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Enlighten the Outdoors for Summer

Get homes ready for summer. Here are some easy updates. Personalize the spaces with must-have updates for modern relaxed indoor and outdoor living.

The newest collection of lanterns range from subtle supporting stars to grandly scaled showpieces, like outdoor lantern, which are much better in an antique-inspired white or black colour.

Enlighten the Outdoors for SummerAccent with a mix of bright and unexpected colors. Created by in-house artists, designers and favorite style makers, exclusive collection of indoor and outdoor pillows feature finely stitched embroidery, vibrant patterns and rich dyes.

Personalize Spaces
Find the best light. Weather-resistant and worry-free, faux pillars look surprisingly realistic thanks to a flickering amber flame. Or choose from the traditional candles made of poured paraffin in a wide range of sizes.

Outdoor Ligthing is Different
Indoor and outdoor lighting differs from each other. Stainless steel materials are favourite for outdoor lighting types while much more number of material types are used for indoor lights.

Summer Style Choices
Not only decorative but also practical ligthing styles are most preferred home decor and interior design products in the recent years.


Contemporary Home Office Renovations

Contemporary Home Office RenovationsA home office has many uses and isn’t a mere luxury anymore. You might work at an office, or bring work home, or you might just need a place to go through bills, mail or store important paperwork. Kids can use a home office to do their homework, or spend time with some computer games. Browse the photos on Deniz Home for home office ideas and inspiration, and strike up a conversation with the architect or designer or your favourite picks. For more home office ideas, check out the rooms, office section.


Summer Celebration Table Decor

k003Ceramic dessert plates are a necessity for every kitchen. For special days such as birthdays, summer celebrations such as festive times, these type of colourful kitchen table top products are always almost every season’s favourite. From parties to casual dinners with friends, appetizer and dessert plates from let you serve small bites stylishly. Summer table decorations include summer party theme, table decoration, birthday decoration, table setting, and party decoration. Kitchens are so important for modern homes.

Party ideas, balloons, and party time design and decor celebration elements and accessories. Impress your party guests with these colourful and creative summer table designs and centerpieces. Fun indoor or outdoor party ideas for summer are usually a solution for summer celebration table decors. Create a table with summer colours and summer table decorations. Dinnerware, tableware and glassware in vibrant or pastel tones are always trendy. Kitchen table should be in the simplest style according to many designers.

Porcelain dishes are preferred for rather formal table decors. But for spring or summer celebrations, more people prefer ceramic dishes and simple formed modern glasses. Ceramic dessert plates, bowls and mugs are the favourite products for casual kitchen designs. We can see very similar modern kitchen elements in today’s contemporary homes and gardens. Especially whites, grays, pinks, blues, yellows, reds are ideal as summer dessert plate colour choices. Similar colour tableclothes are summer season’s preferences.


Design Inspiration for Living Room

Design Inspiration for Living RoomNeed a new living room? You’re in the right place. The newest living room design ideas and inspiration for each season are renewed. Living room ideas and design inspiration needed? From living room furniture arrangement to living room colour schemes, upholstery ideas to curtain styles, all the rooms should be in harmony. Living room is one of the most lived-in rooms in every home. To make it the best it can be, Deniz Home has pulled together inspiration.

Living room is the focus point of our homes, most of us spend most of their time in this room. There’s inspiration to be found for houses big and small, city and country, modern and traditional. If you’re looking for someone to decorate your living room for you, you can consult an online directory. Here you can find bright ideas for how to design your living room, bedroom, bathroom and every other room in your house. Make the most of even the tiniest of living spaces with our useful guide.

Class it up with inspirational ideas for formal sitting rooms, or sit back and relax with design tips for casual family rooms. Materials that connect to the location are key to character building. Mix and match patterns, embrace bold colors, layer rugs, and so much more! Try these tips to create a pretty space to enjoy conversations with friends and family. No matter if you call it a living room, family room, or even a keeping room–you’ve got that one room in your home, aside from the kitchen, that’s intended for both family and company. And, we bet, you want it to look both pulled together and comfortable.


A Few Practical Information About Decoration

You understand ‘how true the idea’ of getting professional help while buying furniture to your home or making placement to your current furnitures. What about learning a few tricks about this subject…

There are home mistakes we all fall on often… In limited using areas, we feel captive to narrow places ourselves. However it is again in our hands to clear off this feeling. While decorating our places, right colors and materials we use, strengthens the feeling of freshness that we need by changing our perceptions. Here are a few suggestion about the necessities you need to pay attention to while decorating your home…

col012Large living rooms…
If you want your living room to look large first of all you should prefer light colors. You should not use multi-pieced choices in furnishings. In a square shaped living room, pushing armchairs to wall base is useful. In a ‘L’ shaped living room, dining and sitting section is already divided spontaneously, here there is not much hardship enduring. But in rectangle living rooms, dor entrance is very important. If door entrance is at the longer edge, there is no problem because the dining section and sitting section are divided.

Television unit should be placed to a place where no one will pass in front of it. Dining section should be close to kitchen side. If living room is small, a proportional armchair set should be chosen. Accessory choice should also be made according to place’s width. If it is small, instead of using a very big frame, using a few small frames in harmony will be more easthetic. Framed mirror shows small places larger. The cute ambience that will be formed by using fabrics in natural color and texture, will truly influence the person who enters.

To show the rooms larger, you should not prefer indirect lighting. Indirect lightings provide a smoother lighting. Using lighting on the floors should not be afraid of. Applique, contributory floor lamps, lightings that are used on stands, are used as indirect lighting elements.

Welcome corner…
The most important spot that welcomes your home, you and your guests, entrance, should not be messy primarily. Instead of open hallstand, closed ones should be preferred. Usage of light colors, strengthens the perception of width. Mirror, as in all narrow places, also in entrances, strengthens the depth. If flower corner, shoe cupboard, hallstand can be untwisted in the entrance, this is a good planning. If place is narrow, recessed hallstand can be preferred.
Wall to wall or floor to ceiling cupboards should be preferred. Larger influence is created by bright colors used cupboard covers. In small bedrooms, sliding and mirror cupborads should be preferred.

Do not narrow, expand…
In small places, you should absolutely avoid using dark colors on the walls. Because dark colors create a pessimistic environment and displays the place smaller than it is either. If you want to put forward a wall, you should dye it darker. With accessories such as painting, you can let the decoration gain movement and color. In a place with high ceiling, to show the ceiling low, one or two tones darker; if ceiling is low, it should be dyed just the opposite light.

Place of the bed, window, condition of the door, place of the cupboard is very important. Using your cupboards floor to ceiling, wall to wall, display your bedroom larger than it is. Moreover it can also be used as one heater and sound insulation tool. In narrow places, light colors should be preferred.


Luxurious Cutting Edge Residence

Luxurious Cutting Edge ResidenceLuxurious cutting edge residence design project is located in Cape Town, South Africa. Luxurious residence can be defined as a latest architecture example of modern house design. Named as SAOTA residence, other than its high technology architecture, this ultra modern house has the fascinating and breathtaking view of Atlantic ocean.

The residence has a pool terrace, additional two bedrooms for children, a gym and a home cinema, an open-plan living room and dining room where a bar is also located, featuring a custom-designed humidor for an extensive cigar collection. In the kitchen, there are white finish and marble countertops.

From the windows and from the terrace, there is marvellous view of Atlantic ocean. The owners of the house wanted an ultra modern residence with the latest 21st century technology, so the house designed with the latest house design techniques. Luxurious cutting edge residence design is a project made by Antoni Associates.


Go For A New Look

You feel ready to start freshening up your home, but you’re not so sure where to start. You are having trouble of what to do and what not to. You are at the point of deciding if you should try to do the work yourself or you should hire a professional Interior Designer to handle the home improvement project.

If you see yourself adequately equipped about the parts you want to change, so you’re sure about yourself completely, you can start changing your home even with amateur point of view. If you’re in hesitations, then it is the best decision to get help from an Interior Designer.

Places which should require a change contain parts that require repair? First you should ask this question to yourself. You think that there are no rooms or parts that require repair, this means you only want to go for some changes in general decoration.

Go For A New LookChoose Colors and Fabrics
When you look at colors and fabrics, there are so many choices that you just don’t know where to start. Think about your recent favorite colors and fabrics in home decoration, this will help you decide about the colors and fabrics while decorating.

Classical or Modern
Do you find classical decoration or modern decoration close to yourself? You should decide about this at the beginning, changing mind later on can cost much to you. You should make a preliminary research to be sure about this and if necessary you should take an Interior Designer’s advice.

One-of-a-Kind or Ordinary
Do you want your home to be one-of-a-kind, unlike anything you’ve seen before or is an ordinary home but a new decoration you really want? Both is possible to achieve, but the answer of which one may leave a successful look is the important final result.

New Pieces of Furniture
For a new look at a home interior, you should order new pieces of furniture matching your new home environment. New furnishings should be in different colors and in different shapes than your old furnishings so that the alteration at home can immediately be noticed.

Good Taste is Required!
Interior decorating requires a good taste in decoration, design and latest trends in interior architecture sector. You’re not sure that you have good taste but need a professional Interior Designer to help you. When you’re unsure, it is the best decision to decide together or to leave the decision to a professional Interior Designer.

Integrity is Important
During the stage of planning the decoration, providing the integrity at home and decorating by sticking to it is important. Even each room’s style seems to be as if different, nevertheless integrity and compliance in entire home should draw attention… Colors, styles, shapes should be in such a harmony that should earn the appreciation of the ones who ever see it.