegetables, or cooking savory meat dishes is made easier with the right equipment. Find easy-to-store nesting pieces, glass casserole dishes with lids, colorful stoneware and more in the selection of baking dishes.

Pretty little stoneware ovens—perfectly sized for single servings—are made from enameled stoneware for even temperature distribution. Be an everyday hero with the round casserole, the ideal sidekick for saving family dinner, one delicious casserole at a time. The stoneware casseroles are high-performance vessels that can keep up with your daily grind, from oven to table to microwave to dishwasher to freezer. Stoneware prevents scorching and conducts heat evenly.

Born and bred for versatility, this casserole is designed for diverse tasks such as marinating meats and seafood, baking desserts, oven-roasting vegetables, and even storing leftovers in the freezer. Juicy dishes are easy to scoop and serve thanks to the cornerless, circular design. This piece boasts the same scalloped side handles and looped handle that earned early designs a reputation for stylish performance. The density of this stoneware keeps out the moisture that could cause crazing, cracking, and rippling.


Decorate with Greenery for the Holidays

Decorate with Greenery for the HolidaysSometimes simple plants and flowers can be the most striking. Here are a few ways we love to brighten up the home with natural elements. 1. There’s no need to over complicate your floral arrangements when the flowers are this beautiful. Mix a few of your favorite cuts and a even a branch or two, for a just-thrown-together look. 2. Could there be a more relaxing way to rise in the morning? Fragrant eucalyptus sprigs hung with twine from your bed create a gorgeous, natural frame, and freshen the air all at once.

3. Add a bit of low-key drama to your dining table by lacing a chandelier with sprigs of fresh-cut eucalyptus or other greens (VINTER has loops along the bottom to run the stems through). It’s like dining under the boughs of your favorite tree. Create a magical scene with festive holiday garland, wreaths, swags and more. Learn how to make your fresh holiday greenery last through the season. Whether greenery is hung in the heat of your house or the cold air outside. Holiday wreaths.


How to Furnish with Storage

How to Furnish with StorageFurnishing an apartment is often not the easiest thing to do for several reasons. Usually apartments are small, often there is a budget to contend with. When the living room is used for socializing, working and relaxing, you can easily feel overwhelmed by too much stuff. But with some smart planning you can create a calming impression. Let us show you how! 1. Go for smart, multi-purpose furniture. Start by hiding things you don’t want to show off in a couple of low cabinets that also double as room dividers.

Use the top surface for a small collection of books and a plant or two. 2. Display your favorite pieces. Put stuff you want to display as well as protect inside two glass-door cabinets. The adjustable shelves make it easy to adapt the height to your collection. 3. Use matching units for instant order. When your dining table is used as a space for working, support it with some drawers on castors. Use them to store paperwork such as bills and letters or materials and supplies.

4. Hide busy shelves behind curtains. Choose a tone-on tone color scheme—try natural hues contrasted with some powder-pink accents. The layers of textiles also create contrasts and help improve acoustics in your space. Wonderfully crafted wall units, bookcases and shelving are designed to provide a multitude of storage solutions for your chosen living space. It can be easy to furnish a home in a stylish yet thoroughly practical way. Ways to furnish a home. Creative storage is much needed in an apartment.