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Unique Combination of Design and Aerodynamics

Unique Combination of Design and Aerodynamics

There’s something so old fashioned about cooling off with a portable fan, so why not get one with a cool retro look? Retro and vintage fans – a fresh-old look at cooling. If you don’t have air conditioning, a fan set at its highest setting is the only solution. Stay cool and decorate with the retro table fans! Going to be looking for ways to keep cool on these hot summer days? Table fan has a casual retro feel that would make it a great accessory, as well as an essential necessity to get you through the hot months.

Enjoy sleek style in a vintage design with retro table fans. When floor space is minimal, get a table fan to stay cool. Desk fans will keep you comfy while you work. Take a refreshing breeze from one place to another with table and desk fans. When temperatures rise, a table fan provides a refreshing blast of cool air to keep you cool. Table fans for cooling off workspaces and small rooms. The latest collections of table fans and desk fans. Perfect for the home or office. Cool off with nostalgic and classic retro table fans.

Add some vintage air to your table at home or work by using the fantastic retro desk fans. Table fan brings retro style, quality. Petite yet powerful, Small Vornado V-Fan (Rejuvenation) offers a cool breeze with classic style. Originally released in 1945, the Vornado Retro Table Fan challenged how a fan should look and function. Metal construction and a unique combination of power, aerodynamics, and style make it a design icon that continues the Vornado legacy by using signature Vortex Action to circulate air.

Dining Room

4th of July Decorations

4th of July Decorations

Celebrate patriotic holidays with red, white, and blue decorations. Throw 4th of July parties with stars and stripes tableware. Plates, cups, and more! 4th of July decorations for your home and yard. Celebrate Independence Day with red, white, and blue desserts; patriotic themed decor; and delicious barbecue meals! Celebrate America with these decorations in red, white and blue. Make the Fourth of July celebration even more festive with these party decorations. Don`t forget the 4th of July flowers and candles.

If you’re hosting 4th of July festivities this year, brighten your home with American colors, stars, and stripes. Make the flag the star of your 4th of July decorating. Design your home in the spirit of Independence Day with our red, white, and blue 4th of July decorations. These easy decorations cover every July 4th theme you can think of—including flags and fireworks—and they’re cute to boot. This so easy 4th of July decoration makes a big impact. Illuminate the outdoors with 4th of July lanterns.

Create a fun and easy 4th of July table setting with miniature American flags. Search for fireworks pattern lanterns, or create your own with stencil designs atop white paper lanterns. Upgrade your 4th of July dinner table with patriotic place settings, 4th of July napkins and napkin rings. American Flag Napkin, Set of 4, Pottery Barn. Star spangled with patriotic pride, our linen/cotton napkins are the perfect accent for your Fourth of July feast, or any other lively summer gathering.


Natural Designs with Decorative Plants

Natural Designs with Decorative Plants

Ideas and inspiration for decorative plants to add to your own home. The latest projects and design involving plants are developed through one’s own design experience or through viewing the design of others. Check out our ideas for pretty plant combinations. Design with plants: Creating rooms and outdoor rooms. It looks vibrant, with flowering and fruiting plants, shade trees, and grasses that shimmer like spun gold in sunlight. Flowers and plants have also been popular decorations.

Plants can bring structure, texture, or color to the design; the best plants have all the qualities. Potted plants can freshen the look of any room. Indoor plants decoration makes your living space more comfortable, breathable, and luxurious. Using plants in modern design is even more of a challenge. Beautiful ways to decorate with houseplants. Design with plants inside, just like in the garden, with these great ideas for stylish houseplant decor. Indoor plants are now a must have.

Add color to your interior space. Decorate your indoor or outdoor living spaces with flowers and plants. How to integrate plants in your home interior design. What plants contribute to interior design? They add color to complement any décor. They enhance the design without interfering with other important design elements. Using plants and decorative planters as design elements in your environment. Homeowners and businesses have long used interior plant design, Logan Killen Interiors.


Inspiring Rustic Country Kitchen

Inspiring Rustic Country Kitchen

This article features a countrified kitchen design that adds a stunning rustic style to your kitchen. The best of charming farmhouse living. What could be more charming than a rustic kitchen.  There’s something undeniably charming about the rustic kitchens you find in old farmhouses. Bring the same look into your own space. Put a fresh spin on country living with a modern farmhouse-inspired corner in your home. Rustic country kitchens tend to have more unfinished, natural wood throughout the room.

A curated collection of dozens of fantastic country-style kitchens that range from rustic charm to contemporary flair. In rustic country kitchens, look for exposed wooden beams, brick accents etc. Rustic kitchens are popular right now for this very reason: People want the feel of a country kitchen without the country lifestyle. Both stylish and chic, a rustic kitchen can add old country home charm to any home. Explore the best rustic kitchen designs combining the best of all styles.

Warm tones, wooden accents, and pastoral flourishes are all in a country kitchen. Outdoor- or lantern-style lighting is used seamlessly in a French country kitchen, due largely to its rustic, organic, yet hard-working aesthetic. Discover kitchen ideas that are sure to add rustic beauty to your space. Country and rustic kitchens have some of the same themes and decorative motifs so there is some crossover between the two. Every rustic farmhouse kitchen needs a statement, rugged-wood piece of furniture.


Optimize Your Workspace

Optimize your workspace for productivity and creativity. Productivity is made up of more than just items, emails, and process improvement. The environment around you can affect your mood and your results.

A good chair may be the single best investment you can make with regard to your comfort at work. Discomfort can really inhibit your productivity, not to mention your job.


Taking control of your workspace is an effective way to demonstrate productivity to yourself and others. Things like noise and temperature are proven to affect your typing speed and accuracy.




How to Decorate with Pink

Shades of pink such as fun bubblegum, bright coral, and traditional rose add a feminine touch to any room. About decorating with pink and how to use it in rooms with pink walls… Here are several great ways to design with pink.

Dare to paint your walls pink. Pink walls can make a statement or they can be super-calming, depending on the shade. To make a dining room or hallway pop, try a deeper hue, while very pale pink looks lovely in a bedroom, an office, or a bathroom.

Decorating with the color pink can look amazing chic when used in different ways. With just a little direction, however, pink decor can turn out chic instead of bad looking. It’s decidedly cheerful, and never boring. Can’t we all use a little more pink in our lives? Here’s how to successfully incorporate the color into your home.

col037Pink Furniture and Decor
There’s something effortlessly glamorous about pairing up pink and leopard in a home. Try a pink piece of furniture with leopard pillows, a pink chair next to a leopard rug, or even bedding that mixes and matches pink and leopard.

Decorate with Pink
Get expert advice and design inspiration for using pink in your home decor. Pink is everywhere and has shed its ultra-femme past for a whole host of new looks. Here, discover our favorite pastel pink decorating ideas.

Room Design
Give any room an exotic feel with pink. Deniz Home shows you how easy it is to use pink in every room of your home. Feminine yet bold and modern when paired with unexpected textures, pink is a sophisticated choice for any room in the home.

Using Pink in Home Decor
If you’re a fan of pink, but you’re not sure how to bring it into your home, we’re here to help teach you how to decorate with pink! Pink; the colour of compassion, love and, well, girls’ bedrooms the world over. One of the things that make pink a challenging color to decorate with is its a primarily feminine shade.

Decorative Objects
Home decor can look better with pink accessories. Candle holders, decorative small mirrors, photo frames, etc. Candle holder made of natural quartz rock with a hole for 1.25 inch diameter candle. A natural product. Don’t be afraid to get creative when decorating with candles.

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The Weeknd`s Los Angeles Hidden Hills Home


The Weeknd is a fan of the Hills — first it was his hit song literally named after the area, and now it’s the $19.995 million estate he purchased in the Los Angeles enclave of Hidden Hills. reports that Abel Makkonen Tesfaye’s new pad is more than 12,000 square feet, with an impressive nine bedrooms and eleven bathrooms. The property was practically designed for throwing extravagant parties, with an entire entertainment pavilion including bonfire pits, covered patio areas, and a giant eight-stall horse barn.

Situated on three acres of land, guests are welcomed by a beautiful olive tree-lined driveway. Behind the mansion’s massive glass-and-steel doors they will find a 25-foot-tall entryway that leads to a gourmet kitchen, giant living area, and an adjoining outdoor living room (with an indoor-outdoor bar, obviously).

The amenities only get better and better. There is a music lounge, gym, movie theater, wine cellar, and seven en-suite bedrooms. The master suite has two walk-in closets, a steam shower, and a gorgeous stone bath.

The outdoor space is just as impressive: a 1,200-square-foot guesthouse sits on the property, featuring two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is a 12-foot-deep saltwater pool, a spa that fits ten, an entire outdoor kitchen, and a barbecue pit.

What could possibly make this home any more over the top? The expansive party pavilion with its spectacular views of the surrounding pastures, redwood trees, and stunning landscaping.

Scroll on to check out the rest of The Weeknd’s new deluxe property.

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