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Build Your Own Wicker Sectional Components

Build Your Own Wicker Sectional ComponentsAll-weather wicker sectional components for summer. Easy to re-create the rich, textured look of fine wicker by weaving together slender strands of a rugged synthetic fiber. The result is a beautiful sectional that can be left outdoors year round. These versatile component pieces let you reconfigure your lounge space whenever you like. Exterior design can be practical. The outside of home often reflects the overall style of the interior and says a lot about the family that lives there. It might be right time for an update.

Find and save ideas about home exterior design. Change the exterior of your home with these unique and useful ideas. There’s no doubt that jumping into a home exterior makeover can be rather daunting, so consider these tips. If you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal, nothing packs a bigger impact than revamping your home’s exterior. Turn your house into your home. Inspiration can come from anywhere—a garden, a living room, a beach, a baseball game, an app. Anywhere.

Use these decorating ideas to transition your porch, patio or backyard for summer. Whether you have a porch, pool or patio, our guide to creating a luxurious outside space will help you get full information of warm weather. And don’t miss our top swimming pool designs and outdoor sitting areas!


How Cultural Differences Impact Interior Design

How Cultural Differences Impact Interior DesignCulture impacts almost everything we do. Within business, one should always be aware of cultural differences. Yes, even within interior design. When thinking about cultural differences, interior design might not be the first field that comes to mind. Luxury homes will only meet the client’s wishes if the designer knows the ins and outs of their culture. All nationalities have their own culture that shapes their lifestyle preferences. People that come to interior designers often have specific and complex wishes.

Interior Architects, Designers, Decorators, Real Estate Agents and Contractors must try to understand the cultures of their clients to create a suitable home for them. Many people have the same international home design taste that focuses on unique items of high quality, there are also individual preferences that need to be taken into account. This is why every interior designer tries to find out the clients’ needs and lifestyles. All property styles differ from region to region, country to country, culture to culture.

Experts say that Middle Eastern people are interested in homes with an older style and a luxury feel. This is why they often request textures such as marble and velvet. They also like to walk barefoot in their homes, which is why they ask for carpets and rugs. Next to cultural preferences, clients have personal room decor wishes as well. Designers state that security is also a key element in the design of a house for Europeans. Europeans like both old and new interior design trends, home styles, and decor fashions.

If Europeans move into an apartment, they expect round-the-clock concierge services, much like a hotel. This is especially true for people from Europe, and even more so when their property in Europe. According to interior designers and decorators, when designing homes, it is very important to understand and act upon the culture of a client. If the culture is completely understood, designers can meet and even exceeds the client’s design expectations. All businesses need to pay attention to culture!


Inside Japan’s Micro Homes

Japanese architect Yasuhiro Yamashita has built some of the world’s most beautiful micro homes. With projects starting at just 182 square feet, Yamashita shares his own style for building mansions on top of mole hills.

Demand for small homes in Japan results partly from land scarcity, property prices and taxes, as well as the impending danger posed by the country’s regular earthquakes and typhoons. But some residents simply prefer a smaller home, seeking a minimalist lifestyle.

“In Japan, there’s a saying (‘tatte hanjo nete ichijo’) that you don’t need more than half a tatami mat to stand and a full mat to sleep,” says Yamashita. “The idea comes from Zen — and a belief that we don’t need more than the fundamentals.”

Inside Japan's Micro HomesOf course, the beauty of a well-designed micro home is that it doesn’t appear fundamental at all. “Asymmetrical pieces of land can often be obtained cheaper than others. And it is an architect’s job to work with the land and fulfill the client’s request,” says Yamashita.

Build Towards The Sky
“When you look at an area in 2D, it might seem very small — perhaps the plot is just a few meters wide. But thinking in terms of volume, you can build the home higher and create more space. I try to make the house feel like it’s extending upwards into the sky, so it’s almost like the sky is part of the house. I also build high ceilings, so you don’t feel cramped.”

Go Monochrome
“What you see informs 60% of your perception of a space. Imagine that you’re inside an eggshell, with the same color and texture all over. There’s no real start or finish, no real corners. It is a visual effect that will make the space expand. I think that the color white makes spaces look larger, but I prefer to use the natural colors of materials rather than painting.”

Use Reflective Materials
“I generally use polished stainless steel features. They reflect light and make an area seem larger. In ‘Reflection of Mineral,’ for example, I used stainless steel in the kitchen and in the bathroom to make the space feel more expansive.”

Personalize Your Home
“A few factors affect my designs — the specificities of the land, the way the light hits the property, the neighborhood, and the client’s personal requests. A home is very personal. In ‘Reflection of Mineral,’ the clients wanted a strong, sharp-looking design. From there, I choose materials based on the design, depending on what would be best for the space.”

Dining Room

Outdoor Dining Space Design

Outdoor Dining Space DesignKick back under the sun with these stylish designer ideas for outdoor rooms. Designing an outdoor dining corner is easier than you know. More and more families are moving their living rooms outside, so why not do it in style? Kick back under the sun with these stylish designer ideas for outdoor rooms. Make your patio or outdoor space look incredible. Create an outdoor dining space in a very short time. Bring dining room environment into garden or to balcony in spring and summer time. Form a stylish dining corner.

You can make a wonderful dining area for you and your family outside the house. Whether it is in your garden or backyard it will be perfect for entertainment in the long summer days and enjoying in the nature. Part of the fun of being outside is connecting with nature and the organic elements around you. First you must find a place that will be easy to access and surrounded with pleasant views of garden or pond. Outdoor entertaining doesn`t mean always plastic cups, paper plates and the usual torches.

Form a chic decor. Choose comfortable furniture to create a welcoming dining area and you can even make an amazing outdoor kitchen to make your work more easier. But if you don`t have outdoor dining furniture don`t worry. You can set up a picnic area with a few rugs and some candles or put a picnic table in the yard. If you don`t have a lot chairs you can mix and match what you have, for example. Old chairs, new chairs, indoor and outdoor chairs, plastic and wooden chairs, classic and modern chairs.

Today, creating an outdoor dining design is easier. It’s all about how it looks together in the end. Decorate the table by using fabrics, textures and products that are rustic and stylish but environmentally-friendly as well. There are a lot benefits of making this kind of dining area in your backyard. If you are now thinking about this room, it might be better for you to look this further so that you will find more creative ideas how to make a perfect outdoor dining area that your family and guests gonna like it.

Living Room

Ultimate Living Room Design Elements

Ultimate Living Room Design ElementsDesign or decorate a living room that the whole family can enjoy. Get the inspiration to decorate living spaces with our professional photos of living rooms, dining rooms, great rooms, home offices, sitting rooms. Add a modern sofa to increase comfortable living room seating. Maximize living room seating with a modular sectional sofa. With different configurations, you can shape the modules to best fit your living space. To get the most, choose solid, neutral upholstery and a construction that’s low maintenance.

Custom light fixtures brighten living rooms. This room gets plenty of natural light, but the added light fixtures keep the room well light on overcast days and at night, as seen on this picture. This living room is brightly lit and colorfully decorated, making for a creative space well suited to both play and study, as seen on this photo. Modern living room with cool textures and unique details. The funky colours in this space help to add depth and personality to a large room.

Modern furniture keeps the design continuous, while teal fabric and leopard print can be found throughout the space. To add texture to some of the darker colored furniture, designers added fuzzy pillows. To complete the space, designers added unique accent pieces and statues, showing off even more of the homeowner’s personality, making the space feel intimate despite its largeness.


Awesome Kitchen Culture

Awesome Kitchen CultureMake you kitchen a space dedicated to your individuality… Custom made to your specifications and with a unique beauty that was built to last. Kitchen culture welcomes the opportunity to realise your success and understands the importance of this investment in your home life. This ultimately personal space requires a style mixed with practical efficiency that embraces your uniqueness. Each design is an expression of a person’s individuality, concept and vision. Your home’s kitchen is the personal sanctuary.

Create an extraordinary and exquisite living area whether it be a study, media room, living room or dining room that meets your modern day living requirements. Wine is the indispensable of kitchens and dining rooms. Uniquely individual the bespoke wine culture provides the luxury storage for your precious wine collection. From the smallest nook and cranny, to the open plan basement area our easy and practical wine storage solution will enhance the richness of your entire living space not only the kitchen culture.

Personal living spaces that make a personal statement that defines your lifestyle. The appliances are the beating heart of the entire kitchen and a large part of your investment therefore they need to be reliable, efficient but most of all, they should work with your kitchen design. Using years of experience, you need to carefully select suppliers that offer products that are high quality with a sophisticated look with an enviable service package. The quality of kitchen products, materials are important for every kitchen.


Pomegranate Designs and Quirky Illustrations

We asked some of our favorite artists about the designs of how to create a set of mix-and-match pieces for many famous collectors’ latest editions dinnerware.

Sporting different designs and quirky illustrations, they add instant fun to any meal. Glazed porcelains with pomegranate designs and quirky illustrations are stylish and also decorative.

Pomegranate Designs and Quirky IllustrationsServing platters with red pomegranate patterns or illustrations can be a colorful element for tables and so suitable for any season. Share your style with home decor choices from our ideas such as this platter with pomegranate drawings.

Organic Shaped Dinnerware
Mostly made of white ceramic, organic shaped crackle dinnerware’s colorful look is achieved by heating a layer of glass until. Each piece of such dinnerware is subtly one of a kind.

Glazed Porcelain
Subtle differences in shape, glazed porcelain, gilded dinnerware can sometimes be dishwasher safe, and cannot be microwaved to avoid any damage.

Organic shapes in an earthy hue. The natural palette and subtle handcrafted look of this ceramic Scape Dinnerware is perfect for everyday meals.


Subtle Organic Look

Subtle Organic LookBring your kitchen atmosphere to outside during summer. Get rid of exhausting weather and mood of summer season easily. Create a kitchen ambiance and decor in the garden if there is enough empty place for it. Kitchen is everything for a home. Why? Because healthy nutrition is important. And this is possible with a neat, modern kitchen. Cooking, preparing meals can be fun in any kitchen once you like forming a stylish table. Forming mere or sleek every kitchen design and decoration is possible.

Subtle organic look is so easy with our simple kitchen designing informations. Choosing the correct materials and products for kitchen can be time saving and helpful. Create an outdoor kitchen in the quickest way with modern elements. Earthenware table top products are always some of the most advantageous kitchen pieces. Summer colours can be better for summer kitchens. Kitchen environment should be hygienic first of all. Secondly, materials and colours are as important as the rest of the room.

A cooking atmoshphere can be a much better space with modern, contemporary plates. Porcelain material is preferred for formal eating environments while ceramic plates, dishes, and glasses are better for casual table decorations and designs. Outdoors are so trendy with special dining places. Natural tones are usually selected for garden tables during spring and summer months. Try to design and decorate a modern table in the garden this summer.


Tropical Mix Outdoor

Tropical Mix OutdoorOne sofa, endless summers. Some sofas include heavy weighted back cushions. This allows to create seating multiple ways, so you can face the pool by day and the patio by night. Built with sustainably harvested wood, it’s a sofa you can feel good about. Made of all-weather cord woven around a lightweight aluminum frame, the wood and fabric seated tropical type sofa brings just the right mix of comfort and elegance to porches and decks. Its rust-resistant construction lets it live outside, rain or shine.

Outdoor design and decor is as easy as a home interior. Create a home and garden stylishly with our decorating hints.


Stylish Modern Work Space

Stylish Modern Work SpaceThe trendy way to create a modern and stylish looking office or work space can be better with modular furniture. A naturally weathered look in office or home office desks are always the best. Desk, office chair, or accessories are all a necessity for the work space.