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How to Create a Dessert Table for Birthday

How to create a dessert table for Birthday… Birthday cake table! Consider using a variety of displays and stands as seen in this table. Display your cake in style with a Birthday cake stand. Nice decor for your cake, pie, fruit plate sweet table etc.

Birthday Table Design
When it comes to designing the perfect birthday table, remember not to go over the top. You don’t need to have the table packed with too much that people can’t actually take things off the table, and you don’t want anything in front of the table or at the sides that would block someone from taking items.

Table Decor with Cake Stand
I really loved the design of the cake stand featured here. It’s simple, elegant, and fits with the theme of a birthday. What’s great is that this cake stand design and table decor isn’t going to be overwhelming and too much to handle. You just need a few elements, the treats and decorations and add ons.

How to Create a Dessert Table for BirthdayForm and Function
The cake stand design featured here isn’t too much and over the top, but also isn’t too little it’s just right and is the perfect balance of form and function.

Think About a Theme
Do you want to color coordinate your table and desserts with the rest of the party? Does the birthday party already have a theme and what you need to incorporate into your cake table to make everything mesh well.

Cake and Sweet Displays
I think that it’s always important to provide variety when it comes to a cake or dessert table, especially if people have food allergies. You’re going to need a way to display everything. Consider using a variety of displays and stands. You can use a variety of plates, hurricane jars, and tiered displays to give the cake table more depth and dimension.

Living Room

Want Space for the Kids?

Want Space for the Kids?Want space for the kids to play house? Look at your home through their eyes, and you can create new places for play in furniture you have. In a child’s room or living room, these dollhouse ideas are easy to set up, tidy up and hide away. 1. Drawer dwellings. Mansion? Apartments? Drawer units can be all kinds of dollhouses (secured to the wall, of course). They help make space for several kids to play together, too. A washi tape outline on the wall adds to the homey feel.

For clean up, just toss everything in the drawers. Done. 2. Cozy cabinets. When is a cabinet not a cabinet? When there’s a doll family living inside! You can even decorate the shelf edges to add architectural details. After playtime, collect any stray dolls or furniture and shut the doors. Don’t have extra space to a full-time playroom? Check out these fun solutions. A fun space for the kids to go and play and just have fun! A fun space for the kids to go and play and just have fun!

Kids can play safely in playhouses. How to create multifunctional play areas that have plenty of space for kids. And the space can house all ages. Build a child’s playhouse with basic building materials and create a space for children. Kids love these adorable places to play – and what a wonderful use of space! A great indoor play space for kids up to 10 years, where everyone can join in too. A fun space packed with dollhouses for the kids to play and just have fun!


5 Alternative Trees for the Holidays

5 Alternative Trees for the HolidaysSometimes it’s tricky to fit a traditional tree into your space. Here are five festive alternatives to suit your needs and reflect your personality. Get inspired! 1. Decorate the side table with a tiny pine. Lack the space for a big tree? Go for a mini version instead! A table top plant is just what you need to turn a small table into an instant gift area. 2. Put a personalized “pine” on the wall. Get creative and imagine your dream tree. Then create it on your wall for an eye-catching centerpiece.

Push a coffee table against the wall and start building upwards with your choice of deco. Top with a star! 3. Twist a textile tree. Make a wire circular base, and attach five strands of wire to form a cone shape. Decorate your “tree” with ornaments and strips of scraps. Twist fabric round two of the wire strands (just use what you have at home). Then hang it from the ceiling. 4. Save space with a super tiny tree. Last holiday season’s big tree trend was trees cut in half.

Take it to the next level and decorate your walls with a tree installation. Just put a tree into a display box and let matching frames create a graphic feel. 5. Dress a plant in holiday deco. If you’re a ho-ho-ho traditionalist this tree may feel a little outside the box. But it’s oh so simple. Just decorate a plant you already have at home. We went for tropical holiday deco with silver pearl garlands, hot pink birds and shimmering baubles.


Light Displays that Shine Bright

Light Displays that Shine Bright

Twinkling, sparkling, light arrangements. They’re easy to create, last all season long, and have a super high success rate for spreading joy. You officially have our blessing to go nuts with them. 1. Delicate, battery-powered chain lights bring a new shine to elegant glass domes. Just arrange them inside for a cosmic, ethereal effect. 2. A bit tired of traditional Christmas trees? Go abstract and create a new wave version with lights. Just arrange the nails, hang the lights, and you’re set.

By the way, this works great for any type of design you might prefer. 3. Bring the night sky into your home. Just start by spraying a blank fabric canvas with glue, and sprinkle it with as much or as little glitter as you please. Then arrange and fasten your light chain on the back of the canvas frame. Enjoy the stars! 4. Give your light chain a sweet touch by decorating it with different types of ribbons and ornaments. We love the feel it gives draped above a bed in place of a headboard.

Need Inspiration? Christmas light ideas that will top windows and doors make a home’s own charming features. It is one of the best parts of the holiday season! Christmas light displays can also be a great inspiration for next year. Home Christmas lights, displays are extremely popular indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. Impressive small lights can be stringed together. Small units do not make much of a statement on their own, but when used in displays can impress the viewer in a big way.


6 Easy Deco Tips for the Holiday

6 Easy Deco Tips for the HolidayOutsmart last minute stress and huge to-do lists with our six deco tips that you can set in motion today! The best part? They’re long-lasting, so no need to clear them away until you want to. 1. Frame a warm welcome. Skip having to hoover up the leaves from your real wreath and opt for a more lasting version. Spray paint a frame you have at home in your favorite color. Wind some festive fairy lights round your “wreath”. 2. Get your hallway holiday ready. Encourage guests to hang their coats.

And leave their mobiles at the door. Form an arrow with fairy lights to lead them to the gadget drop off station (here soft baskets are used). Update your furniture with a Christmas theme cross-stitch using wool or thick thread. 3. Create a festive (and fire-safe) display. Group a few different battery-driven LED-candles in clear vases (bonus – no more hard to remove wax stains!). Make a deco piece for the window by hanging up a branch using string and attaching some ornaments (here mini houses are used).

4. Get set for starry night snuggle. Cozy up under the warm glow of stars. Hang star-shaped pendant lamp shades from the ceiling over your bed. Switch off all other lights, then sink back and relax together. 5. Forget the traditional holiday palette. Go for textiles in neutral hues that will last beyond the holiday season. Add some depth with a couple of coordinating tones. Use an open basket to store everything so soft and cozy comfort is just an arm’s reach away. 6. Beautify with bulbs. Pop a couple of bulbs into vases.