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Halloween and Harvest Pumpkin Decor

Halloween and Harvest Pumpkin DecorThat day I came across these pumpkins. They were the perfect pumpkins group for my Hallooween article. If pumpkin carving isn’t for you, don’t worry — these Halloween pumpkin decorating ideas and projects yield eye-popping pumpkin displays without the goopy mess. These easy no-carve pumpkins include ideas for decorating pumpkins with ribbon, stickers, faux flowers, paint, and more. Try one of these easy-to-make pumpkin decorating ideas. Create a modern pumpkin design with easy steps.

You can use an apple corer to create pretty pumpkin designs in a pinch, or add lace and metal to make a folk art pumpkin. These fresh pumpkin decorating ideas will give you creative new ways to display Halloween pumpkins on your front porch. Adorn your pumpkins with buttons, rhinestones, dried fruit, and more for a unique twist on your pumpkin decorating. These pumpkin decorating ideas are incredibly easy and stylish. Add some modern flair to your Halloween decor with a simple project.

You can even use things from your junk drawer to create no-carve Halloween pumpkins; just gather old gears, springs, nuts, bolts, and anything else that catches your eye — in no time at all, you’ll have a family of junk pumpkins with funny faces. We love pumpkins of all colors, whether bright orange, crisp white, or lovely green; we love short and squat pumpkins, tall and skinny pumpkins, bumpy pumpkins, smooth and perfect pumpkins, mini pumpkins, giant pumpkins, and every pumpkin in between.

Living Room

Harmonize Home with One Accent Color

Harmonize Home with One Accent ColorTaking on a complete decor overhaul every season is unrealistic, but small accessory and color updates can work just as well to make the home feel refreshed. Pick a favorite color, for the stylist it was blue, and play with a variety of accessories and textiles in each room to create a theme that ties the whole space together. Opt for light shades and neutral tones for your walls, floors and big pieces of furniture. “It’s easier – and more affordable – to change fabrics and little decorations, or paint small stools and side tables.

It can feel so depressing here in winter because it’s dark most of the day. The pale, spring-like tones help to brighten my mood and give me energy,” says the stylist. “I only post a picture on Instagram if it complements the one next to it! It’s the same in my house – I like each room to flow into the next.” –Blogger, Norway. Steps to color harmony in the home… Choose two or three neutral colors and one or two accent colors. Adding color to the entire home is like adding color to a single room.

By limiting the color palette to three to five colors, your home will feel not cluttered and confusing. Tip: Consider accent colors of a complimentary hue to add interest and contrast to your home. Alternate neutral and accent colors. Once the colors scheme has been selected, consider alternating neutrals with accent colors in the home. Placing bright accent colors side by side may come across too bold and competitive. Neutrals side by side lacks interest and will make the walls appear flat and uninteresting.

Living Room

An On/Off Small Space Living Room On a Budget

An On/Off Small Space Living Room On a BudgetWhen it comes to creating your dream home, it’s not about having more stuff. It’s about having the right stuff. When interior designer designed this 161.5 sq ft studio space, he was able to save both room and money by choosing pieces that meet more than one need. The smallest of homes may not have space for a sofa to lounge on, but with a daybed you’ll never know the difference. Simply pull it out when you’re ready to sleep and you’ve got a double bed. A step stool multitasks as a bedside table.

Affordable rails save lots of space by holding a wall lamp, alarm clock, plants, magazines, and accessories. If you’re living in a room that’s in use 24/7, the most important element is furniture that’s flexible and suits several needs. When it comes to making the most of a small space, nothing does it quite like this NORDEN gate leg table. Extend one, both or neither of the drop-leaves to transition easily between work, dinner or just hanging out. Surfaces that easily become cluttered or overwhelmed are calmed down with the addition of a curtain or doors.

Pull the curtain back and you’ll discover a totally flexible and well-planned storage area. Two shelving unit keeps folded items and boxes, while hanging pieces and shoes reside on a clothes rack that can be rolled in and out of the closet. Up high? That’s perfect for seasonal items you use less often, bed linens, and cleaning supplies. And to maintain a sense of calm, we chose a curtain color to match the walls seamlessly. As you can see, our 15m2 room doesn’t provide a ton of space to work with. But by choosing smart, multifunctional pieces and keeping the decoration simple, a home that’s both comfortable and stylish created.


Fresh Ways to Pack a Lunch

Fresh Ways to Pack a LunchThe packed lunch: it can be the highlight of your afternoon or a moment of dread. Aim for the former with a cool presentation that elevates any meal. 1. Organized for kiddos. Children can be such picky eaters. A carrot touches a kiwi and the next thing you know, lunch is inedible. Solution? Keep everything divided and neat with silicon muffin cups. Bonus: they’re also easy to clean. 2. Low key lunch that won’t embarrass your teens. Their days of toting around a lunch box are gone.

Give teens a more discrete option with travel containers that stack neatly into their backpack. They can even give them a unique twist with graphic stickers. 3. The casually cool work lunch. Forget the vending machine sandwich or bland delivery salad. Pack a simple lunch in refined glass containers and wrap it all up in a beautiful tea towel that doubles as a placemat. Kitchen cabinets play the obvious role of storing food goods, dinnerware, and pots and pans, they also have a powerful effect on the overall design.

Because they play such a big role in terms of the way a kitchen looks and functions, it’s important to make thoughtful decisions about them—from the materials and colors to the scale and layout. Whether you’re looking to build some colorful cabinets or want to install a clever, hidden storage system, these examples will inspire you before embarking on your kitchen remodel. Get playful with a family of colors. Go bold by painting your cabinet doors different colors. The best kitchens are ones that are efficient.


Refresh the Living Room for Autumn

As much as we love summer, we gotta admit we’re big fans of “autumn”. Come see how the stylist brings a stylish autumn feel to the living room. Seasonal colors, atmospheric lights, warm textiles. It’s all here.

After a summer outdoors, autumn is one of those seasons that draws us back in the home again. For stylists, it’s a great chance to welcome the cooler weather with a seasonal style refresh.

“I like to use a change of season outdoors to change a room’s look too. Autumn is a season I associate with darkness and coldness, but also the amazing colors and incredible changes in nature.”

Refresh the Living Room for AutumnStylist’s advice to get started is to pick out a color scheme you’d like to use along with extra lights and elements from nature.

“I chose to work with colors of dusty pink shades and grey tones. I think these two colors are a beautiful combo and to add an extra touch I worked with natural elements like stone and branches as this gives a really warm and cozy feel to the room but is still stylish and elegant.”

Working with the color scheme, started to refresh with painting the walls pink and updating the sofa cover in gray. If you’re not quite ready to bring out the paintbrushes though, advice is to use textiles to bring your color scheme alive.

“Textiles are always a softener to a room, I love to work with textiles, they’re so easy to change for each season or if you just got tired of a color.”

Working with textiles, a rugblanketscushions and curtains are added to give the room its look. The other added bonus of course is that rugs and curtains mean it’s easier to keep your home’s warmth indoors, and cozy nights on the sofa aren’t complete without some blankets and throws.


6 Ways to Express Yourself

6 Ways to Express YourselfLearn how to organise an unexpected place in your home into a personal display spot bursting with you. 1. Curate a chic clay display. Keep your pottery or porcelain collection in a glass-door cabinet to keep it safe while you show it off. Go for tone-on-tone hues for a uniform look (even the wall in a warm terracotta shade is painted — please note colours can vary on screen). 2. Hang a clock collage. Whether you’re a hard core clock collector, or just need a friendly reminder (hello time optimists).

Why not set up a clock wall? Just hang a mix of different styles and sizes around a fixed straight line to create a funky frame. 3. Set up a lounge and listen spot. Use a couple of cabinets to form a music space. Just attach them to the wall first. Grab your headphones and relax on a comfy pad. Fancy a dance? Turn off the light, switch on the floor lamp, and pump up the volume. 4. Show off your sports souvenirs. Create a customised display with a shelving unit (secure it to the wall first) and inserts.

Spotlight your mementos with a fun tape design. Stick your favourite autograph to an LED light panel to shed some extra light on it. 5. Exhibit your travel souvenirs. You don’t always need special furniture to create a display. Present city guides on a chair and put findings from your adventures in stackable boxes with lids on the floor. Watch it grow organically as your mileage adds up. 6. Put your wardrobe to work. Choose a sturdy closet that can pull off a beautiful display and store your clothes.